Friday, November 30, 2007

No Chicken Parade in Geylang.........

Roti John

When Malaysian blogger Ehon mentioned that he would be transiting at Singapore Changi Airport on his way home from Adelaide, I invited him to stay the night with us. I don't feel good that he had to sleep on the floor of the cold airport for a night.

Alas... on Wednesday night, I got the dates wrong and wasted the whole evening waiting for him with my family. I had left my cellphone at home and didn't have Ehon's number. So I had to go home and email the gang. Turned out Ehon would be arriving on Thursday night. Bummer.

Vermicelli with Peanut Gravy (Satay Beehoon)

Thursday night, after picking Ehon at the airport, we went to East Coast Lagoon (ECL!!!) Food Village for dinner. It is alfresco dining by the beach. We ordered Roti John, BBQ pork (Satay), Vermicelli with Peanut Gravy (Satay Beehoon), Oyster Omelette and Duck Rice.

BBQ pork (Satay)

There are several popular dishes at this food centre. If you don't know which stall is good, just watch out for the long queues. You can't go wrong when you see people queuing in front of a food stall in Singapore. ^-^

After dinner, we brought Ehon to see the Christmas Light-up, themed “A Fairytale Christmas” this year, at Orchard Road. The stretch of road is transformed into a bewitching Crystal Forest! There are dazzling lights in blue, red, gold and white.

Then Ehon got sick (because of the food?) so we had to go home. No going to Geylang (Red Light District) for the Chicken Parade. awwwww......... two nights in a row, I had to cancel 'call chicken'. We had an early night.

This morning we brought Ehon for a simple breakfast near our house. Jaymes sent Ehon to the airport while I quickly post this and then have to bring my mother-in-law to the doctor.

Thanks Ehon for the Haigh's chocolates! Have a wonderful vacation!


  1. isn't he such a charmer with those chocolates? I got a bag too! LOL! I miss yummy satay...

  2. May,
    You were such a great friend and sista!!! Ehon told me that you took leave from work and also made the preparation - bought the tickets etc- for his visit. You mo tak teng! Hugs

    I'm thinking of visiting you and making yummy satay for you! OK?

  3. Oh no.... No Chicken?!! Dang! I was so waiting too for the Episode!! *ThrowsAStar*

  4. So fun! So 'hou seik'! So 'song'!
    *cries out*

    Haiiii... what's stopping me?
    I also dunno... haiiii...

    Are you heading north soon ah? I mean not so north in Penang but north in KayElle!

  5. So nice.....can I visit you too? I'll bring kiwifruit chocolate...Hehehe

  6. Wah...makes ME want to take leave and go to Singapore and Australia now..

  7. You are very kind. Wow, the food looks good.

    Now, did anyone find out as to why Ehon was sick? Probably too much heat and tiredness. Can't be the food. OR.........after seeing ECL! hehehe.

    Hope your m-i-l is better.

  8. LB,
    sigh.... I was so looking forward to the Geylang Trip. The title of my post was written 2 days before Ehon came,"Chicken Parade in Geylang...." Today I had to add the 'No'.

    *throws LB the unused condoms*

  9. My angel,
    yessss.... yum yum yum ... yau yin....

    COMMMMME to me!!!!

    You free meh!? Then I go north to visit you... hehe....

  10. Doreen,
    Come! You are welcome! No need chocolate. Get on the next flight!

  11. giddy tiger,
    Come lah! Singapore so near only.

    We can plan for a Sydney trip. hehe....

  12. Judy,
    You know you will always be welcome in my house.

    Ehon probably had too much to eat. hehe.... it's not because of me lah! Or else the diners in the whole Food Village would have been sick too.... after seeing me! hahaha.....

    My m-i-l is old and would take longer to heal.....

  13. ahhh... i'm so hungry, after seeing the satay beehoon & satay... :(

  14. xinyun,
    Come to the East, I belanja you makan at the beach!

  15. We lived in the East for most of the time we lived in Singapore. I always loved the large communal meals at the restaurants along the East Coast.

  16. i also wanna visit Spore
    sudah 20 tahun liao..
    hopefully next year

  17. Colin Campbell,
    I love the East of Singapore because

    of the beautiful beach;
    it is near to the airport;
    lots of yummy good food;
    rising potential of properties.

  18. chen,
    20 years no visit Singapore!? Come Come.... must come and contribute to our economy! hehe.....

  19. Wow! I love those pictures of Singapore food!
    Hope your MIL is feeling better?

  20. east meets west kitchen,
    My mil's old, she can't recover as fast as younger people. Just hope it doesn't get worse.

    You will be able to try the yummy food soon! I'm looking forward to meeting the family.....

  21. awwww peanut gravy!! we dont have it in japan. sooo envy!!

  22. that is a very kind of you to forgive Ehon.
    if i were u, i would have screwed him!

  23. Niki-chan,
    Come to Singapore! I bring you for yummy food - food that is not found in Japan!!

    er.... I cannot screw Ehon! He's too young for me..... I probably would get whipped by his gang of bloggers! hahahaha.......

  24. I nvr been to Singapork leh. One day... one day...

  25. That's very kind of you. Hope to go to Singapore some days... Would you take me to some yummy food courts? :P

  26. kyh,
    You have never visited Singapore!? It's so near! Come! Come! See our Christmas Light-up!

  27. windy,
    If you come to Singapore, I'll bring you to all the yummy food stalls! Feed you until you are round round and fat fat! hahaha....

  28. Wah I live in the East too, but long time no visit East Coast Lagoon hawker centre! Always put off by the heavy crowds. I think I need to visit soon though! Wonder if the food is still good after the reno/upgrading.