Tuesday, February 19, 2008

eastcoastlife gives away Singapore Airshow 2008 tickets - WW

Photo taken from a plane on our National Day.

Singapore Airshow is Asia's largest aerospace and defence event, it is one of the top three air shows in the world.

Catch The Republic of Singapore Air Force’s Black Knights in action, flying the new-look F-16 Fighting Falcons! See their manoeuvres.

As well as performances from the elite formation aerobatic display team - The Royal Australian Air Force Roulettes.

Be up close and personal with the World's Largest Aircraft – Airbus 380! Singapore Airlines is the first airline in the world to own it!

SIA's Airbus 380 private suite!

Detailed flying display timings are as follows :

19 Feb 2008 (Tue) 1230hr - 1400hr
20 – 24 Feb 2008 (Wed - Sun) 1215hr - 1345hr

Public Visitors
23 - 24 February 2008

9.30 am - 5.00 pm
Changi Exhibition Centre
9 Aviation Park Road
Singapore (498760)

Ticket Price (Inclusive of booking fee & GST)
Adult: S$20 per ticket
Child (12 years old and below): S$8 per ticket
Child (2 years old and below): FREE
Family Package (includes 4 admission tickets which can be used as
adult and/or child admissions + 1 car park label): S$100

Bulk Purchase Discount
20 Adult tickets and above: S$17 per ticket
20 Child tickets and above: S$7 per ticket

eastcoastlife's Giveaway!

5 adult tickets on Saturday
3 adult tickets on Sunday

Leave a comment or email me with your particulars. One person entitled to one ticket only. Collect by 6pm Friday night.

eastcoastlife55 at hotmail dot com

Promotion: ALL Ticket holders will receive a 10% off ticket price for an exclusive ride on Singapore Flyer between 19 Feb – 24 Feb 2008


  1. eastcoastlife,
    Free ticket ah?!?!?! Can I get for Chris? hehe.

  2. Wow! Great shots! Job well done in taking these photos. Happy WW!

  3. Hmm.. how come you have so many tickets one, give away free somemore!!

    dun tell me you're one of the black knight??? haha

  4. Kok,
    But does Chris wants to go? Don't waste the ticket oh, S$20 leh!

  5. eastcoastlife,
    I sms him now. Will let you know ok?

  6. That first image is surreal! The background appears so flat. What magic cameras can work. This looks spectacular,indeed.

  7. eastcoastlife,
    You can give away the ticket liao. Cause hor, Chris has been stationed there by Singapore Airlines. hahaha! Maybe you can find him there. :)

  8. Kok,
    Really? I'm going to hassle him... er.... look for him. ehehhe....

  9. eastcoastlife,
    Go go! hahaha! He must be shocked!:P

  10. Those are awesome pictures! I especially like the first one! I've always had a thing for planes, although I can't imagine sleeping in one!! I'd love to see the new airbus in person, but I'm guessing airfare from Canada to Singapore isn't included in the giveaway!! What a great prize, though!! Have fun at the airshow!

  11. Please also send me a free flight (return)ticket (first class of course) from Brussels to Singapore hotel (5*) vouchers for a week and of course the tickets !
    Thank you very much in advance !

    (hehehe !)

  12. Black Knight can send me to work tomorrow mah??? zZzz

    I start work tomorrow liow!!! *CRIES*

  13. Kok,
    I'm sure Chris would be surprised to see me. I'll take a photo with him in the Airbus. hehe...

  14. valleygirl,
    Yeah, I want to feel what's it like to sleep in the Airbus! Sorry, I cannot include the airticket from Canada to Singapore in the giveaway. I can fly myself to you if you want! hehe...

  15. gattina,
    Give me your address, I can send you a contest form where the top prizes are air tickets to Singapore, hotel accommodation and free entrances to places of interests in Singapore. It's an annual contest by our Tourism Board.

  16. Poor napaboaniya,
    Must be enjoying your holiday too much to dread going to work.

    How about Zoe Tay's hubby Philip as driver? hehe.....

  17. eastcoastlife,
    haha! I'm sure he will!! Eh, take in Airbus, but...not in the Airbus' private suite eh? hahaha!

