Thursday, March 19, 2009

Real Love Works

A week ago, Christopher and I celebrated our 19th Wedding Anniversary. Our only son will be 18 years old end of this year. Gosh! How time flies!

There is a rising trend in divorces all around us. How do we keep the sparks going? I'm no expert in this area, but a successful marriage requires effort on the part of both parties.

Last night, I attended a private dinner for bloggers by Ms Anita Fam, head of Marriage Central Advisory Board.

Ms Anita Fam, head of Marriage Central Advisory Board

Marriage Central is a one-stop resource point by the National Family Council to promote stronger, healthier and happier relationships. It provides couples with creative ideas and useful advice on issues ranging from preparing for marriage to keeping love evergreen over the years. It hopes to remove the stigma from marriage counselling.

Anita serving her delicious home-cooked dishes

Over a scrumptious home-cooked dinner, we chatted about life and marriage, and Anita shared her thoughts and plans on how Marriage Central will champion marriage wellness in our society.

good food and company

the young sharing their views on love and marriage

revealing the Marriage Central website

The Marriage Central website was revealed. It will provide resources and referrals and physical resource locations to help strengthen marriages. It will also provide a conducive and friendly environment for couples who wish to know more about the marriage preparation and marriage enrichment programmes, as well as martial counselling services that are available in Singapore.

In conclusion, couples need all the support from their family, relatives, friends and the community to internalise the right values and develop the necessary skills for a strong marriage.

Real Love Works @ Marina Barrage
Saturday, 21 March 2009
5 pm to 8 pm

Love is in the air
Let your love take flight! Join thousands of couples in the first ever mass releasing of love balloons at Marina Barrage as they rededicate their love for each other. Be part of this symbolic gesture and experience the love that’s in the air.

Love Renewal
Reaffirm your love and commitment to your other half. Participate in this
record-breaking mass commitment of love and create yet another romantic shared memory.

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  1. If the marriage is at its healthiest, there should be no reason for the spouse to find other partners.

  2. most couples may encounter problems but it takes 2 to tango. you have to give and take to make it work.

  3. Happy anniversary. Wow 19 years and I'm happy that both you and your husband are still loving each other strongly. :)

  4. Marina Barrage is an excellent choice for the 'Real Love Works' event as the sceney there is Great!

    Just hope that it will not be too hot on that day else many couples will be 'chao da' (sunburnt)!

  5. happy anniversary! the divorce rate sure has increased over the year, some of my newly marriage friends are even having such crisis. gosh.

  6. Happy 19th Anniversary. Wow what a milestone. Next year will be a biog party then!!!

    Haven't had the chance yet to go to Marina Barrage...

  7. We will celebrate this year our 40th wedding anniversary. It's true, we are with two other couples the only once who are still together all the others are divorced even after 30 years of marriage. The recepe ? Love of course, friendship, humour a lot of compromises and not glueing all the time together !

  8. the program and preparation looks grand. happy 19th anniversary!

  9. Hi ECL! Glad to know that you had a great time! :)


  10. Happy anniversary ECL and Chris! Wah~~~19 years! Not easy leh. Wish you two many years to come and endless happiness.

  11. How to maintain good marital relationship of husband and wife are all common topics. We need to keep exploring, and constantly consolidate.
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  12. Happy 19th anniversary to you and Christopher! I'm sure your honesty,legendary open mindedness and ability to 'talk' to one another are major ingredients in your successful marriage formula.
    The company at that dinner looked good and need I mention the FOOD!I seem to put on 3 kilos everytime I drop by here LOL!
    You must be a bit nervous about your son's NS coming up.Hang in there Girl!

  13. 19 years of marriage. Wow! I still have 9 years to go to match that number. :)

    Maintaining a marriage takes a lot of work and plenty of give and take. Aceepting each other's fault and relying and supporting each other.

  14. Congrats, Life Ramblings! Your turn to be FC on my blog!

    Once you have found the right one to share your life with, there is no need to look at others. haha....

  15. oceanskies,
    You see Chris and I often, so you know how we are as an old couple. haha...

    We are blessed to grow old together.

  16. sgshortstories,
    Marina Barrage is a lovely place for such an event.

    I wish I go stop by for a while, as I have my nephew's wedding dinner to attend.

  17. Thanks, levian!

    I have several friends who have gone down the path of divorce. It's sad because they were once loving couples.

  18. Jade,
    Thanks for your wishes.

    I don't think I'll have a blog celebration then. haha....

    Go visit the Marina Barrage. It's a lovely place, very windy and lots of photo opportunities.

  19. Gattina,
    40 years!! Wow. We don't even have half of your marriage life. haha....

    We will strive for that. :)

  20. the donG,
    Thanks. :)

    I hope there will be thousands of couples at this event. There are more programmes planned for couples.

  21. Doreen,
    Thank you very much.

    We will work towards 20th anniversary first, then 25th. haha.....

  22. skywind,
    Thanks for your advice.
    We will work on that. :)

  23. Jean,

    We had a good time. Anita is a good cook and despite her busy schedule, she cooked dinner for us. There were lots of food and drinks.

    We had lots to share and the event went way past the scheduled time. haha....

    I'm worried about my son's coming National Service. The White Horses will come out of it alive and not a scratch on them, but not the ordinary citizens.

  24. Lina,
    You should achieve Diamond anniversary. haha....

    Marriage is like tending to a garden, in order for love to blossom and to bear fruits, we need to water, weed, fertilise and nurture it with care. We have done it for more than a decade and still going strong.... :)

  25. Happy 19th anniversary and many, many more!!
    We celebrated our 24th last January :)

  26. Happy 19th anniversary to you and Chris! It's good to have Marriage Central to strengthen marriages in view of the rising number of divorces these days.

  27. happy 19th anniversary ecl and chris. wish you many more great years together!

  28. thats really love, happy to knows people who have a nice and strong binding couple... happy 19th anniversary.

  29. Hey! Congrats!
    My fiance and I celebrate 4 years of our relationship today! Still trying to get married. Ah.. but our love doesn't need a paper certificate to prove it :)

  30. Hello, Happy Anniversary! Wish you all the happiness in life.

  31. Hi ECL! Happy 19th anniversary to you and Christopher! ;-)

  32. Happy Anniversary! I think this is a wonderful program. There aren't any education requirements before a person marries and yet it is one of the most important and difficult challenges adults face. Thanks for the uplifting post.

  33. The love balloons sounds great, would love to see that! Looks like u had a wonderful time discussing my fave topic LOVE! ;)

  34. Dropping EC on my important blogs first, yours included of coz. Enjoy ur night. :):):)

  35. Happy Anniversary! Wish you all the happiness in life.

  36. Happy 19th wedding anniversary!

  37. Congratulations on 19 years! These days that's no small thing. Like Gattina, we've just celebrated our 40th. It would be great if this organisation can help others achieve the same.

  38. it's gd to hear u guys r still stickg together after 19th. :) I hope tt is the same for me when I do get married. lol.

  39. What fun! You always go to the most interesting dinners and events!

  40. Happy anniversary!

    The program sounds like a good idea.

  41. happy aniversary ECL i wish you many many more.

  42. Happy 19th Wedding Anniversary! Wishing you and your husband more happy and fruitful years ahead.