Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Strangest Place to have Sex

Some of my blogger friends are really fun(ny). Once, a bunch of us were chatting on FaceBook, the subject came up.....

I hear of couples doing it in vehicles, parks, ......., the toilets of airplanes, pubs, swimming complexes.... public toilets!? How to have fun in such smelly and cramped places? ..... it really beats me.

Making out in the seat of a car is soooo common, how about in a public bus (moving wor !!) or commercial aeroplane? Cocka did it on a train from Singapore to KL and didn't require a lot of energy. The whole night he just let the chugging train do the work. haha......
*yikes..... ecl places newspaper on seats of public transport...... wears gloves... wears 3 pairs of panties*

Have you ever tried it on a moving bicycle!? LB doesn't work in a circus...... he does designing. We were worried his 'little brother' would be fractured....
*curious to know how he does it* kakaka.......

In Singapore Botanical Gardens, with super hungry mosquitoes joining in the poking!? *faints*

In the swimming pool....!! huh!?......

When I think of the mouthfuls of water I swallowed while happily splashing about in the pool on hot days....... ewwww..... the tiny sperms swimming ...... yucks. These type of worms are much worse than the ones I ate in China and Thailand!!!

Alamak! I shall never get into a PUBLIC pool. Later get pregnant with bastards. All colours.... kakaka.......

"No more swimming!!" I screamed to my kids.


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAAA! Siu sei ngor! When I saw the word 'sex' on yr Tweeter, I fast fast run over here haha...

    Someone once told me that doing it at the beach is not so sexciting... cos all the sand will be a problem haha.. better remember to bring a big towel or a mat when wanna do it under the stars.. but then, sound so lorman hor.. do under the twinkling stars... *dreams* haha..

    Oh, I think it's the sexcitement u get when doin' it in public places... adrenalin rush rush.. the 'fear' of someone finding out... hehe..

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  3. My angel,
    To have such a reflex on seeing the 3-letter word is very normal! hahaha.....

    How come your kan cheong friend din place a mat on the sandy beach ah!

    Doing something lovey dovey under the stars is always so romantic! sigh....

    Doing such a private thing in public places is a great challenge. I'm too old for that now. heheeh....

  4. ecl,
    Bicycle? Wahduh!! So sexcited meh? hahahaha!

    In my uni, those guys normally booked a study room. And then, they'll cover those small look through glass with an A4 paper. Next, you'll be able to hear...AKHEM! hahaha!

    And some, they did it in a secluded garden (where nobody will ever think of going) in my uni. And my friend even saw one couple doing this near a river just opposite my uni. haha!

  5. This is such a funny post. You just make me laugh... wahahahaha :D

  6. is it so much fun to have sex in such a tiny, smelly place? I wonder.

    hehe... I think most of them are influenced by the movies... seemed fun and exciting.

    Ahem, I heard hor, no fun doing it in water wo, uncomfortable.

  7. Kok,
    OMG! Lately, I have been hearing so many sexciting, jaw-dropping stories from friends and students studying in Universities!

    And all this time I was thinking students in Unis are highly-educated saints!!
    *kick myself hard.... should have married the Professor!*

    So Kok, what's YOUR own experience? hehe...

    *quickly search for courses in Singapore unis*

  8. malaika's mummy,
    I cannot tahan the sex in the toilet suggestion. NOPE.

    I think these ideas of incredible places and positions come from porn material. Usually Asians don't have such great imagination and creativity! haha....

  9. lol. you come up with the best of posts each time!

  10. misti,
    Our sampat group's sampat chats are great blogging material! hahaha....

  11. Yes, the bicycle had twins after that..

    Another cool place that you forgot to mention is in the public swimming pool. Remember? Remember you freaked out at the thought of all those tadpoles in the water?

  12. In Norway it is popular to have sex in car parked on huge parking places. And if you leave your roof-light on it means you invite people to watch.

  13. Oops, you did remember the swimming pool... I was doing an Angeles Sppedreading trick, thus missed out on a few keywords! Ack!!

