Saturday, September 20, 2008

PM Lee Hsien Loong officially opened KPE

PM Lee, Transport Minister Raymond Lim and LTA staff

South-east Asia's longest underground expressway was officially opened by PM Lee Hsien Loong a few hours ago. Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) is 12km-long with three-quarters of it underground.

Official Invite and commemorative KPE Book

PM Lee described this S$1.7 billion KPE as an impressive engineering feat. Building part of the tunnel underground involved navigating through a river and a canal, and weaving through high residential blocks. It posed plenty of challenges to the project team.

An exhibition at the beginning of the tunnel

Singapore has a limited amount of land, but its vehicle population has been growing rapidly. Roads already take up 12 per cent of our total land area. It costs 10 times more to build underground roads and 30 times more to maintain them than surface roads.

PM Lee admiring the art works of students

PM Lee explained why Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) is needed to manage traffic flow. If the Government ignores or fails to tackle congestion, Singaporeans may have no choice but to sit in a traffic jam twice a day, morning and evening, and sometimes even all day.

'The cost in time and inconvenience to workers and to the economy is enormous. We cannot afford to let this happen in Singapore.'

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  2. Impressive.. your coverage on the latest "happening" is almost immediate.

    KPE is really an amazing project. LTA moved a river to build this expressway.

  3. I think Singapore has one of the best roads and most efficient transport system in the world. Maybe because over here in Malaysia, the buses, trains and LRTs are all in a mess? When I go Singapore, I just marvel at the ease of getting from one place to another - no need to own cars at all!

  4. When I was in Singapore in the late 1990s I worked on some of the planning work for this project. Lots of things to investigate. Much more to dig and build. That expressway will make a big difference in Singapore.

  5. Hi Louis,
    haha... coverage is almost immediate only if I was there.

    This project is very amazing. After reading about it in the commemorative book, The KPE Story, I realize how great the challenges it pose for the people involved. Awesome!

  6. foongpc,
    Good transport network, yes. Efficient, nay. The efficiency of our transport system is going downhill..... Buses, MRT are bursting with commuters, roads congested with vehicles... of course, compared with countries around us, we have the better transport system. :)

    OK, shouldn't complain too much... but there's room for improvement for LTA.

  7. Colin,
    Oh, you were involved in this project too. It is a mega project, taking years to complete, costing the taxpayers lots of money. :)

    Finally it is ready to be used. Yippee!!

  8. Very impressive indeed. I bet it will cut the time from traveling to these 2 ends by far now?

  9. The longest underground expressway, an exhibition in the tunnel, AND a FREE 60" plasma TV! ECL, I'm coming!

  10. Any vacancy for project engineer? My work contract is expiring. :)

  11. Congestion in cities seems to be becoming a major problem everywhere. Apparently, though I haven't been recently, the congestion charges have improved the traffic in central London very considerably.

  12. Wow... How I wished they have that in Penang but using ferry can be fun too :P

  13. Eh.. this thing would go to my place you know.. underground of course..where's the entrance???

  14. ecl,
    That's why Singapore is more advance than Malaysia. In Malaysia, even our public transports couldn't make it, not to say the road...

    Malaysia government! Wake up lah! Let's learn from Singapore!:D

  15. Interesting post ECL, traffic is a problem everywhere but in a small place like Singapore it must be difficult. Have a good weekend.

  16. Farah,
    This KPE definitely cuts short the travelling time for some motorists and ease some congestions. :)

  17. Horsoon,
    Even without these incentives, you are coming to see me too. haha.... Don't forget my gifts. :)

  18. A,
    Looks like charging for the use of roads is popular in other countries too.... and effective. :)

  19. Criz,
    Yahhh... I would like to take the ferry to work for once. :)

  20. Kok,
    In a way, I'm proud of our convenient transport system. I don't need a car to travel around Singapore.

    In KL, I can only stay in and around Bukit Bintang because it is not fun to travel on public transport. :P

  21. jmb,
    I've been stuck in traffic jams for hours in Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila and KL, I hope Singapore will not have that problem.

  22. 1.2 billion is a lot of money. Personally I'd rather LTA thinks of way to get people from home to destination, door-to-door, within an average of 30-ish minutes via pubic transport. Singapore is not that big and it should be achievable.

    It doesn't matter how many highways we build, soon they will be filled up. CTE gets to be widened. But I bet that within months, the same amount of jam will appear.

    Sorry to sound a bit negative. I love Singapore but I really get frustrated by LTA.

  23. Building that road seems like a really amazing accomplishment. You know a lot about important things!

  24. Wow, that is amazing. At least they are taking measures to try to lessen the strain of traffic.

    Viva Avocado!

  25. It is amazing how travelling to other countries can broaden one's perspectives. I am beginning to appreciate the efficiency of our transportation system back home.
    It's a little hard for me to appreciate KPE now. Afterall, I don't drive, but I think many may benefit from its opening.

  26. ecl,
    I envy on the public transport in Singapore...

    KL already bad...wait till if you have a chance to come Miri. You'll know how bad the public transport here. Although, Miri has a status of CITY!

  27. Wilfrid,
    I agree with you, LTA has to think of better ways to ease the traffic woes than to keep widening roads, building expensive expressways and setting up ERP gantries.

    I love Singapore too.... and it is even more frustrating and sadder for a native, when the authorities don't listen or ignore the facts that their solutions don't work.

  28. Daisy,
    It is a challenging task for those involved when building this expressway. It does shorten the travelling time of some motorists but doesn't solve much of our traffic woes. :)

  29. Hi Mike,
    Yes, they are always looking for ways to solve the traffic strain... usually very expensive projects. :)

  30. oceanskies,
    You're back!

    The trip was an eye-opener, eh? It is great to visit another country to see and compare how different the lives of the residents are.

    Singaporeans are truly blessed. OK, I complain too much. haha.....

  31. Kok,
    Thanks, I shouldn't complain too much after hearing about your woes. :P

    I admire you for putting up with the inconvenience.