Saturday, November 29, 2008

Metal Mickey - PH

Fountain at the entrance of DisneyLand Hong Kong. Looks like metal to me, but I was told this sculpture of Mickey is made of stone.

Remember this scene?


  1. welcome back, ECL!

    So you went for a short trip to Hong Kong, we thought you are really training for the car challenge!

    Looking forward to your award winning blog posts!

  2. Hi Singaporeshortstories,
    hahaha.... I would win the car if I could stand so long.... two weeks! That would beat the record this year. :P

    Thanks for sticking around. :)

    So good to be back.

  3. Nice shots Eastcoastife. THe Mickey really does look like he's made of metal. Have a great weekend

  4. 你好!
    好久不见! :P
    Love the whale and I remember that scene from the movie Fantasia, ahhh, wonderful memories.
    Have a great weekend, ECL!!
    repeat :)

  5. Hi jams!
    I would have to climb up the whale to find out if it's made of metal. hehe...

  6. Mar,

    You watch Disney cartoons too? :)

    I turned into a kid once I stepped into DisneyLand. My eyes lit up. hehe....

  7. They look like Metal to me. Disneyland in Hong Kong, I never knew. Happy weekend. I'm headed to work now

  8. Hi Heather,
    This Hong Kong DisneyLand is small and has fewer rides than the rest.
    Working on a weekend?

  9. What nice sculpture - looks like a happy surfer :-)

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  10. ECL!!!! Where have you been,lah? :) I keep going back here to look for updates! You went to Disney HK? Nice! Great photos here! Nice to see you back!!! :D

  11. Renny!!
    So happy to see you! You didn't desert me. haha....

  12. Yen,
    I went on a secret mission to China. hehe.... My foreign friends brought me to DisneyLand HK.
    I'm happy to be back too!

  13. Nice to have you back here again. Must have a good time fr. the pics shown.

  14. sweet jasmine,
    Yes, so good to be back home. Sad to come back to chaos and bad news. :(

    I had a fun time in DisneyLand HK though.

  15. i remember that scene too! so magical! :D

  16. Good to be back....One day i am the one visiting Disney land. Good shots...Happy weekend.

  17. Ecl,
    It's nice to see you again after a long absence. Why didn't you let us in so that your fans would not have to keep on wondering the whereabouts of you.

  18. kyh,
    That's a classic. I watched a 3D version of Fantasia in DisneyLand HK. Interesting. :)

  19. stanley,
    I cannot leave too much trail of what I'm doing. It's getting too risky and dangerous. I know who are reading my posts.

    I have my sources to protect.

    Wahhhh! macam like spy movie. haha....

  20. jam,
    There are Mickeys in so many different types of materials in DisneyLand. :)

  21. You and I were of one mind! Come and see mine here! It's metal, Disney-style!

  22. Alyson,
    You're right! I hope to visit all the Disney theme parks. :P

  23. woohoo, ECL back in action again! so you took a trip to HK? and we thought you were really undergoing the subaru challenge.

  24. Where have you been? I kinda missed those exotic food expedition you had last time.. LOL!'

    Anyway, love that Mickey on the surf board :)

  25. Life Ramblings,
    How come so many people believe I was going through the Subaru challenge training? :D

  26. hello criz,
    I was on an overseas biz trip.

    There will be some interesting food posts, not so exotic though.

  27. ECL,
    You finally come back! You fell into toilet bowl and can't get out ah? kekeke!

    You made us miss you so much lah. :D

  28. Kok,
    I fell into a worst hole! hehe...

    Thanks for visiting and commenting often. I have little and limited access to internet while in China. Blogger was blocked in China and it wasn't easy to email 'cause the speed was too low.

  29. Nice shots ECL, aww now this brings back memories of me as a kid hehehe :) wishing on a star now :)

  30. empty streets,
    The sight of Mickey, Minnie and the other Disney characters truly made me turn into a kid again.

    Imagine this Aunty running after them or queuing for a photo. haha....

