Monday, September 10, 2007

Could you not bathe for 2 months?

Many things happened when I was rendered immobile and confined to my bedroom due to an accident. I couldn't visit my wards nor any one during the 6 weeks I was an invalid. Now, when I went on my rounds, I have problems the size of Mount Fuji.

Some of my foreign students played truant and were not attending school. One young man promptly declared himself on holiday when he learnt that I was not able to check on him physically for a month. He missed lessons for almost 2 months!

What was he doing all this time? He locked himself in his room, playing computer games! He stocked up on biscuits, mineral water, potato chips and a carton of canned coffee. When he got tired, he slept. His waking time was spent on scoring points and attaining higher levels in his online games.

One gross thing that I couldn't stomach : He didn't bathe nor brush his teeth for that whole 2 months! He didn't change his clothes too. OMG! Can you imagine the stench and filth when I walked into his room! I almost fainted.

This 21-year old young man is going to take over his parents' multi-billion dollar business one day and he couldn't even take care of himself! He is too addicted to his computer games. sigh.....

Nobody missed him, not even his parents. His lecturers and classmates didn't notice his absence. The hostel staff didn't notice that he hadn't step out of his room for a long time. What a cold and uncaring world we are living in!


  1. I thought this young man will be in his adolescence,,, But it is Scary to learn that he is 21 and was not missed by anyone around him for this period.. You must be able to reform him - soon.

  2. Kalidas,
    I hope so. His school and parents didn't look like they had taught him anything for the past 21 years. :(

  3. So sad. I cant even not bathe for a day, much less a week - but 2 months!! I guess they got their priorities all wrong. The parents need to do something about it, or their multi billion empire will soon be lost, like it or not. Touch wood!

  4. stay-at-home mum,
    Our hot and humid weather doesn't help at all. yucks.

    sigh... I don't know why couples have children when they don't want to spend time with them, guide them, teach them. This boy was practically brought up by a team of maids!

  5. That's so gross! Not bathing and brushing for 2 months and how he live through it??

  6. Two whole months? Unbelievable! Is this is downfall of technology?

  7. what did he do with his dapian, xiaopian? Or got his personal toilet one?

  8. My god, no bathing and brushing teeth in 2 months!! What was he thinking. I couldn't even tahan a person not bathing in one day, even. 2 months? *faint*

    This young man should get his act together knowing he is the future of his family business.

  9. eastcoastlife,
    That's bad, real bad! How could someone not taking a shower for 2 months?!?! I know one of my friends didn't bathe for 3 or 4 days and we are already like, "HAH?". This one 2 month! Wahlao!

    21 years old still don't know how to think. I think he has to really learn something now...

  10. cannot imagine that..
    any kulat or mushroom or moss fluorishing?

  11. that's absolutely insane!! wad the hell?! that's wayy too much. it's an addiction.

  12. mamatang,
    It seems he is used to it. His Mom said that he is afraid of water, so he doesn't like to wash himself. That is so lame!

  13. giddy tiger,
    I almost fainted the moment his door was opened. From the awful smell!

  14. lbandit,
    He uses the common toilet. And because he didn't eat and drink much, he doesn't use the toilet often. sigh.....

  15. Doreen,
    I really dunno what he's thinking. He doesn't like to study, doesn't like to eat, doesn't like to wash up..... all he does everyday is to play online games.

    I doubt he's going to be of help to his family. Well, with his wealth, he can play online games until he dies at the age of 120!

  16. Kok,
    Yes, people I spoke to expressed shock at this young man's lack of hygiene. They couldn't believe it.

    I think it is a type of sickness. I couldn't possibly tell his Mom to send him to see a psychiatrist. She thinks he is alright, he has a fear of water. Gosh. I think that is his excuse for not washing up. It's plain laziness and bo chap .

  17. chen,
    I dunno got mould or mushroom growing from any part of his body anot. I cannot even tahan standing near him. I want to vomit.

    I wanted to take a photo of him and his room to show his Mom but he shoved me out and slammed the door on me. I'm getting my male staff to clean him up.

  18. ehon,
    Yes it is. See how bad a youngster can be if left to his own with only a laptop! It's very hard to get him away from his online gaming. If his parents don't care, there's nothing I could do.

