Thursday, November 15, 2007

Committing suicide will not solve problems.....

I rolled up my shelves and stood up.... Ahhhhh... the shark's fin soup had arrived. So I scooped them into the bowls provided. Huh? What were you people thinking? That I would be so violent and unreasonable and go around beating up people! Noooooo.

I was Iwan's guardian for 3 years when he was studying in Singapore. After his secondary education, he went to Australia to continue his studies. He returned to Singapore last year. His family who has businesses in property development and banking in Jakarta, has an apartment in Orchard Road.

Well, being young, wealthy and single, Iwan was having a wonderful time in Singapore. As a teenager, he was already changing girlfriends like the clothes on his back. So I'm not surprised he got himself into such trouble.

What he didn't expect was, as the Chinese saying goes 'Go up the mountain too often and you will meet a tiger'(上得山多终遇虎), he would meet a tough (li hai 厉害) family.

According to Iwan, he met the girl at a pub. She was a waitress there. Young and very beautiful. He brought her home one night and continued seeing each other after that. She moved in with him 2 weeks later and quitted her job. Any one who have filthy rich friends would know their lifestyles. Money is like tissue paper to them.

The girl who has lived in a 3-room HDB flat all her life was living the life of the rich and famous in a multi million-dollar apartment, had maids at her beck and call and was being driven around in a Mercedes. She got to dine and party at the hippest places in Singapore and Iwan bought her lots of branded stuff. She thought she would become the mistress of the house. All this while, Iwan was still his usual self, partying and chasing girls. In 5 months, everything was over.

She was asked to leave when she had a fight with Iwan on his philandering ways. Then her parents confronted Iwan and wanted him to marry her when they found out their daughter was pregnant. They gave him such a hard time, Iwan called his parents for help. His father would have nothing to do with it and so his Mom had to come settle for him.

Iwan's Mom called me for help and I wasn't told the details until after the meeting. Iwan isn't in love and is not ready to get married. His father will never agree to this marriage. The girl and her family were harbouring too much hope.

Threats were made by the girl's parents after Iwan refused to marry their daughter. The next day, the girl tried to slit her wrist in Iwan's presence. She's fine, it was not a deep cut. It's going to be a messy affair if the girl and her parents don't know when to stop.

Who is right? Who is wrong? It's not for us to judge. Such things are happening every where each day.

Yeah... it's time for the moral of the story :

Don't be greedy. Be contented with what you have.

If you were meant to be rich, you will be. Some people work hard but remain poor all their life. Some people has never ever worked a day of their life and they are filthy rich.

Always prepare your own condoms, never depend on the other party to do it. And check the expiry date of the condoms.


  1. LOL!!! Yes, always be prepared! Expired Condoms are ONLY for DISPLAY purposes!!!

  2. Wah..I waited for this part 2..until saliva dripping everywhere!

    All I can say, is... poor girl. Next time, pls don't try to trap rich bf by getting pregnant..he still will fool around even if he was married to you.

    Ala...I thot u gonna beat small ppl up.....Coz if I encounter such 'mothers' when my boys sudah besar... I sure call you!!!! WAKAKAKAAKAKAK!

  3. One day, LB will ask you to help him.......... haha...

    LB, throw away the expired ones!!!

  4. lb,
    You display expired condoms? Must be quite unique ones ah. er.... used before ones anot?

  5. mott,
    Rich or not some men would still fool around.

    I'm very prepared and looking forward for my son's wedding negotiation leh. hahaha.....

    All the guys out there must be very thankful I have no daughters! hehe....

  6. My angel,
    LB!? No lah! He doesn't need my help at all, he can handle 48 concubines by himself!

    Poor LB, buy condoms but no chance to use ah. wakakaka.....

  7. You're so right. Scout's Motto: Be prepared. Is there a Part 3 to your story? How was the sharks' fin, etc? :P

  8. Yeah, safe sex! safe sex!

    Dunno if I should "ke lian" the gal or not? Forgive me to say this but she asked for it. She has "gain" enough from the boy, and yet still want to grab the whole mountain? Too greedy lah!

  9. Ahhh..!! donch know what to say about folks like that lah.. :(

  10. giddy tiger,
    Wah! The best part of this kaypoh work is the meal! At S$128+++ a bowl, the shark's fin soup was delicious! Oops.... dun chide me. I didn't order it. I have to eat or else it would be wasted, right? Order already leh.

    No part 3. Enuf said. I dun want to comment after the girl commit suicide.

