Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Deepavali in Little India (Singapore) - RT

Happy Deepavali!!

I brought my kids to Little India on Sunday to buy gifts for an Indian friend who was inviting me to her Deepavali party.

Besides the Indian community who were shopping for food, clothes, decorations... etc, there were other races and tourists.

Getting ready for Deepavali - Henna hand painting

I wanted to have the henna hand painting but there were long queues at every stall. I have to try it another day. :)

Colourful lamp shades

There were so much to see and buy. Besides gifts for my friend, I bought quite a lot of decorative items for my home. Time to do up my bedroom. hehe.....

A wide variety of Indian sweets to choose from

I simply can't resist buying these colourful Indian sweets. For people who don't have a sweet tooth, these are VERY sweet. hehe.....

: The new LG60PG70FR model that was won by lucky Singaporean, Nicholas Yap will be available in Singapore in 2 - 3 months' time and costs a whopping S$17,999!! arggghhhh.....

Readers can view an older model of the LG 60" Plasma TV at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk, going for S$15,999.


  1. I had my hand painted with henna at my son's wedding. It was so pretty! :)

  2. ECL,
    It's not a holiday here in East Malaysia. The population of indian here is less as compared to West Malaysia. Thus, no big Deepavali celebration here. hehe.

    Aiks? Why you arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh after you mentioned about the LG TV won by Nicholas ah? hahaha! You can always buy one. kakaka!:P

  3. So good, you can go Little India on Deepavali. I'm working on dat day, so sad..

  4. A.
    I love the henna painting and I'm going to get one. :)

    You have a photo of that henna painting done at your son's wedding?

  5. Kok,
    I thought it's a public holiday!? Not in East Malaysia ah?

    I just found out the LG 60" Plasma TV costs almost S$18,000!!

    I can buy a few with that amount of money! :P

  6. Pu Niao,
    Ohhhhh. You can go on your off day although it won't have a festive atmosphere. :)

  7. happy deepavali! i hope someone will bring murukku to the office tomolo hehe..

  8. great weekend! i love going to places like that.. cause you can find lots of goodies and interesting stuffs.

  9. my rainbow angel,
    I love muruku too! Hope your wish is granted...... I did buy some muruku from Little Indian that day. :)

    Have a fantastic week ahead!

  10. Steve n Emz,
    Yahhhh... me too! I got some great tips from several friendly Indian shoppers. I bought some great stuff at special prices. :)

  11. ECL,
    Noleh. There's no holiday for East Malaysia. Sad hor? One country but different holiday. We have our Hari Gawai holiday instead. hehehe.

    Aiyo, cannot compare leh. You buy a few also cannot match the experience watching the 60" one leh! I prefer to have a 60" one rather than few small one. haha!

  12. eastcoast, Fantastic RT post! I was surprised to see the post but them I remembered it's Tuesday by you already! Great job! All the RED in the Indian community where you live reminds me of all the RED in the Chinese community where I live! I just love RED! :)

  13. I never had it done but I saw some beautiful Henna painting on other ladies' hand. It is so artistic!

    I would love to try those sweet treats too! :-)

  14. Kok,
    No Public Holiday on Deepavali in east Malaysia? Strange.

    After watching TV programmes on a 60" screen, it doesn't feel good to watch on a 42" leh. :(

    I saw a 103" TV screen today! Hope the company would let me review it. hehehe.... It costs more than S$100,000! *fall off chair*

  15. the teach,
    I like the colour red too, it is an auspicious colour.

    LadyJava will be happy to hear that you like my header. hehe....

  16. tricotine,
    The art of henna hand painting is fascinating... at least for me. I must try it once.

    The sweets were too sweet. I think my teeth are going to fall off soon. haha....

  17. Happy Diwali ECL and Singapore! The sweets look yum and colourful, I like! :):):)

  18. What a fabulous and colorful event! I never saw Singapore as being so multicultural. This looks really cool!! Have fun at the party.

  19. wow!!! i honestly didn't know indians have sweet recipes as well?! i thought they're all spicy and curry! and they're pretty colorful, too!

  20. We sure don't have much as culture events were I live.

    Coffee is on.

  21. What a vibrant and beautiful section of the city. A beautiful holiday.

  22. Mariuca,
    Happy holiday! The sweets were too sweet but yummy. :P

    I still cannot drop my EC. :(

  23. diane,
    We have lots of multicultural festivals in Singapore due to the multiracial population.
    It's fun and interesting to know the culture of other races and celebrate with them.

  24. jaejae,
    haha... besides their spicy and fiery curries, the Indians have a wide variety of sweets and savoury snacks. All very tasty!

