Sunday, October 12, 2008

EastCoastLife N the Armoured Knights of the Sea - WS #45

Singapore is famous for its delicious Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab dishes, that's how much I know about crabs. hehe... Until I brought some foreign friends to Underwater World on Saturday.

Crabs are found in all of the world's oceans, while some varieties do live in freshwater or land. There are more than 6,000 known species, but not all of them are edible! Decapods, meaning '10-legged', refer to crabs, lobsters and shrimp.

Crabs are famous for their sideway struts! :) They are scavengers and can survive extreme living conditions.

The tiniest Pea Crab is only a few millimetres wide while the Japanese Spider Crab, has a leg span of up to 4 m!

Aliens from Star Wars? Japanese Spider Crabs

Coconut Crab

Spectacle-box Crab

Spanner Crab

Underwater World Singapore
80 Siloso Road, Sentosa, Singapore 098969
Phone: +65-6275-0030

Eastcoastlife/LG Contest

Question No. 7

Where is Underwater World Singapore located?

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  1. I love chili crabs!

    Thanks for sharing the different kinds of crab. Interesting.

    Mine is not up yet. I'll post my WS tom.

  2. Heart of Rachel,
    My first commentator! :)
    Ohhh... you can ask me for the best chilli crab when you come to Singapore!
    *waits for Rachel's WS post*

  3. ECL,
    I also want chilli crab! But I want my crab to be snow crabs! Can kah??? Yummmyyyyyyyy!

  4. up, close and personal with crabs? very fascinating.

  5. Kok,
    Snow Crab!? Wahhhh! You got expensive taste ah!

  6. Life Ramblings,
    Yeah! A different kind of 'up, close and personal'.
    No tasting. :(

  7. ECL,
    I want mudcrab or snowcrab...ONLY! hahahahaha!

    Eh eh, bunny suits I have to postpone leh. I got something better to show. ;)

  8. I was quite attracted to the Spectacle-box Crab when I saw it from your post. Crabs seem to have important roles to play being savengers. Somehow, I don't have a particular liking for crabs compared to mammals.

    Anyway, what's your favourite crab from the Underwater World?

  9. Kok,
    Wahhhh! You cannot chin chye ah?
    I can't wait to see what surprise you're gonna give me. :)

  10. oceanskies,
    I was attracted to the Spectacle-box Crab too! .... because of Chris' profession. :)

    My favourite is the Spanner Crab! There are more, another 8 species at the Underwater World.

  11. What did you like about Spanner Crab? Was it because of some special characteristics of it?

  12. The Spanner Crab is like a paddle and I like its colour. Unique. The first time I heard of it.

    It wasn't moving at all when I was watching it. I don't know how it look when it moves. :P

  13. ECL,
    If wanna blog, must blog quality post mah. Mana can chin chye one??? hehehe.

    You'll be surprised. hehe. I'm still writing it. If you like it, you can spread it to the whole world! hahaha.

  14. Very interesting post ECL and cool shots of the crabs.

  15. Kok,
    I mean chin chye eat crabs lah. Why must Snow Crab or Mud Crab leh? I catch some local crabs from our river for you. :)

    Spread what? I have no idea what are you writing. It's a surprise, right? hehe.....

  16. Carver,
    You like the crabs? I learnt some interesting facts on crabs. An educational trip. :)

  17. First time I see so many types of crabs...very informative.

  18. Wow ECL these are great shots. don't you just love these photo memes?

    I am out in the country so I really have to hunt around.

    I do this meme too!!

    happy week!

  19. Very informative indeed! But my little boy calls this an alien! LOL :)

  20. The spanner crab's shape is pretty weird @_@
    Say crabs, I can only think of chilli crabs, pebber crabs, butter crabs!!!! *slurpz*

  21. sweet jasmine,
    I was surprised at the huge number of species. Some crabs are really interesting.