  18. Beautiful shots! And please give me a free ticket, lol. Happy WW.

  19. A bit far to come sadly but those are great shots! Happy WW

  20. I LOVE airshows! Unfortunately I only could watch them on TV, never been to a life show :-(
    And Singapore is a little too far to swing by ;-)

    Have a great WW, Tina

  21. looks like fun! too bad i live in another country! :)

  22. To get those shots, you need your own plane! Are you a pilot :D?

    Free tickets please (arm raised high).

  23. I wish I was in Singapore for that air show. Happy WW! :)

  24. Hi there, Nice blog... I wonder if anyone here fishes?


  25. wow!! i would love to be on that plane!!! very cosy! hehehe!

    p.s. how did you know it was my valentine pressie? LOL!

  26. hey if I join do I get free ticket to Singapore too? lol.. looks like a great giveaway you have here! good luck to all winners!!

  27. Great pictures. Looks like one nice plane! Happy WW!

  28. Wow! Great pictures. Thanks for sharing and Happy WW!

  29. what a fun give away!! too bad I am ...far away, lol!

  30. Nice connections you have there and great photos! Happy WW!

  31. WAh....my friend in Singapore searching high and low for it. She is really interested in this.
    Can I direct her to your blog? Well, you can a new reader too mah! Hahahhaha! Aiya....your blog is public anyway.

  32. WOW! I wish I am Singapore now! :) I'd love a freebie too:D

  33. Wow, what a spectacular giveaway! The Singapore Air Show surely looks like a great event worth looking forward to. The photos you shared are great.

    I don't think I can fly to Singapore soon so I won't join the draw/giveaway. Good luck to the participants. Hope someone deserving will win.

    Thanks for your generosity. Take care!

  34. so nice of you to give aways tickets!much that I wanted too but still need a flight tickets,no more excess budget for that...heheheeh

  35. Wow, I should have known this in advance...I want to watch this next year! It's an annual thing right?

  36. Sign me up for SIA's Airbus 380 private suite! But I don't see any seat belts?

    2G's Mom

  37. Wouldn't it make more sense to give the tickets away for free? Publicity is more valuable than the S$17 for the tickets. If you can get one person to purchase a seat from this even, it'd almost pay for itself.

  38. Great shots.Happy WW!
    The giveaway is awesome. I don't have plan to travel anytime soon,so hope someone deserving will win.

  39. wow, I's so love to try out the Airbus 380 private suite! got any tickets for that? ;-)

  40. Nice pictures! I have tried taking some pictures of the flying planes during the NDP preview and it was hard! The planes flew so fast!

    So generous of you! Unfortunately I have ... erm ... airshow phobia. Please don't tell my friends!

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  42. Wonderful display! Free tickets? How generous of you, eastcoast! Happy WW! :)

  43. Hi, Tigerfish refer me to U.
    Yeah, i am interested to go! I have just sent u an email about it also... Not sure whether i still can get ticket?

  44. Nice shots.

    Btw, I tagged you on a meme meant for your son :)

    Come over & take a look.

  45. How have you been?

    Wow, thanks for the offer, but I would have to give all a miss. Hope your readers who gets the ticket would enjoy the Airshow!

  46. I want to fly on that plane!! that looks like fun!

    Stop by my other blog and check out my giveaway! www.theshoppingfund.com

  47. I'll be right over... ! I want to fly/stay in that suite!

    Bronson's Eagle

    Happy WW to you! :D

  48. That looks like a great show to watch...too bad I am so far away!

    The private suite would be amazing! How romanitc!

    Happy WW!
    Stop by if you can:
    I have some great contests up, too!

  49. Haiya!!!!!!! If i knew earlier I would have ask from u early early!! It's one of those events I don't mind going and snap snap snap pictures!

  50. Ha...where can buy the ticket ah?
    I may want go with my friends or they go themselves...thanks ya...

  51. The free tix come with flight from Penang and accomodation or not? hehe...just joking...

  52. wah, that suite is sweet ! hahaha i never knew there could be beds like that in a plane :P

  53. I want free tix, plssssssssssssssss!!! *puppy eyes*

  54. Ok, no more Malaysia Airlines this summer!!! Hahaha *rubs hands gleefully* *wait, I am traveling alone* *drat!!*

  55. Man, sorry I missed the contest. Of course the tickets to Singapore would have been a wallet killer LOL!!!

    Oh well, guess I'll have to be happy with Thunder in The Valley.

    Hey, who in Singapore wants to come to the state of Georgia for an air show American style?