Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jurong BirdPark Singapore thrills EastCoastLife - WS # 38

It was raining cats and dogs when I reached the west side of Singapore. The taxi queue was so loooong. I was late and rushing to Jurong BirdPark to a blogger event for 10 finalists of Singapore Blog Awards.

The moment I set my eyes on our guide that day, I almost let out a scream! It's Pamela Wildheart!! She was a popular radio DJ. She's now in charge of Corporate Communications at Jurong Bird Park.

Winner, Best ASEAN New Tourist Attraction 2007

Pamela brought us umbrellas and we got to experience Africa. Inspired by South Africa's St Lucia Wetland, the African Wetlands at the BirdPark has some unique African natives such as the Shoebill, Storks, cranes and more. This place is opened for booking for cocktails, outdoor wedding proposals or even a private wedding solemnisation. Wow! How cool!

Many parts of the BirdPark are sheltered. Although it was raining, we were still able to enjoy excellent views of the birds from there.

World's greatest variety of birds performing in a bird show!

The Penguin Expedition houses more than 200 penguins. On exhibit are five species : the Humboldt, the Rockhopper, the Macaroni, the Fairy and the majestic King Penguin. They are such magnificent birds! I love these black and white cuties!

Budi feeding the penguins

Pamela specially arranged for us to have a group photo with Pinky, the adorable camera-loving Humboldt Penguin! We met its handsome and available caregiver, Budi too.

BirdPark Attractions : Budi, Pamela and Pinky!

We then hopped onto an air-conditioned panorail train.

The world's most complete collection of pelicans are found at Pelican Cove. We were up-close and personal to all 7 species of pelicans, including the endangered Dalmatian Pelican.

Feeding time at Pelican Cove.

Lory Loft is the world’s largest walk-in Lory flight aviary featuring over 1,000 lories. At 9 storeys high, it is also huge. It offers visitors a simulation of the Australian “outback” or rural landscape. An elevated boardwalk and suspension bridges gave us a heightened experience, we get a 360-degree elevated view of the environs.

At the central feeding tower, Pamela gave us an opportunity to feed the birds by hand with a special nectar mix. The lories came flocking! It was a spectacular sight and a thrilling-screaming experience!

I screamed because the lories were walking all over my hands plus.... carrying several lories which were standing on the feeding tray was very tiring!

I requested to see Jurong BirdPark Avian Hospital, Asia Pacific's first Avian Hospital. We were shown behind the scene activities at this hospital.

The surgery room for special patients : birds

The hospital houses a laboratory, a pharmacy, a treatment room, a sterile air-conditioned surgery room, post-mortem room, x-ray room, a reference library... etc. The BirdPark's love and concern for its residents is obvious, with its expensive collection of state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Bird Flu!? Nay, I believe the BirdPark is equipped to handle it.

Come see the lovely flamingoes!!

7,000 birds, 600 species! Jurong BirdPark's conservation and display of birds in natural settings is one of the world's best! 70% of its visitors are tourists. Foreign visitors love to visit this place.

Many of the bloggers present have visited Jurong BirdPark many years ago when their schools brought them. Jurong BirdPark deserves more support from Singaporeans.

Visit Jurong Bird Park for a truly unique experience!

Admission charges : S$18 (adult), S$9 (child, 3-12 yrs)

Panorail charges : S$5 (adult), S$2.50 (child, 3-12 yrs)

Opening hours : 9 am - 6 pm daily

Park Hoppers (Admission only) :

3-in-1 Jurong BirdPark, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari
S$40 (adult)
S$20 (child, 3-12 yrs)

2-in1 Any 2 Parks : Jurong BirdPark, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari
S$30 (adult)
S$15 (child, 3-12 yrs)

* This is not a sponsored post.


  1. Penguins!!! I see penguins!! They're soooo cute, aren't they. I haven't seen a penguin in real life yet :(

  2. This looks like a cool and enriching visit. There are certainly perks to be a famous blogger.

    Anyway, I decided I shall remain a low-profile blogger while writing about things I like. Have you read my latest post on

  3. Doreen,
    I adore penguins! Pinky is so cute!

    I saw real life penguins in this BirdPark and also in Melbourne's Philips Island. Jaymes and I had to wait in the cold freezing night for the Fairy penguins to return from the ocean. It was an unforgettable experience!

  4. oceanskies,
    Perks galore for all bloggers! I want to make that happen for all bloggers here through the setting up of a Singapore Bloggers Association.

    You do have good readership at your blog. You can't stay low-profile for long. :)

  5. Nice write-up about Jurong Bird Park there, and glad to note that Wildlife Reserves is also harnessing bloggers for outreach (though they are also our competitors...LOL). I have always enjoyed my visits to the outdoor attractions in Singapore too, especially the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Zoo.