  14. LB,
    kakaka... the bicycle had twins!! You mean you poke the bicycle! OMG!

    Yah! ... the thought of all the little tadpoles.... eeeks.

  15. yenjai,
    Doc, you didn't know? Wah! I have so much to tell you!
    *extremely sexcited I know more than a doctor*

  16. Hi oyvind!
    if you leave your roof-light on it means you invite people to watch

    Oh my! Free show! I bet if it happens in Singapore, the car would be so surrounded by gawking men!

  17. It's supposed to be passion, animal instinct, the fear to be discovered and other thrilling things. It's just like the one who does jump from a rock attached to a string and if he falls in a toilet it stinks of course, lol !

  18. haha... gattina,
    You do know better! Yes... the passion, the thrill of not being discovered... extra-marital affairs seem so sexciting to some.

    I'm afraid of the sh*t-hole. :(

  19. The chlorine in the pool would have killed the little "worms" lah...

  20. nomadic mom,
    Yah, I know...., provided the water is treated with chlorine and is frequently changed.

    I can't help feeling paranoid.... hehe....

  21. ecl,
    My sexperience ah? Errmmm...The weirdest ah? Ermm..probably in the pigsty where all the pigs and piglets were looking at. hahahahaha! Ok, I'm just joking...hahaha!

  22. This post is so sexicting! You made me laugh! :D

    I bet you must be the only mother-in-law that's going 'tekan' the couple :)

  23. Kok,
    aiyohhh... doing it in the pig sty is so unique leh! kakaka....

    *knock knock Kok's head.... dirty boy!*

  24. lz mommy,
    When you think of what people will do in the swimming pool and public places, it is really disgusting!

    I have seen people wiping their mucus on bus seats and railings. So unhygienic.

  25. I knew of one couple...selling mee rebus had a great time making out on the table in their stall after they close shop....very 'ong' for business eh..?

  26. Awkward awkward awkward ...

    From inappropriate sexual adventure to dirty panties and mucus and such ...

    Interesting post :D I have nothing to add. LOL

  27. Naughty ECL...you know how to get a lot of responses!!

  28. Muahahahha!! i guess when one is young.. you do all sorts of things.. ;)

  29. A friend of mine was having sex with her husband--on their kitchen floor. They both happened to look up and saw their two teenage sons watching them, disgust written all over their faces.
    One son said to the other, "Dude, these two are sick." The other one nodded, and they went off to play their video games. Friend and hubby continued their activities. Both boys are now happily married, doing very well for themselves--so no harm done :)

  30. sweet jasmine,
    Wah! The mee rebus hawkers prosper because of that!? I must let my hubby now. Pay so much for fengshui when it's so simple to get rich! hahaha....

  31. andie summerkiss,
    haha.... you are being modest.

    Our Emperor does have strange habits. kakaka....

  32. Captain Picard,
    hehe.... I got a response from you too.

  33. mama bok,
    You would be surprised how many middle-aged and elderly are also playing this fun game! haha....

  34. Bunny Beth,
    Oh my! Wish I had a big kitchen to roll around. haha....

    It's weird that kids always look disgusted when their parents have sex. That's how they come in the first place. And they believe when their parents get older, they are not supposed to enjoy it. What crap!

  35. Get pregnant by using public facilities? Muahahahaha! Then sperm bank can be shut down loh. Hahahha

  36. LOL!! ECL, for lack of a place mah...that's why anywhere also will do he he !! But the public toilets take the cake, unless it's really clean, which I seriously doubt! Happy Wednesday to u! :)

  37. Ha ha ha ... so funny till I am speechless (catching up on your blog btw cuz I was sick for a while).

    Believe it or not, I know a friend who know a friend who works as a police and he has extensive knowledge on which carpark to catch those who choose to have sex in public. The funniest thing is that he must make sure that the couple must be in the middle of the act so he would have to wait together with his police partner.

    What a job ...

  38. Aiya, save all the trouble and use the bed la. Such comfortable pocket springs, smooth silky sheets. Do everything in comfort :)