  22. day-dreamer,
    Yep... but some of the crabs are too pretty to be eaten. :)

  23. Shinade,
    Great to be in the country... fresh air! Hope it's not too chilly cos it's Autumn now.

    Welcome to WS! *waits for Shinade's WS post*

  24. Yen,
    The Japanese Spider Crabs do look like aliens.
    Your little boy will enjoy this place. :)

  25. napaboaniya,
    hahaha.... sama sama.... I only think of yummy Chilli crabs, black pepper crabs....
    I'm hungry....

  26. My mom has visited this place, too, and she loved it way too much! The spider crabs are so big!

    My WS are posted here and here. Please drop by if you have some time. Thanks!

  27. I love crabs too but find it a hassle to eat esp when I have deshell them myself. I like the cute, spectacle-box crab! So cute :)

  28. very interesting crabs!!! thanks for sharing this..

  29. interesting weekend u had...

    Please drop at my WS post also : in HERE Thanks

  30. Jenn,
    Yes, the spider crabs are very big. And they have long sexy legs. haha....

  31. My Bug Life,
    I don't enjoy shelling the crabs too, but that's the fun of eating crabs. :)

    I like the Spectacle-box crab for its cuteness too. Wonder if I can buy one. :)

  32. Juliana,
    I always have something interesting. :)

  33. nice entry very informative thanks for sharing. mine is up here hope you've got time.

  34. Hi EastCoastLife,

    Count me in as one who will attest to that claim - that Singapore is famous for its delicious Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab dishes.

    I was once taken to the very end of Punggol where a middle aged man sold Chilly Crabs. Oh mannnn! it was the tastiest Chilly Crabs that I have ever eaten in all my years!

    I suppose he is now retired or not around anymore. But I am sure he is not the only "best" Chilly Crab joint around throughout the island nation.

    Thanks for reminding me to have some Chilly Crab soon. :)

  35. Windmill,
    Punggol was the place to go when you want to eat the best chilli crabs and black pepper crabs in Singapore. The restaurants have relocated to other sites.

    Now there are many eateries selling our famous chilli crabs. Come to Singapore to look for me and I'll bring you for some Chilli Crabs!

  36. that spanner crab looks interestngly like a parasite! i so want to taste the famous Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab dishes!

  37. maiylah,
    You have to come to Singapore to taste those dishes.... after that I bring you to see the Spanner Crab. :)

  38. Funny you're blogging about crabs cos I just eaten crabs for dinner last night! So nice. Even have mantao to dip into those delicious sauce. Yum! I've been to Underwater World but don't remember seeing these crabs. Maybe I missed them or just could not recall! : )

  39. i'm a crab myself having been born in july. :D i love crabs! :)

    have a great week!

    Colorful Noodle Soup
    Off to the Farm

  40. crab scares me. lol. but your pictures are really nice.

    my ws entry is posted here. hope you can visit. have a great week! thanks.

  41. Oh gosh..i missed out so many questions of the LG contest!!

  42. Like that spanner crab. Great photos and very interesting.

  43. Very Interesting,,, thanks for the information,,,, '

    here i mine

  44. wow ECL,

    Such strange and unique crabs la. Coconut Crab a bit intimidating for me. hehe. :)

    Btw, thanks for the wish.

  45. Yahoo!! I see ur TC widget up and Mariuca is on the list! :):):)

  46. ECL, I love chilli crabs but never tried black pepper crabs. U must try Fatty crab when u visit KL, Yummy to da max i tell you! :)

  47. Oh ECL, u forgot to filter out ur own name from ur TC list eh? ;)

  48. Ecl, I think I am finally getting well. Thanks so much for all of your support!

  49. All the exquisite crabs! Now is Hairy Crab season right? or Hokkaido crabs?

  50. My dad was used to bring in coconut crabs to our home when we were young. And because they look so cute, none of us wished to eat them.

    Those we ate them in the end, not without a heavy heart.

  51. I just had crabby dinner last friday :P

    woohoo nice shots of crabs!

  52. i love crabs but just find it messy eating them hehehe! i like your post for the crabs, very educational.

  53. Yikes!! That japanese spider crab looks like an alien :)

  54. Wah unexpected lah... me number two top TC!!!!