  19. Oh my, I hope someone is getting him some help! Although if his parents didn't miss him for 2 months, I'd guess they're probably not even acknowledging he has a problem. That's so sad...

  20. eastcoastlife,
    That's not a good reason for that. Fear of water then no need to bathe? Does he drink water? If yes, means, he's not scare of water!

    I think he's one spoilt kid or maybe, his parents don't teach him well. Only know how to earn money but don't spend enough time with the kid.

  21. Eastcoastlife: When I read that your ward locked himself, and only eat, sleep and play computer games for almost 2 months, I have a sense that he may have some addiction issues already.

    If necessary, would it be helpful for he to consider some medical attention to see if he could have addiction?

    Hopefully he learns to make better use of his talents than to spend all his life indulging on computer games. Not only would he waste his talents if he do so, I fear that he would one day bring downfall to the business and affect the many unsung heroes who have slogged to make his parents' multi-billion dollars biz possible.

  22. deb - mom of 3,
    His parents are refusing to believe that he has a problem. I had talked to them countless times and yet every time, they gave excuses. I cannot do anything if they choose to be ostriches.

  23. Kok,
    You hit the nail on the head!

    This is one spoilt big kid.... he's 21 for goodness sake! He lives in a world of his own. He doesn't listen, he does what he wants. Nobody cares because he won't response even if you talk to him. He has lots of money, so nobody dares to offend him.

    He has his parents to take care of everything for him now, but I wonder what will happen to him in the future. His wealth might be taken from under his nose.

  24. oceanskies,
    I noticed he has problems when he stayed with me for a month. He was already spending a lot of his time on the internet. I limited his use of broadband by switching it off at 10pm every night. But then he would play CD games until daybreak.

    I spoke to his parents. Feeling embarrassed, they moved their son to a hostel. I still monitor him and has been faithfully reporting to his parents but they just don't believe their son has a problem. They think he is young, immature and is just playful. What more can I say?

    If they don't want help, nobody can help them. It is very sad.

  25. Waaa this man is still survivng ah?? Alamak... so dirty 2mths no bath??? U asked me one day no bath I also wanna die lor!!

  26. Hmmmm....I think we could use him as a lab animal and do a thesis on 'The absence of ECL and the effects on students'. LOL

    Sorry have not been dropping over as often as I would love to.
    Too busy with work these days.

  27. How awful - must have been like a chock to see and smell!

    Your so right; the world is not the same as in the old times :-)

  28. sometime back there was a similar case of a guy who didn't want to move away from his computer. the police and psychiatrist were called in to move him physically. he was not even aware of their presence then.
    yes, your ward definitely has a problem. sad.

  29. Eeeeewwwkkk..!! 2 months...!!! i can't stand without a shower for 2 days..!!!

  30. Missed school for 2 months? Goodness... didn't the school do anything? In the past even missing school for a week and I start receiving warning letters that I will fail the attendance criteria.

    There's a very logical explanation to being addicted to computer games. Especially when he is sorta left out of everyone's life, it seems a little easier for him to communicate and make friends over the internet, in his case - games.

    No shower for 2 months, I'll blardy soak him in bleach 24hrs! LOL!

  31. contact the parents, and send him to a third world country to work on some non-profit project for 2 weeks, like building schools.

    that will put his life into perspective.

  32. He makes my son look like a very special angel. Hahaha.
    At 21 you think he could at least wash himself and brush his teeth?? Eeewwww....the stench in his room must be bad.
    Who needs a ward to care for someone 21? Puzzled!

  33. 2 months playing computer games? waahhhhh... incidentally, I know of someone who did that too, and the mom had to bring up food for him... I think! but that guy had some problems also lah...

  34. Addiction to internet can be similar to addiction to smoking, drugs and so forth. I read that the person would think of internet even he eats, sleeps or do other things. Often it comes with withdrawal symptoms. Willpower and increased maturity with age will NOT be sufficient for someone to quit an addiction.

    I suspect he could have an underlying cause to his behaviours. Is he missing home, or his friends in his hometown, or is he being made to study a subject that he hates? Of course, there could be many other reasons why one seeks company in the internet.

    Maybe if the underlying cause can be identified, this young man may realise that playing the internet for hours isn't what he wants to do, and he could seek help earlier?