    Oh yes, we really should catch up soon, over the Blogger's Association or any other matters. I've got something up my sleeve (which hopefully should get funding come Sep) which I'll definitely involve you in. ;)

  6. Looks like a fun weekend,ECL! I was there many years ago:D Love the pink flamingo shots!

  7. East coast life,
    It was a raining day, surely you felt cool but you heart were feeling warm, am I right? Pamela brought you umbrellas and you got to experience Africa.
    I had not visited Jurong Bird Park for quite some times, your wonderful photos brought me back to wonderful memory.
    Wow, South Africa's St Lucia Wetland, the African Wetlands at the BirdPark has so many things to see, I will visit there soon.
    I enjoy seeing all your photos here, wish you have a beautiful week.

  8. Cool insider,
    haha... you will be surprised to hear who are the people who come calling me to work with them!

    Jurong BirdPark is so happening! Bring Ethan, he will love the place! They have some pretty cool stuff these days!

    Yep, let's meet up and we can do something together. I have some proposals too. :)

  9. Yen,
    There are new attractions at the BirdPark now. It's constantly changing and the park is getting more attractive and beautiful. Do visit again when you come to Singapore. And please tell your friends and relatives.

  10. coolingstar9,
    You're right! The weather was wet and cold but I was warmed by the driving fire in Pamela! She is so passionate about the BirdPark and the pride is written all over her face!

    She and the whole company are doing such a wonderful thing for Singapore and the birds which are normally not on the lists of many conservation groups.

    I admire and respect what they are doing and so decided to do my best when writing this post. Took me 3 hours! haha... I'll be spreading the word for them too.

    Please go visit Jurong BirdPark and blog about it. I'm sure yours will be a different experience from mine, but it will be just as enjoyable and awesome. :)

  11. Oh lovely birds! I want to see a penguin in person! :)

  12. That sounds like a fascinating place and you got some great shots.

  13. sasha,
    I hope you get the chance. Penguins are such cuties. :)

  14. Wow.. I didnt know they have penguins too at the bird park. I saw a colony of them at the zoo though. Must go must go! My boy would love the close encounter with one. Thanks!

  15. etceteramommy,
    There is a whole exhibit room, filled with 200 penguins, featuring an underwater viewing gallery. Your boy might not want to leave after seeing these cute birds! Go visit and say Hi to the penguins for me!

  16. hope jaymes is feeling better. just read the other post.

  17. I loooove birds! I wish I could visit that park, it sounds wonderful!

  18. Such a wonderful place, ECL! but I couldn't feed the birds, they sort of scare me!

  19. Hi Amy,
    I wish you could come visit me in Singapore. It is a wonderful park! You would enjoy it.

  20. OMG ... I love those penguins. There is certain charm for Jurong Bird Park, though I find it kind of expensive for a big family. And they don't have special discount for citizens, which is kind of a disappointment.

  21. Mar,
    It is a little scary feeding the lories but with other birds, you throw the food and they would swoop down to get it! Oops... that sounds scarier. haha....

  22. I love those tuxedo-wearing creatures too! The penguins! Soooo cute and the way they walk also very comical! Thanks for the pics, now I get a glimpse of Jurong Bird Park! :):):)

  23. A great session of pics, ECL. It's like I was there.

  24. Wilfrid,
    I find it expensive for a big family too but the park needs the money for the upkeep of the birds and facilities.

    There are quite a number of sponsors but it still needs funds to maintain this wonderful park and its great education programs.

    It has come up with special packages with the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.

    You might want to consider visiting all 3.

  25. Mariuca,
    Don't you just love these cute penguins! Come visit it one day lah.

  26. Captain Picard,
    Thanks for the compliment. :)

    Come to Singapore and I'll personally bring you there.

  27. it's nice to know that there are avian hospitals there. it will definitely help preserve the creatures.

  28. I've been to Jurong Birdpark twice and love the place! It's well managed. I'll wait for the next offer when Malaysians can enter the park at half price or in Malaysian Ringgit : )

  29. hope someday can visit this place also ^_^

    Mine in here : The Tall Ships Races. Thanks

  30. What a wonderful guided tour in the most beautiful park. We have penguins in aquarium in Norway too - but the rest was very exotic.

    Your the best Singapore tourist agent there is :-)

  31. all I can say is WOW! have a great week ahead!

  32. the Dong,
    First Avian hospital in Asia Pacific. My jaws slacked when I heard the BirdPark has a bird hospital. I'm glad the birds are well taken care of.

  33. foongpc,
    haha... it might be a long wait for that sort of discount.

    Now with more exhibits, you can spend a day at the BirdPark. You can have a picnic there. The view is beautiful and you hear the chirpings of the birds.

  34. Juliana and picturing,
    Hope to see you visiting in Singapore. :)

  35. Gorgeous park and surely a great tour too. I have been to this park a few times, and each time, there's something special to see. They have kept the place so beautifully that you don't feel tired walking in there too.

  36. Renny,
    Jurong BirdPark won many Tourism awards for its unique concepts, efforts in conservation and exhibiting birds in their natural habitats. It's well-known in its industry.

    Compared to the efforts of the people managing and running the huge park, I'm just doing my bit as a Singaporean. Spread the word! :)

  37. Gbex and ellen,
    Visit the BirdPark when you come to Singapore!

  38. Farah Deen,
    I'm glad you enjoy visiting it. Kids love it. There is always something new. There are new exhibits now.

    You can take a ride on the Panorail train round the BirdPark. There are lots of shelters and eateries if visitors are tired and need a rest or a coffee.

  39. I definitely prefer the bird park to the zoo :)

    P.S I'm back for 1 yr (at least). These few weeks bz unpacking my stuff from US. Are you back from TW trip already? When I'm done with stuff at home, it will be time to meet u :D

  40. tigerfish,
    One year!? Wheeeee!

    I haven't gone to TW yet because of my son's illness. I will be going after the Singapore Blog Awards presentation.

    Yes!! Let's meet up and jio napaboaniya too.

  41. Raining cats and dogs and you were at the birdpark? *clap clap*
    jio me go where?

    I'm on the verge of kee siao'ing here, my notebook crashed...zzzz

  42. napaboaniya,
    Have to go... I promised to be present, how can 'fly people's aeroplane'?

    Oh no!! Time to buy a new one. :P

    tigerfish is back! Let's go for tea!

  43. Haven't been to the bird park for so many years!!

  44. wooow!! beautiful place. one day I will visit this place. thanks for the drop. take care

  45. wow! thats a great place... i would love to visit their one day. great weekend u had.. =)

  46. well those penguins are so cute --that sounds beautiful fun and educational

  47. Leonard,
    I'll organise an outing for bloggers and we go together. :)

  48. Tere's world,
    Yes, it was great fun and an eye-opener.

  49. bonoriau,
    You have to visit this BirdPark when you come to Singapore. :)

  50. emzkie,
    I had a wonderful weekend and do visit the BirdPark if you have the chance. :)

  51. marcia,
    Everybody loves the penguins! They are such cuties in their black and white tuxs!

  52. Very interesting, I would love to see it life, but unfortunately it's a little far for me !

  53. Gattina,
    awww.... you don't want to visit me? I'm going to visit you then. :)

  54. That place I think is in the list of places to visit in SG :)

  55. Simply stunning! We didn't get a chance to visit the Birdpark when we were there last, but will certainly make it a point to, the next time we go. Love the flamingos!!!

  56. Julie,
    Yes, it is in the list of must visit places in Singapore. :)

  57. giddy tigress,
    You can take so many beautiful pictures, with the birds or the scenic views, at the BirdPark. It's a great place for photography. And I'm sure your kid will enjoy the trip.

    The flamingoes are gorgeous!

  58. Jurong Bird Park puts us to shame over here...ours is just below par in terms of park management and maintaining the well-being of the animals. I rate Spore Zoo as a must visit as well! Last visited it many, many years ago.

  59. My Bug Life,
    You should visit Singapore Zoo again and also Night Safari, all are award winning places of interests.

    It's not easy managing and maintaining such parks, needs commitment, passion and dedication from the staff, plus.... lots of funds.

  60. I love penguins too! Looks like you had a fabulous time! :)

  61. tanabata,
    Penguins are too cute... I had fun. :)

  62. Singapore is really beautiful. After staying there for 2yrs, i've learned to love the country. I hope we can go back there and visit this places again soon.

  63. Reflexes,
    Oh, you were here for two years! Hope you have visited most of the places of interest. Thanks for loving our country. :)

  64. organsie outing to bird park for bloggers?? must keep me informed k! Last time I've been to the zoo was ....2 years ago? After Bangkok zoo, I'm for these places anytime. Eh...not anytime, must find time in my super hectic schedule now.

    Hey, what is Jamyes' situation now?

  65. sho,
    yah yah... I'll organise the BirdPark trip for bloggers. Will put you on my list. :)

    Jaymes is feeling better now, he's back to school today but still taking medication.

  66. seems you had fun. someday i hope i could visit that park.

    thanks for dropping by.

  67. wow those animals are so adorable..

    anyway, Hope you visit mine...

    Weekend Snapshot

  68. wow this is amazing you have a very great weekend so far...Happy WS!

  69. I have visited this place almost 8 years back, your post revived my memories. Beautiful shots!

  70. Excellent shots! That Bird Park must be a great attraction. I've never seen a real penguin before.

  71. Wow that sounds like a great time, what a wonderful place toteach children about birds. Kim

  72. Yep. I visit the Night Safari often because I love the setting. And they offer discounts too if I remember correctly. And I visit the Singapore Zoo from time to time when it is not too hot. And the Underwater World. But somehow when it comes to birds, all my family members are just not keen. Not sure why.

  73. no matter how many times we've been to singapore, I always feel like going again. LOL especially during Christmas time along orchard road. gorgeous!

  74. The bird park really is lovely. I have seen flamingos in their natural environment in Florida, and I just love penguins..although I do hope their tank is cold enough for them!!! Great job girl!

  75. What a fun place. That's a great variety of birds there. You sure do educate me!

  76. My mom has been there, but wasn't able to take that much pictures. Her favorite were the big lory birds in the show.

    Thanks for stopping by my WS.

  77. Wow! That really is a something cool to see and do. I hope I can visit one day.

  78. not playing this week; that looks (and sounds) like an awesome park, ecl!
    glad to know that Jaymes is doing fine now... :)

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  80. My last visit to Jurong Bird Park was more than a decade ago. Had a wonderful time there too...