Sunday, December 07, 2008

EastCoastLife Learns To Fight Villians - WS

EastCoastLife led her gang of women warriors to beat up her competitors on Saturday morning!!

It's so cool to know martial arts. I like the idea of beating my enemies to a pulp. :P

Self-Defence Workshop with Vincent Ng

haha..... Are you disappointed that I did not show my fighting skills?

I attended a self-defence workshop on the hilltop of Fort Canning Park. I almost died, climbing up the flights of stairs to the top of the hill.
*gasped for breathe*

The wushu instructors demonstrated basic self-defence moves. I picked up some useful stances, punches and kicks to protect myself. I'm going to try them on my guys.
*rub hands in glee*

I'm itching to do that to some deserving guys!

The instructors

Vincent Ng (翁清海) is Singapore's only World Wushu Champion. Chief instructor of Wufang Singapore. Vincent was a popular actor and the heartthrob of many Singapore girls.

Don't worry gals, he's too young for Aunty EastCoastLife. :P

Happy Birthday Vincent!!
翁清海, 生日快乐!


  1. This is a good workshop to attend ECL. I do hope u won't have to use them though, keep safe! :):):)

  2. Go ECL - GO!! I knew you could do it - your a Super Duper woman :-)

  3. Mariuca,
    Well..., I do so want to practise what I learnt. hehehe.....

    I must use them or else I would forget. :D

  4. Renny,
    Yes! I'm going for it.
    But won't a gun be better? :P

  5. ECL,
    Time to do some more sports or exercise. Climb up flights of stairs also almost died, alamak! haha! :P

  6. Martial arts is the best thing that ever happened to me!
    I would not be the fitness instructor and boxing champion I am today if it had not all started with learning karate! I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and also have learned Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai, boxing and kick boxing.
    One of the greatest things you can do for yourself is to learn the art of combat! ;)

  7. Oh they are never too young!!! Good on you I think its a great idea and leaves you feel empowered and in control. Fantastic!!

  8. This looks like so much fun! I want to take a self-defense course.

  9. back in the early 1990s, i think there was a martial arts revival/resugency when the local TV aired Bruce Lee movies...everyone flock to take up Taekwondo. myself included

    In this day and age, life already so hectic , have to really find time even to excercise.

    Ya, martial arts is definately a good sport. ENojy it, ECL

  10. Ah, looks like you have had a fun and enriching time with Vincent Ng. He sure is a crowd-puller. Gosh...look at the number of ladies who went to the workshop!

    Furthermore, I heard that it's free.

    Hmmm....just yesterday night, I was thinking of where I could pick up some self-defence moves in less than half-a-day, so that I can go out travelling alone on my own with greater safety. Looks like you have beaten me to it. Cheers.

  11. Oh, it's his birthday? Happy Birthday Vincent!

  12. I would love to attend such workshop too. Since crime rates is rising so fast lately.

    My sister in law's friend sustained injuries from snatch thief (riding on motorbike) which drags her several metres on the road when snatching her handbag. So many snatch thieves victims being injured and warded :(

    Ya, not forgetting.. Happy Birthday Vincent :)

  13. Hey, just wanted to let you know that while I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery, and getting better every day, I still can't type for long periods of time without pain. That said, I enjoyed your post and am glad I dropped by.


  14. ECL
    Wow, you have time for this too?
    Respect you ^-^

  15. Learning Wu-Shu is great exercise for the mind and body...however the ahjuma in me will rather nua in bed with DVDs :P heeheee

  16. That's a nice workshop,ECL! You joined too? Nice one! I'd like to join too:D Happy Sunday!~

  17. Oh my you are always into something fun and interesting!

    I couldn't sleep so I am popping around!:-)

  18. Wah fun! Let us know the results of your "tests" on your guys.

  19. Better treat ECL super nice from now....else get kick in the ass!

  20. It's always a good idea to learn martial arts especially for the weaker sex. Who knows this may one day prove useful for the ladies to fend off unwanted attention from predatory males.

  21. Wah GP!! you are on a roll with FC!! hehe

    ECL!! This is a great idea.. I've always wanted to learn but never had an opportunity!!

    Awesome for you dearie!!

  22. Kok,
    I climbed up a few flights of stairs! Up a hill leh!

    The next time you come, I'll bring you go climb this hill and let's see if you would almost die climbing! :P

  23. The Fitness Diva!

    I wish I had learnt martial arts earlier! Anyway.... it is not too late though my old bones are getting porous. :P

  24. Lilly's Life,
    Oh yes. It is great feeling, to be in control and empowered!

    Should have learnt it earlier.

  25. Gran,
    Yes, it great fun. Go take up self-defence. :)

  26. articulator,
    You know taekwondo!? How cool! I like guys who know a form of martial arts... gives me a sense of security. I like being protected. hehe....