  11. Doreen,
    Under such circumstances, who wouldn't want to hang on to such a fat golden goose!? Sometimes some people are sick of money no enough 穷怕了!:P

  12. mama bok,
    One type of rice feed hundred types of people. :)

  13. A sad and funny story. ECL I have to hand it to you. You have got this storytelling thing down very well.

  14. 879that girl just wanna marry his money!

    seems to me that the girl and the parents are the same kind, threat irwan and his family like apot of gold only!

    so the shark fin good? HAHA.....

  15. I hope the name is a pseudonym? If it is not, it can be a scary thing to know you and have real names published. *winks*

    I guess it is part of my occupational hazard. Although the male party should take responsibility for his actions, I don't not know if it would be a wise decision for him to take responsibility by marrying the girl if he is not even committed to the relationship. I fear that may mean a start of more problems, and my worry is for his child-to-be-born.

  16. and even if the condom is not expired, it might pecah and bocoh too!! :P

  17. die. i work so hard and yet so poor. means i will forever be poor ah? *prepares to slit wrist* :P

  18. I already say lah... PURPOSELY GET PREGNANT to trap him one lah. "Chor hee oo thaang kua" (movie also can watch) ...

    Even if he doesn't marry her, she also cannot do anything what. I am sorry lah.. but I don't pity such women lor. "kah kee gia lai" one. Even if she commit suicide also she "kah kee gia lai" one... Cannot be taken 'hostage' by this kind of threat lah. He will be GRABBED BY HIS BALLS ALL HIS LIFE...

    I was telling my son about birds and bees, and then also added.."not to spoil his life by getting a girl pregnant". Heee hee..he was okay all the while until this part where he got confused!!! hahahaa

  19. If they end up not getting married, I wud count the girl and Iwan as lucky because the heartache that follows a loveless marriage is not something to look forward to. More over to bring a child into the world where both parents are not ready wud be disasterous indeed. Poor kid.

  20. I can imagine people about to make love checking condoms for a best before date!

    Don't forget, the Enterprise Christmas Party Invite is now up!

  21. i knew it! i knew lb will be super sexcited to see the last sentence!! lol!

    suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem as i tell people. :) i talk to suicidal people almost everyday as a youth ambassador.

    i guess for every lesson learned, there comes a price and iwan had paid a huge one.

  22. The girl's parent must be deluded, to think that the girl will have a good life, if she ever got married to him

  23. ah...

    marriage without love and to someone who isn't willing to settle down = DOOM

    like you've said, better to have condoms. it's always cheaper than getting married and then going thru divorce.

  24. the boy and the girl also wrong. one likes to flaunt his wealth, the other is silly enough to believe in fairy tale..

  25. semua wrong la. Semua wrong.the girl stupid and the guy also stupid. Let them be la. They will find the way someday, sometime.

  26. Definately.. treasure our life !
    Prevention is a must !

  27. You are right... This things happen everywhere....

    Even if they do get married, I don't think it will last...

  28. suspend story, I thought you would stand up and argue with the girl's parents. Don't think you will beat them.

    I guess the girl thought that by getting pregnant, she can trap the guy. Very very wrong.

    The most innocent one is the baby in the womb.

  29. what i can say is both r stupid. both shud take this as a painful lesson.

  30. Hmmm, sounds like someone I knew. Hehe.

    Anyway, that's the thing about some men. Their eyes just can't look straight. Esp if they got lotsa money. Sigh ..

  31. Ha, I see. It seems she just wants the money and don't care how far she has to go. He deserves to have some hassle like that.

    The thing about marriage, I don't agree that one should get marry when s/he is young...

  32. You know, I had to make a cup of coffee as soon as I know I was coming here to read the 2nd part of the story.

    Wahliow, kopi also not finished, the story finished liow. Wah, like Chinese movies.

    And hor, why also must mention condoms in the moral one ah?

    Got some more love/hate/sad stories or not?

  33. who is the father of baby??
    maybe not Iwan!
    in the meanwhile, i feel sorry for the girl :(
    but she will be okay on receipt of million dollars, right?

  34. Committing suicide won't solve problems, you are right. Just bring the child to this world lor. I am sure if the DNA matches, the baby will probably have unlimited fund till he or she grows up.

  35. aiyooo, see? play with fire summore... or worse, play with batang summore! hope their problems get resolved without sacrificing any lives...

  36. Hehe, Yeah Mommy I haven't got a job yet.

    But I will continue to look for one to spend my long holidays before I start my Polytechnic Life.

    I want to put my time to good use during these holidays or I will feel so useless. Haha!

    Yeah, I do admit I grow up quite a lot as I get older, as in my thinking, mentality and I really change quite a lot! Not anymore that little young rascal! ((: