Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Singapore Ironman is 1st Asian participant to complete Brazil 217km Ultramarathon - WW

Singapore Ironman Lim Nghee Huat is the first Asian participant to complete Brazil 217km Ultramarathon. A very proud moment for all Singaporeans. Below is his account of the ultramarathon.

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At the starting line...

This is a brief report on my completion in the Brazil 217km Ultramarathon, a Badwater World Cup Series event.

Singaporean Ultramarathon runner Lim Nghee Huat and participants

I came in 26th position with a time of 52hr 37min, 7 hours before the cutoff time. There were a total of 61 runners from 9 countries in six continents and only 42 made it to the finish line.

The race was much tougher than the Death Valley Ultramarathon I did in 2007. The terrain was extremely tough, with numerous mountains to scale and descend. Some of them were definitely not fit for running!

I also fell down early on in the race, around 5 km into the start while running downhill but thank God it was only a minor abrasion and I was able to carry on.

During the second night I felt extremely sleepy and I was indeed struggling. It was pitch dark and there were howlings of wild animals around me. I also lost my way for several hours.

Throughout this, the support and the encouragement of many in Singapore motivated me to keep going. As the first Asian participant, I'm glad that I survived the course.

My run also raised more than S$20,000 for the Singapore Table Tennis Association.

Lim Nghee Huat

Donors to issue cheque payable to “Singapore Table Tennis Association” and mail it to :

Mr Tan Bak Hua,
Finance & Admin Manager,
Singapore Table Tennis Association
297-C Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 319389
Tel: 6354-1014 Fax: 6353-9109

At the back of cheque write “ Lim Nghee Huat Brazil 217km Ultramarathon” for STTA. Donors are entitled for a Double Income Tax Exemption.


  1. You done Singapore Proud, Nghee Huat!

    Hmm sorry to say, I would be even happier if you are running for charity instead of the Singapore Table Tennis Association ... :(

  2. sgshortstories,
    Singaporeans should be proud of Nghee Huat's achievements. He has completed two of our planet's toughest challenges.

    Let us not give him pressure, he's free to choose who he runs for.

  3. Wow! Congrats to Nghee Huat! It is such a remarkable feat to achieve that! I'm amazed.

  4. ya ECL, it is just my personal thinking.

    Nghee Huat displays an absolute determination, perservance and derring-do which all of us should emulate!

  5. Amazing feat - congrats to Nghee Huat. All Singaporeans should be proud of him.

  6. Singapore Ironman! That is amazing. Such a tough journey. For a good course too! So noble.

    I wish I could do something of that scale ....

  7. Some people are so good with their bodies and have such stamina. And this case, it was also put to good use for others.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Well done, ECL! I didn't know you were a good runner.

  9. Well done, ECL! I didn't know you were a good runner.

  10. Congrats to Lim Nghee Huat and ECL, too! Happy WW ;-)

  11. This is inspiring :)

    Happy Wednesday ECL!

  12. Good for him, and good for Singapore! He and everyone in his family must be very proud! ;)

  13. it's a great accomplishment for the Ironman and ECL. Happy WW!

  14. Wow he ran all night, that's impressive, no wonder he got sleepy. Amazing!

  15. Never heard of an ultramarathon before... Congrats to the winner!! (and participants, wow!)
    Happy WW ECL!

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  17. What can I say, he is da man! Congrats!

  18. Eh, I thought I commented? Ah nvm.

    Well done to Lim Nghee Huat. Great feat.

  19. 52 hours WOW!!! Many congrats to the Ironman for completing this difficult feat! 271 km!! :):):)

  20. You are an inspiration great job congratulations...the run looks awesome..

    Dorothy from grammology

  21. For a moment I tot the narrative was yours. Hmmmm...I know this aunty is v garang but to this extent? Kudos to Bak Hua!

  22. You have a great site here. With interesting posts. Would you like to exchange links. Have a great week.

  23. Awesome! and to run for charity is just an incredible feat.

  24. Hi, I am back here.
    Congratulations, Singapore. :)

  25. This is a great achievement and to do it for a good cause makes it so noble.

    o.t. Show me sometime where to eat this Katong Laksa;) I have heard of this for along time. Now 2 years in SG and haven't tried it yet.