Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patrick's Day in Singapore - RT

Happy St Patrick's Day!!

A unique event with a mix of expatriate and local communities

EastCoastLife goes green on Ruby Tuesday. hehe.....

St Patrick's Day celebration started on Sunday afternoon in Singapore. The Irish Business Association held its 4th parade along the Singapore River. It was raining heavily but it did not dampen the spirits of those who turned out in full force to attend the celebrations.

These youths were having a party!

bagpipes performance from students of St Joseph Institution

Youngsters' fun day out

Little drummer boy

I went there to see the popular Star Wars contingent but did not catch them. :(

St Patrick's Day Parade
Sunday 15th March 2009

Ruby Tuesday

First Commenter - Mei Teng


  1. Mei Teng,
    It was a fun event for everyone. :)

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Are u wearing green ECL? ;)

  3. I wish to party like the youths too ECL! But got so many things to do, hafta take a raincheck la like dis! ;)

  4. Happy St Patrick's Day Mariuca!
    I'm not wearing green today although it's my favourite colour. :D

  5. Great article ECL!St.Patrick's day seems so international and here the Irish community,pubs and restos go wild with festivites too.Its a touching celebration as it brings people together.My late brother was at St.Patrick's School in Katong and the St.Pat's day celebration was a bit low key at the time(70s)but judging from your pictures its improved a lot.Its hard not to love the Irish.Thanks ECL!

  6. Mariuca,
    You are always busy.

    You should spend some time outdoors and have fun while you're young. :)

  7. jean,
    The St Patrick's parade is in its 4th year for the Irish community in Singapore. I chanced upon it last year and was attracted by the parade, the fun and the festivities.

    Many locals took part in this annual event too. You see a multi-cultural event started by a community of ordinary folks.

    It's a great way to introduce the Irish culture to the locals though.

    I'm living near to St Patrick's school. They sent their band to participant in this event too.

  8. wooooooooooooooh!?!?! i missed FC here ECL..i'm definitely not a CERTIFIED WOODCUTTER! lol!

  9. OMG ECL we used to live in St.Patrick's road!What a pleasant surprise!So Hello almost-neighbour LOL!
    Anyway I'm told St.Patrick's Road has changed a lot and even our old family house was sold and then torn down to build a condo complex I think.
    I'm glad to learn that St.Patrick's School sent their band to the celebrations as my brother was in it at the time and it helped a lot with his ECA points.
    Thanks for the added info ECL.Cheers!

  10. what is st patrick's day celebrating? everyone was wearing so green. :D

  11. Gagay,
    You'll have a chance again tomorrow. :P

  12. jean,
    I live in St Patrick's estate. :D

    St Patrick's Road has changed. There are lots of en-blocs and more condo developments. It's messy and noisy. And the traffic jam is horrible. residents have problems going home and getting out. No more tranquillity and fresh air. :(

    St Patrick's school took part in the event last year too. The percussion band was commendable. :)

  13. levian,
    It is an annual feast day which celebrates St Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland. It is a national holiday in Ireland, celebrated on March 17.

    Celebrations are generally themed around all things Irish and, by association, the colour green.

  14. Looks like a fun event...I missed it.I was too busy relaxing yesterday.

    Geez I can never be FC here! LOL

  15. Thanks for the post, ECL!

    I do not even know that there is such a festival!

    Anyway, ECL, my Dear and I went Supreme Court open house half an hour before it closed on Saturday, we had a 'crash course' through the court, its a pity no meet you!

  16. Hello skywind!
    Thank you, I had a fun party yesterday. :)

  17. Jade,
    You should be relaxing after the house moving. :)

    Don't worry, you will have a chance to be a woodcutter. haha....

  18. sgshortstories,
    Oh. I left around 4.30 pm on Saturday because I was hungry. :P I skipped breakfast and lunch.

    At least you had a chance to rush through the courts. :)

  19. This was a fun post! What a combination of cultures!

  20. sandy,
    This is multi-cultural, multi-racial Singapore. :)

  21. More reason to love living in Asia! Lots of celebrations :):)

  22. bluecrystaldude,
    Besides our local festivals and traditional celebrations, we are also including the festivals of other countries. We have more reasons to celebrate these days. And to party, eat and drink. haha.....

  23. Gosh ECL the St.Pat's area sounds really changed.It used to be such a quiet place you could hear a pin drop in the sleepy afternoons when we rode our bikes around the area as kids to catch butterflies and grasshoppers.We could even play hop scotch on the road safely as few cars passed the road.My older sisters and brother knew the beach behind our house before the land was reclaimed for Marine Parade.I missed it as I came along a little later.
    Sorry for going a little off-topic everyone and thanks ECL for the little walk down memory lane.

  24. St Patrick in Singapore, that is I did not expect. I have some cool photos today.

  25. jean,
    No more the quiet, sleepy neighbourhood.

    There are and will be more residents due to new blocks of condo apartments; more cars; more pollution; more noise due to the constructions along the whole stretch of road.

    I have never seen the old estate before land reclamation. I'll try to find old photos and write a post on that one day.

    When you come back to Singapore, can come take a look. :)

  26. Dr John,
    I only know St Urho today! Thanks to you. :)

  27. Sarge,
    You're the sixth person who said that to me today. :)

  28. I got to this post earlier, but miss FC by 2 comments so I went away sulking. LOL

  29. Green happens to be my fave colour. I would be so happy to celebrate St Patrick's Day and be surrounded by green. :D

  30. lina,

    Mei Teng was the quick-chop woodcutter today. lol

  31. lina,
    kita sama-sama, suka hijau. :)

    Both of us like green!
    It's a fun celebration with Irish dancing, a parade, food and drinks.
    *hic hic hic....*

  32. haha! the little drummer boy is so cute :-D

  33. We have one?? Okay, that I didn't know.. lol!

  34. An Irish Toast to you EC...

    May your neighbors respect you,
    Trouble neglect you,
    The angels protect you,
    And heaven accept you.

    And Happy St. Patty's Day

  35. Where's the next post? I wanna be FC LOL!!

  36. Gosh, I'm not even aware of such a day! I'm sure it's fun. Pity you did not catch the Star Wars contingent!

  37. The "local" Irish also celebrated here but I wasn't there :(
    Thanks for your kind words, ECL

  38. I didn't know Singapore also celebrate St. Patrick day.

  39. I was unaware that this was celebrated in Singapore. A long way from Ireland!

  40. ah, a remembrance. stirred me curiosity n do a little digging here n there. :D

  41. i thought it's only celebrated in ireland and in some parts of USA. so cool! and looks so fun!

  42. Happy St. Patty's Day to you! It's always a fun and festive holiday here as well! :)

  43. St. Pat seems to have united the world. Happy RT and St. Pat's to ye. :)

  44. I would never have guessed that St. Patrick's Day would be such a big deal in Singapore! And I really did a double take when I saw the Chinese bagpipers! Not something you see every day, that's for sure!

  45. Ah ... I missed it!

    Someone in my office actually invited me. And I was supposed to take some photos too!


    Next year then ...

  46. WOW I love all the Irish greenery today - come see all mine I am very Irish. thanks for sharing

  47. Wah so much fun you had ECL! But on St Patrick's Day I had a different kind of fun instead. Check out my blog if you want to know XD

  48. amazing street parade! Spore is becoming more happenin indeed.