    I'm thinking of choosing either Tai Chi or wushu. :)

  27. oceanskies,
    The workshop was for ladies only. ahhhh.... the organisers are smart. :D

    I heard there are indeed more girls than guys learning from Vincent. Whatever the reasons, it's good that the girls are helping themselves by going for self-defence class. It's a good way to slim too.

  28. Good idea ! I wished I could have done that when I was half of my age now, but that didn't exist ! Now I go to Yoga and always say I go to Judo, I mix it up, lol !

  29. oceanskies,
    I know about Vincent's birthday only after the workshop. It was the day itself - 6th December. A few girls and I sang him the birthday song. :)

    He has ECL to sing him Happy birthday wor! haha....

  30. Hello Chen!!
    So happy to see you after so long!

    I'm worried about the bad economy and many people losing their jobs. Crime rates would definitely go up.

    I wish for a gun. hahaha.....

  31. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for commenting even with that pain! Ouch.

    I appreciate your visiting, I see your card often. :)

  32. yenjai,

    I'm busy but this is also part of my work....

  33. napaboaniya,
    Heyyyy! Don't nua too much in bed, turn into coach potato!

    But luckily you swim often. :)

  34. shinade,
    Couldn't sleep because of the full moon!? haha....

    I hope your health would not suffer due to lack of sleeping.

  35. Darkspore,
    Yah sure. The results are not that satisfying.... I need more guys. hehe....

  36. Doreen,
    haha.... already some people are getting kicked in their asses.... it's just going to be worse. :P

  37. stanley,
    Knowing some martial arts is definitely an asset. One never knows.

    I sure would love to beat up some irritating people.

    Like when the guy sneered,"What can I do?" I would just deliver a punch or a flying kick. hahaha.....

  38. LadyJava,
    Mariuca is taking all the FC positions! She no need to sleep ah!?

    LJ, you can learn it too. Not too time consuming wor.

  39. Gattina,
    Ooooo.... you do Yoga! That's awesome too!

    In order not to regret when they come to our age, young girls should learn martial arts. :)

  40. It is good for women to learn how to protect their self with this martial art.

    My WS entry this week : in HERE and HERE. Hope you have time to visit . Thanks

  41. ECL,
    I think I would be better than you. I will only faint and not die. hahahaha!

  42. I went back to Ipoh not too long ago
    When are you going to Ipoh?

  43. OMG, I so envy you! How come are you always occupied with fun activities? it's really awesome. 2 weeks back you were in China and now you are at the park learning wushu and kicking asses? LOL I so want to be like you ECL.

  44. hahaha... we will not wonder if one day we'll see eastcoastlife making some lead roles with jacky chan.

  45. "It's so cool to know martial arts. I like the idea of beating my enemies to a pulp"

    Wah! So violent you!! : )

    Wow! Having workshop with Vincent Ng! I always see him on Singaporean TV dramas shown on Malaysian TV. Didn't know he's Singapore's only World Wushu Champion! Cool! : )

  46. After reading your blog on wushu demonstrations some of my male friends expressed interest in joining the workshop. Is membership open to members of the public or is it an exclusive club?

  47. I bet a lot of ladies take part just because of him. ;p

  48. Juliana,
    All women should know some form of self-defence. For their own good.

  49. Kok,
    haha.... Aunty ECL old ledi lah! It's natural for me to die before you. :)

  50. yenjai,
    aiyahhhh.... I just want to visit Ipoh. :(
    I have no relatives there.

  51. Farah,
    Well, any one can be an ECL.

    Although I get invites to events and activities, it helps that you yourself are active and keep your eyes and ears open to interesting events.

    Plus if you write reasonably well and sincerely, you will get noticed and more invites. :)

  52. the donG,
    To act besides Jacky Chan, that's impossible. haha...

  53. foongpc,
    Yah.... I'm learning to be violent these days. Should not be too lenient towards your enemies. :P

    Vincent is a humble and friendly guy. He has won many golds in wushu competitions. Singapore is proud to have such a winner.

  54. stanley,
    Your friends can contact wufang and join their classes. Vincent is the chief instructor and he has several pretty good instructors to help him out.

  55. ECL,
    CHOII! What die die there. You'll have a long life, don't worry!:)

  56. Kok,
    Every one has to go one day, sooner or later.

    I'm a whistle-blower, I will not be allowed to live for long. :)

  57. ECL,
    You're a whistle blower? I'm a cow-blower (chui niu). More cham than you lah. Sure go first than you. hahaha!

  58. Kok,
    haha.... so all this time you were just chui niu ah? hehe....

  59. ECL,
    You know I know...don't tell other people k? hahaha

  60. Interesting workshop to attend somemore can see the macho Vincent lah !! ;p

  61. That's a great workshop. Learning the basics of self defense can come in handy.