  25. peppylady,
    In multi-racial Singapore, we have public holidays on major festivals and also celebrate with one another.

    1st January - New Year's Day
    Chinese New Year
    Good Friday
    Vesak Day
    Hari Raya Puasa
    Hari Raya Haji
    Christmas Day

  26. Sandy,
    Little India is a lovely place to learn another race's culture and heritage. I love visiting it for their food and lovely textiles. :)

  27. colorful festival huh.. happy Tuesday..

    My entry http://jennytalks.com/2008/10/carzy-bunch.html

  28. Very cool red colors,ECL! Must be fun being there:) Love those lanterns! Have a great afternoon there;)


  29. ECL,
    Here the populations is much lesser than in West Malaysia. So, no holidays here. Too bad hor?

    $100k for a tv? Wahseh! Can you ask write to them and ask them if they could sponsor it for a competition in your blog? hahahaha! The TV gets bigger for each competition. How about that? :P

  30. what a nice celebration

    Mine in HERE. Hope you have time to visit also. Thanks

  31. Pea in a Pod,
    I spent a fun day at the carnival and buying stuff. :)

  32. Kok,
    Oh. Lesser population but huge land!! :)

    It's 103" long diagonally! Very huge TV! Win already put where? And the winner has to be a wealthy, high net worth person, or else where got a big house to put it?

    It's difficult to give away a huge TV. Having the space to place it is a problem. The winner Nicholas is having a headache planning where to put it. :P

  33. Picturing of Life,
    My Indian friends had fun inviting other races to their houses for food. It was fun. :)

  34. ECL,
    Very correct. Lesser population but huge land and less developed. haha! You know I still live on top of the trees? hahaha!

    When there's a will, there's a way lah. If you have a huge tv and don't want it, you can give it to me. I can build one small hut outside my house just enough for a sofa and a tv. Wuahh! Enjoy leh! hahaha!

  35. Kok,
    *Tang! opportunity!*
    Can go into property development leh. :D

    I try to get a photo of myself and the 103" TV ah. Then you think about building your little hut. Energy consumption very high orh.

  36. That looks really beautiful ! The only place here in Europe where I could see Indian festivities would be London. There is a big Indian and Pakistanese community, as well as Chinese too.

  37. Gattina,
    Oh yes, I heard about the large Indian community in London and the yummy curries they sell in the Indian restaurants. :)

    Chinese tend to be everywhere. :)

  38. ECL,
    Property development? Very tough leh. Though big land, but the population aren't that big.

    Haha! Ok, show that huge TV and you. I'll estimate how big my hut would be. hahaha! Energy consumption? Don't worry. I would use my own solar energy by then! Cool hor? kakakaka!

  39. ECL, there is a picture of it half done here. That's all I have I'm afraid.

  40. People here called it Diwali. They don't know what Deepavali is!! Must be different name from different regions in India.

  41. ECL!! I so long to have that henna drawing on me too .. during my wedding I only had my fingers done... but like you say.. there's always a queue lah...

    How was your Deepavali?? Mine was spent in the bus ride back to KL...hehehe

  42. For a fact, it's nice to try sugary snacks once in a while...but then again, Indians do not form the highest rate of diabetes patients, in their older years for no good reason. That's not a racist remark-it's a fact.Just like how the chinese form the highest rate of high blood pressure patients

  43. OMG ... 18k?! Had I known that was 18k, I would ... I would ...

    *vomit blood*

  44. very colourful.I love Indian sweets, but can't eat them too much - they're too sweet!

    Never realized Deepvali is not a public holiday in East Malaysia. How ignorant of me!

  45. Maybe the next time you could feature the different Indian sweets? I think it would be an interesting post.

  46. Hi ECL,

    We also went to Little India for the Deepavali. We watched the concert but I prefer the parade I have seen alst year. It was more up close....

    I love henna but don't like waiting too long to get it done too so I just skipped it.

  47. Looks like you're having hell of a time over there! Well, the funny thing is that Deepavali was just another public holiday.

    That's something I really miss over here. Thanks for the pictures!

  48. Tell me about it!! Those sweets are R.E.A.L.L.Y sweet until my kids went "mi! you can have mine!!!"

  49. True, but the best is to go on the actual day so you can soak up the atmosphere and vibe. But still, i-Lamenting...

  50. Oh very colorful and festive shots! Happy RT!

  51. so colourful! but deepavali maciam no atmosphere wan? it just passed like that...

  52. Did you walk barefooted across the hot coals?

  53. i miss going to Little India during Deepavali, especially at night, think it would be more fun!