Thursday, November 22, 2007

Most Cruel 9 Dishes in China (Final)

Donkey Sashimi
Have you eaten fresh donkey meat? Not one that was just slaughtered. The donkey in this dish is still alive when its flesh is sliced off it.... again and again and again........ While the diners are feasting nonchalantly on the exceptionally fresh donkey meat, they can hear the donkey's cries of agony in the background.

Wind-Blown Chicken
This is a Tibetan dish. The chef must be swift in his actions. He removes its feathers quickly, removes the innards, stuffs marinade into the cavity, sews it up and hangs it up to dry. The chicken must still be alive at this stage. Clucking away and like a chime swaying in the cool breeze, it must look amazing.

The poor chicken undergoes a tortuous moment in the hands of the chef. When it looks down and sees that its feathers are gone.... organs are switched, it realises that .... 'I'm finished'. The most scary part is : It's still alive.....

Drunken Prawns
I'm sure many of you have tried this dish. This is the only dish that I had eaten from this notorious list.

Live prawns are placed in a pot of wine. After a while, the prawns are dead drunk from drinking the wine. They are then cooked quickly in boiling stock and served. This dish doesn't sound that cruel.

I don't drink. I'm worried that if I do and get really drunk, would I be treated like the Drunken Prawns.... get cooked and eaten!? OMG!!!

I believe that one day when men are tired of the usual food, they would shift their attention to their own kind. Imagine looking at that delectable sweet young thing smiling at you across the conference table, you swallow your saliva and wonder, "How would she taste like?"

*eerie music starts to play in the background................*


  1. First, they'll force the SYT to eat lots of pineapples before the 'sacrifice'...

  2. My Angel,
    Huh!? Why pineapples?

    *gasp* This is not a dirty post leh!!!

  3. I can think of a few reasons for the pineapples, but since this is not a dirty post, I'll venture to say that the pineapples are there to make sure the SYT are not pregnant..

  4. LB,
    oi.... you two turning my post into a sexciting horror flick ah!?

    *screech* THIS IS NOT A DIRTY POST!!!

    *piak piak angel with wind-blown chicken and force her drink wine.....

    ties LB to a post and advances menancingly towards him with my shiny parang.... two flicks of the parang and LB's clothes fell apart.... revealing snow white flesh..... "How would he taste?"*

  5. like Pak Cham Kai? Maybe.. not sure.. You might have to try some first... *opens*

  6. LB,
    aiyahhhh.... seen in Penang before lah.

    Not as tender and.... Expired. But as Angel would have said, "still can use." hahaha......

  7. pineapple.. someone wrote that if u eat pineapple, u'll smell good. forgot who.. what is SYT?!

    There's a tribe in er.. I think Papua New Guinea who eats human's brain.. Then they get disease from it and all die. Then they were educated that humans cannot eat humans. It's part of our curriculum!

  8. The first 2 are damn sick. Humans humans!

    You wanna see how humans eat their own kind? Watch those zombies movies... :P

  9. Is this what it means when someone is 'past their sell-by date'?

  10. Well, Have never ever tried one of these dishes. What about Monkey Brains?

    What we eat, some places here, is another story....

  11. I'm sick. This is awful. Puke... It's indeed cruel. Have a great WW. :)

  12. errr, who is SYT ah?

    poor prawns. at least they got a good drink before kickin' the bucket! with pineapples, of course.

  13. I can't eat donkey meat then.. it will haunt me.. for the rest of my life. i'm a real wuss .. as you know by now.. muahahha!!

  14. actually, the prawn thing also I have experienced, but it was a korean thing.

    i cudn't look at it in the eye la...

    i made my hub eat first la..

    sigh..i don't know what's inhumane eat alive animals or eat dead animals...still the same thing isnt' it?

    But i still like my frogs la. WAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAAKAKAKAKAKA!

  15. Eh that day my blogger fren sent one video. Badger kena whack and skinned alive. Pengsan watching that video. so nice ka torture animals like dat..

  16. Of all, drunken prawn is the least cruel and the only dish I would eat. All others, I say, pass!

  17. sometimes i really love to try those kind of dish, whoohoo!

  18. after reading abt these dishes...i feel like puking!! sigh! sometimes i wish i could be a vegetarian for real! but i cant! i love mcD!

  19. Did you not read about an article about men in china drinking herbal soup made with "dead fetus"? Apparently, it increases the virility????? There were pictures shown in the article too. I nearly vomitted!!11

  20. I think the only one I found that is not too cruel is to cook prawns. I remember my mom bought some live prawns and poured them into a pot of hot water. I saw a few jumping before the lid was closed. I was stunned at first, but then - fresh prawns later, too bad!

  21. so cruel wan...

    btw, i haven't try the drunken prawns yet leh.

  22. This is so off. I have heard of monkey brains being eaten while the monkey is alive.

    Prawns I have had and I have cooked live lobster myself but my English girlfriend was too polite to say I was cruel. :)

  23. I was wondering why you don't drink - now I know :-) and I bet you taste sweet anyway LoL

    Wish you a wonderful end to your week.

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    Best Regards, & Happy Friday!

  25. awww how cruel cruel cruel!
    im gonna have a nightmareeee *tear*
    but drunken prawn sounds good :P

  26. I'm so glad I am a vegetarian. Treating animals like that is horrendous. Very upsetting. Who invented these recipes? Hannibal Lecter?