  31. Hey where did you go lah woman.. Missed you lah!! hehe..

  32. That looks like metal to me too. Happy weekend.

  33. Great photos! I did wonder where you disappeared to. So there's a Disney World in Hong Kong- didn't know that.

    I did Photo Hunt today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and leave your link. :)
    Mrs. Mecomber
    New York Photo Hunters: Metal

  34. Oh, Mickey surfing on the whale's spout is so cute! Hang five!

  35. i like that fountain! its beautiful! wish we have one like that here in our place. =)

  36. So you disappeared to HK!!!
    So I guess you must had a whale of a good time lar :P

  37. Never know what something is actual made of.
    I have ceramic paints that once it fired it looks like metal.
    I haven’t done photo hunt for a while.

    Coffee is on,

  38. Never mind we believe you ECL. If you say it is metal it is.

    Glad to see you back and have a happy weekend.

  39. Hi ecl,

    I readall ur posts but this comment column is very long lah - got to wait in line - haha !

    Anyway, Disney HK looks fun. Was it cold there ? We went to Disney USA n they hv different sights on main street. Had a great day tho.
    We hv several theme parks in NL n we always go for the death-defying roller coasters - super duper frightening but got to try it, right ?

  40. Perfect choice for today's theme... Happy weekend

  41. Great selection for today, ECL! Have a great week.

    My post...

  42. Lady Java!!
    Miss you too! I was in China. ;)
    It's great to be back home.

  43. Hello Carver,
    Nice to see you again! happy weekend!

  44. Mrs Mecomber,
    I stopped by Hong Kong for a day trip. I was in China. Thanks for visiting.

  45. Emzkie,
    I thought the fountain was very unique and I was fascinated with Mickey surfing on the water sprout from the whale.

  46. Yo napaboaniya!
    I was in Hong Kong for a day. I didn't have time for shopping nor tour. :(
    I spent most of my time in China.

  47. peppylady,
    Yes, there are paints that could make objects look metallic. It's amazing what inventors could think of. Happy weekend!
    I'm coming for coffee.

  48. Hi jmb!
    Lovely to see you again. And thanks for trusting me. haha....

  49. TorAa,
    I would like to be invited on a cruise when I go to Norway! :P

  50. Hello Dutchie,
    Disney Hong Kong is fun for the little kids. It is small and there aren't many rides and the roller-coaster was not frightening.

    I can't take the rollercoaster any more.... probably age is catching up. haha....

    I prefer to visit Disney USA. It is bigger and has more exciting rides.

    The weather was cooler than in Singapore, probably about 27 degrees Celsius. But it gets cold at night.

  51. Okay, am I the only one who thinks it looks like Donald Duck is taking a d*mp in the crow's nest?

    Okay, maybe it's just me.

    But seriously...

  52. Disneyland! I want to go! ;p Nice photos of the water feature. Happy photo hunting.

  53. Mojo!
    I think you're the only one who sees it that way. haha......

    Donald's sitting there, thinking ....

  54. Hi Irene!
    DisneyLand is one place where I can forget my troubles and worries, have fun and be silly for a day!

  55. Ah jie
    I am not going anywhere in December
    Will be real honoured if you come to see me

  56. yenjai,
    aiyah... still working so hard ah. Relax a little lah. How to bring me go jalan jalan when I visit you?

  57. Welcome back ECL! I have not even been to Disneyland before... so sad.

  58. Lovely photos. I would love to bring Yohan to HK Disneyland in the near future.

  59. i think it is like Donald Duck is taking a d*mp in the crow's nest?

    ( look here looks there trying not to look like a pasar malam vendor trying to sell imitation stuff hhHHHHHHaaaaa

  60. I have been to Disneyland Hong Kong. It's lovely.

    I recognize the 2nd photo, but not the first. Must be a new addition!

  61. Ecl
    Now that you are back,I hope you will share and blog your experience in China with your readers.

  62. I Know what you mean, now I am starting to plan for a trip to Hong Kong Disney :) who knows you might be there too ;)

  63. Well I must say it is about time you got back!!

    I was getting worried. Welcome home!!

    And look at you rocking us all out of the boat.

    You post late and still get the most feed back.

    I missed you soooooo much!!

    Big big welcome back hugs!!:-0

  64. ah jie, I ask Bernard to bring you jalan jalan in KL

  65. We love Mickey! And DisneyLand is just awesome. Thanks for the pics dear and happy Monday! :):):)

  66. Very good to see you back!

    Really stone? Well it looks like metal to me. :)

  67. i love DisneyLand but never had a chance to visit =(