Thursday, April 24, 2008

ECL's search for Thai Black Magic Master

In the early year 2006, I went to Bangkok to meet a friend who is a freelance journalist from Hong Kong. I was going through Hell then with problems from the parents of some foreign students and the civil service. A threatening note I received in my mail box got me very mad. Someone threatened to harm my only son if I didn't stop my whistle-blowing to the VVIPs.

Knowing I'm against a great force, I had to do something. I need a greater force. Tapping on my extensive network, I did what I have to do. No alternative was too silly or crazy for me then. When you are desperate and fighting to survive, you do what you deem fit.

Wing does research on the supernatural and the unexplained in Asia. I heard him mention about a deadly Thai Black Magic Master he once interviewed. I told him my problems and after months of persuasion, he agreed to bring me to meet the Master.

9 am that morning, Wing came with a Thai guide called Pao to pick me up at my hotel. Pao drove and we travelled away from Bangkok for more than 5 hours.

We finally arrived at a secluded, wooded area. Our car winded through a not so frequently travelled dirt road. As we approached the house, I could feel the goose pimples surfacing on my hands..... and the roots of my hair tightening......

.......... to be continued


Black magic can be invoked to kill, injure, or cause destruction, or for personal gain without regard to harmful consequences to others.

I believe in Karma and I'm willing to pay for what I did. No normal person will take this course unless they are pushed to their limit. I want those people to burn in Hell with me!


  1. *knock ECL's head*
    read until kan cheong liow than kwa kwa be continued

  2. napaboaniya,
    Ouch! *rubs head*

    Every day a bit... it gets more kan cheong each day... hold your breathe for an exciting, exclusive inside story to Black Magic .... kakaka....

  3. *sked...*
    *quiet like a mouse...*
    *waits @ corner to read the continuation...*

  4. *hides at another corner*
    *scare Angel*
    *dracula laugh*

    I've been following up on your blog quite a while now about black magic and feng shui. interesting stuff I must say. intriguing.

    gan cheongly awaits the continuation of the story...

  5. sound interesting...

    will be back for part 2!

  6. I heard that thai balck magic is the most powerful....hmmn very scary...... wait for part 2 of ECL...stories...

  7. you indeed need a more powerful force for this.

  8. Good grief! I promise to be good to you.

  9. My angel,
    *tap the floor and tap My angel's heart 3 times....*
    *hug hug...* No sked! No sked!

  10. Hi _butt!
    Notti gal, scare my angel.
    *pat pat _butt's butt* hehe....

    You like scary stuff ah!?

  11. sweet jasmine,
    Yes, Thai Black Magic is the most powerful, fatal... no recognise father nor mother type....

  12. Hi the dong,
    To fight against the people in the Government, of course need a different approach.... and a greater force. :)

  13. LB,
    Now you know how 'powderful' I am ah! kakaka....

  14. Hi,

    I'm going to Thailand and am experiencing similar problems as your own. How do I find or contact this master for help?