  35. wennnn,
    yalor. 2 months no bathing. I bathe twice a day. In this hot weather in Singapore, can die mann.

  36. cocka,
    Busy chasing chickens! Mating season? ngak ngak ngak....

    You can have him for your lab test. :)

  37. Captain Picard,
    hahaha.... isn't it fun to have Zombie hugs and fights?

  38. renny,
    Yes, I feel so sad for the young people. Every day they just want to play with the cold electronic gadgets and machines. They are spending less time outdoors smelling the roses and taking in fresh air. Unhealthy lifestyle - mentally and physically.

  39. misti,
    I think my ward's problem getting more serious. I doubt he can complete his studies if he continue to behave this way.

    His parents have to do something before they lose him.

  40. Ed,
    He paid one of his classmates to mark his attendance in school.

    In fact there are many foreign students who skipped classes to work and yet the schools aren't aware or simply don't bother. As long as the students pay their fees, the school don't interfere in what they do. It's giving Singapore a bad name and creating social problems.

    The authorities aren't bothered, they just want to achieve their target of 150,000 foreign students.

  41. Captain Crunch,
    His parents were informed and they know the problems but they are not doing anything about it. They dismissed it as a phase of growing up. sigh....

  42. Judy,
    Oh yes, your son is an angel compared to some of my wards.

    I was told people don't bathe during winter, but that's because they don't perspire. The Singapore weather is hot and humid and one's skin gets sticky and oily after a day. You can imagine the stench.

  43. May,
    I can't believe the parents of such kids actually indulged them. It's not doing any good for their kids. It's a sickness. Don't they see it is abnormal. I cannot tahan.

  44. oceanskies,
    You are so right on this young man's addiction.

    He comes from a wealthy family, no worries about money, he has not a care in this world. His parents are busy making more money so they don't bother what he does as long as he's not giving them trouble.

    His parents and I would call him to check if he has eaten, does he need anything else. He doesn't talk much and sometimes he doesn't answert my calls. I handle all his bills and what-nots in Singapore.

    He doesn't miss home nor his parents. He doesn't socialise with anyone. He doesn't like to go out. That's why he can live for months in solitary.

    His parents would never accept that he needs to see a pychiatrist or a doctor for his addiction.

  45. I'm not too concern about the fact that nobody noticed his absence but the fact that he could STAND being filthy for TWO MONTHS really makes me wonder whether he should be sent for evaluation. LOL.

  46. I did a study on computer games for one of my projects and it seems that there are a lot of people like him.

    Although, some people deny that games cannot lead to addiction, I still opinionate that it can and there are proves all around.

    I think your ward needs to seek professional help otherwise his life will go down into drains. Or if he likes game so much, why not ask him to study game design.

    Tsk tsk, you really have a tough job looking after all these kids.

  47. immomsdaughter,
    That's something I don't understand too. He was smelling so so bad and his room and clothes.... oh my. Yet he appears oblivious to his surroundings.

    This is my worry. If he's normal, he wouldn't have such a weird behaviour.

    No parent would want to hear that their child is sick, so my job now is to convince his parents to send him for an evaluation.

  48. lilMrsT,
    This boy is not my first and only computer-addicted youngster. I have many. Almost all the boys who came to me had such a problem. This young man is the extreme, so far.

    Online gaming is addicting. Nobody should deny that. I hope all parents would be tough on their children using the computer.

    The boys and even some girls get so addicted, they eat, sleep, think about the games all the time. They cannot concentrate on their studies or jobs. They would lie and cheat to get to their computers, neglecting everything else. They don't have a life. They don't know how to socialise and communicate with real human beings. Their eyes looked glazed and they are like zombies.

    My ward likes to play online games, he doesn't like to design or create games. He's taking a Business Management course to help out in his family business.

    I have a really tough job looking after people's kids and it is a thankless job. I get blamed for everything. :(

  49. Maybe he was hoping that they at least would notice the stank...???

    Uh, horrible story!!!!

  50. Captain Lifecruiser,
    He didn't want people to pay attention to him. The more inconspicuous he is, the better.

    He just wants to be left alone to play.

  51. That is sad. The longest I ever went without a bath was one week. That was when I was in the army and there was no where to take a bath. Boy when I finally got to take one it felt so good.

    What game is he playing? Maybe I know him. kekeke