Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chef Knife Set - Ruby Tuesday

This is the Chef Knife Set that each culinary student needs to carry with him. All the knives are neatly packed in the red Knife Roll Bag.

According to my son Jaymes, with a good chef's knife, a paring knife and a slicer, we can do anything and everything we ever need to do in a kitchen. You can do 90 percent of everything you ever need to do in the kitchen with just a chef's knife.

Jaymes has been in a culinary school for the past 8 months. He has never had so much fun while learning. He's enjoying himself and meeting top chefs in the industry.

For the past two days, he has been volunteering in our international culinary team, assisting the participants in the preparations of dishes for the upcoming competition. He is trying to learn as much as he could and in the meantime, gain experience so he could be a participant one day.

It is tough for a teenager. He's on his feet for many hours. Besides his normal school hours, he's putting in more than 8 hours volunteering. That's his passion, I can't stop him.

It's amazing how much skill he has been picking up in these few months. I doubt anyone would dare to antagonize a Ninjado-trained chef these days. Jaymes could debone, chop, slice, dice a chicken within 3 minutes. *gulp*

EastCoastLife n LG Contest

Question No. 1

Which knife is a must-have in a kitchen?


  1. Ecl,
    It's great to see Jaymes has so much passion in cooking!

    Jaymes ah! Can teach me your cooking skill??? Or we can partner in Wok With Kok! haha!

  2. Kok,
    Some of the recipes that the top chefs teach him, he cannot tell. Even to his mother. He would cook and I can watch but cannot write down or watch him measuring ingredients. bleh

  3. Tough way to make a living I can tell you. But he's going about it the right way at least. I learned it all on the job, which has its advantages, but doesn't prepare you for the really choice jobs that the culinary school guys get first choice of. Wish him luck for me okay?

  4. Welcome to Ruby Tuesday!! :P
    Which knife? Hmmm...cleaver?

  5. Mojo,
    Yes, it is a tough way to make a living, but he loves it. Thanks for your good wishes. I'll get him to read your comment. :)

  6. napaboaniya,
    For me , the cleaver does wonders. :P

  7. As long as he love it, who are we to stop him?

  8. yenjai,
    My heart aches... but I leave it to him. It's his choice. :)

  9. My kind of ruby!
    Good knives, and gorgeous looking young chefs!!
    I'm out of here, before accidents want to happen, LOL!

  10. Nice post. My nephew went to Culinary Institute of America a few years back. He made a decision to pursue cooking relatively late but it seems to be bringing him continuing joy. I hope it is the same for your son.

  11. Jientje,
    haha.... I like gorgeous looking young chefs but not their knives!

  12. Raven,
    My son derives much joy from cooking and creating dishes. It's not fortunate to be eating his creations at the initial stages. hahaha....

  13. Ecl,
    Who knows. One day your son may turn out to be a famous chef whose culinary skill cannot be easily acquired unless he has the interest which your son has amply shown. As for myself I only know how to eat but do not know how to cook. I am ashamed of myself!

  14. I know I know... Butter knife. To butter people. Haha....

    Kidding kidding. :P

  15. One of my son's friend attends a culinary school too, I find it very exciting!!
    Great shot for RT and love the Chinese post! Do you have a combined keyboard ?? I always wondered about this with the Chinese language...

  16. Oh, and one favor, but only if you have time and visit my blog: could you pls leave me there the Chinese figures to say "Hello"? Thank you very much!!!

  17. stanley,
    My son is passionate when it comes to culinary, I believe if he keeps his passion, he would be a great chef.

    Learn to cook some dishes, at least won't starve mah.

  18. DK,
    *Takes out Butter Knife*
    *Takes out butter*
    *butters DK*
    You know why I keep butter in my handbag? :P

  19. Mar,
    I learn a lot of cooking techniques from my son. I was severely criticised on my cooking methods and force to correct them too. haha....

    I don't have a combined keyboard to do my Chinese post. I use a Chinese software.

  20. Fantastic that your son is so passioante about a particular career! Great to see! And that knife set is stunning! Lovely pic!

  21. Hi Greyscale Territory,
    My son loves to eat and he's not picky about food. He's a good learner too, so I believe he would make a good chef. :)

  22. they look lethal just on their own without Jamie!!!

  23. hey hey.. i know the answer to this question 1.

    writing it down...

  24. Delighted to hear Jaymes is enjoying his work so much.

  25. day-dreamer,
    I still cannot debone a chicken after so many years. sigh....

  26. Leonard,
    It's easy, right.
    Not going to make it difficult, so everyone can get the correct answers.
    Hold on to your answers, and send them in on the last week. Good luck!

  27. Hi Sheila,
    Yes, he's enjoying himself and having lots of fun. :)

  28. After years and of cooking for the family I don't find it as satisfying as I used to. But I can appreciate it enough to be very happy that Jaymes has found something he enjoys so much. So many people never do. And that he does voluntary work on top is just amazing.

  29. A.
    I do get tired of cooking sometimes and I can just go out for a meal.

    Imagine making cooking one's career. I respect my son.

    Jaymes has been a volunteer with our local Leo Club for years and he visits and cheers old folks. Raise funds and organise activities for them. :)

  30. ECL,
    hah! Then ask Jaymes to cook for me, can can? kekeke! At the same time, I also wanna taste the cookings by ECL! :D

  31. Oh crap. I am already struggling with the first question! Gosh! I must be an idiot! Very demoralized!

    On a more positive note, I have already made one link to your site ... hehehe.

  32. My answer is...a paring knife and a slicer.. lolz

    And your son can cook for me anytime I'm in SG ok...lolzz!!

  33. Kok,
    Come to Singapore lah... then you can taste both Mother's and son's cooking. :P

  34. Jaymes sounds just as busy as you are ECL! Hey, maybe can ask Jaymes to cook something and u can post it here! :D

  35. wilfrid,
    This is a very easy question, I give chance to every body!

    Thanks for linking. Go for the prize, it's worth quite a bit. You can auction it away if you don't have space at home to display it. *wink wink*

    Win this huge prize first, decide later!!

  36. ellen b,
    The set of knives are used by a wannabe chef. :)

  37. LadyJava,
    It would be his pleasure to cook for my lovely friends. Next time we try to meet up when you are here. :)

  38. Mariuca,
    Yes, he is busy. He just arrived home.
    I'll get him to cook a special dish he learnt in school. Then I'll blog about it and you all can drool!! haha...

  39. Ha...
    It's a tough choice between a cook's knife (comes in different sizes to suit the chef)and a paring knife.
    My Chef taught me that the first knife to get for any chef is a Cook's knife.
    But I love my Paring knife for everything else. Ha!
    Need to bring your son along all right when I'm in SG?

  40. SheR,
    Yeah, the cook's knives come in different sizes. My son prefers a larger one. :) I seldom use the paring knife, in fact I don't use many knives although I own 2 sets of them.

    I'm sure my son would love to meet you. Let's hope he's not working late shift. :)

  41. Wow, that is an impressive set. Do you need a permit to carry it in public? lol

  42. Dianne,
    I believe we are not allowed to carry them in public. :)

  43. i was fond of kitchen knives before i got married because i love cooking. i remember one time very long ago, i was visiting my girlfriend (now my wife) in Manila, when she asked me where would i like to go and shop, i told her to bring me to where kitchen knives are!

    i don't cook that much anymore nowadays but i still have some sets from Solingen.

    have a happy Ruby Tuesday!

    btw... you've got an interesting blogsite.

  44. jaejae,
    It's a guy thing... the love of knives. hehe... I do shop for kitchen ware and cutlery when I travel but I can't bring knives back to Singapore. :(

    Oh my!! You have knife sets from Solingen, Germany!! Wow! You are really into good quality knives. Great taste! :)

    Thanks for your compliment. :)

  45. eastcoastlife, please excuse me if I don't participate - I never win anything! And I get my hopes up only to have them dashed! I love your post for Ruby Tuesday! I wish Jaymes all the luck in learning about the culinary arts!

  46. hi ECL!
    thanks for dropping by! i think they do work here for car thieves (but not for photorobbers!). i mean, the video surveillance. car theft isn't as big as an industry here in burlington but i guess it is, generally, in ontario. especially in toronto.

    i've been to singapore a couple of times... you have lots and lots of exotic cars there! very different from malaysia where 80% of cars are either proton or perodua! hahaha!

  47. Great choice. I would love to have such a great set of knives like that. Wait…that would mean I'd have to cook. Maybe not :)

  48. Capt Picard,
    You probably use lasers to cut your meat. :P

  49. jaejae,
    Photorobbers! I'm one of them. haha...

    Yeah, we have lots of expensive cars in Singapore. We don't have many car thefts here but there are rises in the number of cars being vandalised.

    Jealousy? It's probably the 'if I can't have it, others shouldn't too' attitude. :P

  50. Minkydo,
    Owning a beautiful set of knives doesn't mean you have to cook. I have 2 sets... mostly collecting dust. hehe...

    Jaymes could use them but he has his preferred brand of knives. :(

  51. It's wonderful to have fun learning! Thanks for sharing. Interesting to know that your first question for the contest is kind of related to one of your loved ones.
    I'm thinking of whether to take part in the contest. If I do, and win the contest, could I ask to sell it off and donate the proceeds to charity?

  52. oceanskies,
    Schools in Singapore are not fun. Teachers are no fun too. Our students are bored in class. MOE doesn't care.

    If you win the TV, you can keep it or donate it to charity. I'm sure LG would be happy at your latter choice.