Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whoopeee! Out of the house, but ......

Finally, I was able to get out of my bedroom after almost 2 weeks of being cooped up in it. Yeah!!! Although it was just for lunch and marketing at the supermarket, it was no small feat for an invalid. hehe...

My boys had to helped me down the stairs. It was slow and we had to be extra careful. We don't want any more accidents even though we had increased our Personal Accident Policies. :) The boys were sweating profusely by the time I got into the car. It seems like I had added on a few kilos. duh.

We had lunch at the mega Ikea Tampines, that was built at a cost of S$125 million and the first one to open under the Warehouse Retail Scheme. The restaurant was packed with lunch crowds. We ordered its famed Swedish meatballs, Poached Salmon and deep-fried chicken wings. *burp*
Ikea Restaurant has handy trolleys like this to carry our food.

At 50m apart is lifestyle store Courts (cost S$80 million to build). Giant Supermarket, occupying 139,000 sq ft, joined its mega-store neighbours as the largest hypermarket at this warehouse cluster site. There are shuttle bus services plying from Tampines MRT station. All these stores offer easy, one-stop shopping.

It wasn't easy for this handicapped to shop at crowded stores. I couldn't read nor reach the products on the high shelves in Giant without help. I also wonder why some shoppers like to chat along the aisles or stand in front of displays, blocking others from doing their chores. Heck!

And the kids. OMG! Why do their parents leave them with the trolleys? They were pushing it around recklessly, oblivious of the shoppers and displays. Some were left to play 'police and thief' among themselves. They are a hazard to us serious shoppers.

Contrary to what I thought all my life, sitting in a wheelchair doesn't earn you special privileges nor compassion from able people. They rushed for seats at the crowded Ikea restaurant despite seeing a person in wheelchair waiting beside it. I couldn't possibly be faster than them in plonking themselves down on the empty seats. They rushed for the lift and worst, they took the lift for the handicapped. And nobody bothered to press the 'OPEN' button to wait for me, they just watched as the door closed in my bewildered face. I'm appalled.

Am I expecting too much?


  1. Now you start to look at things from the other side ^-^

    It sure looks different.

  2. yenjai,
    Yes, it is so different. Gosh. It isn't easy for the disabled to move around, among the largely able population. :(

  3. People standing at the wrong place (e.g. aisles) is to annoy other shoppers (whether you are disabled or not); children running around the shop is because they have useless parents... I never really like to do the food shopping partly because of those people. Another reason is: the supermarket I usually go doesn't seem to have enough workers to work at the tills - I have to wait for a long time before being serve! *sigh*

  4. windy,
    I see such people often at supermarkets, but I was able then. I just pushed past them if they refused to budge even after politely requesting them to let me pass. But I'm irked that they wouldn't even budge for the disabled who are defenceless.

    What a terrible world we are living in!

  5. Really kiasu hor they all... tsk tsk tsk... so sorry to know u had to endure those sh*t... hugs!

  6. Why do you need to queue up for table and seats? D-I-Y furniture are all over Ikea. Just get your son to assemble a table and wallah!!!..there you go. LOL

  7. Maybe people don't know how to respond to people using wheelchair. There isn't any accessible information on this, if we were to think carefully.

  8. My angel,
    haiz... I also dunno if I'm expecting too much.

    But I have never treated the disabled, elderly or the young this way. And I will not change either. They need more caring people in their lives.

    Thanks for your hugs. ^-^

  9. Cocka,
    The tables and chairs in the restaurant were DIY ones wor. hehe...

    There wasn't even much space for me to move my wheelchair around without knocking into people and furniture! ish.

  10. Glad to see you up and about.. :) to be honest.. i was getting quite worried about you ..! Yah.. it suxs.. when ppl are so inconsiderate..!! i hate that..!! that's why i never go anywhere without PB .. when i'm with the brat..!! coz' ppl donch give a damn .. even if you have a small kid with you. And for your info.. i'm proud to say.. that my brat do not play in the mall.. coz' she is taught.. that the mall ain't our store.. so she can't do that to ppl's store... because that ain't very nice.. ;)

  11. oceanskies,
    aiyooooo.... this is common sense. Liddat also need to teach or need to display info on how to respond to people in wheelchair - OMG!

  12. mamabok,
    Sorry for getting you so worried and I also apologize to my other friends.

    I'm sure Chloe is very disciplined :). Mummy is strict with her. hehe....

    I wish more parents would take their kids in hand.....

  13. Hmmm I was at Tampines Ikea on Monday, eating at the same packed restaurant and using the same trolley.

    Not close enough to bump into you I guess.

  14. eastcoastlife,
    You should come to Perth or any part of the Australia. Here, disabled has more privilege than the more healthy people. ;)

  15. Actually, to be helpful, sometimes one needs to learn the right way.

    Do you know that if you want to guide a visually handicapped person, the safest way is not to hold him, but to let him or her hold you at somewhere near the elbow area?

    Well, what you say is valid too. We live in a fast-paced society and strangely, needing more chance to practice compassion.

  16. Miss loi,
    hehehe.... Monday (30/7/07) and today (5/8/07), that's not too close for us to bump into each other. ^-^

    Would love to meet you though.

  17. Kok,
    Yeah, I should go over for a holiday. :)

  18. oceanskies,
    There are certain things that we have to learn, like the example you gave of helping the blind, but there are things that are simply common sense.

    You see many students and NS boys in uniform, sitting on the seats of our public transport, reserved for the elderly and needy. And they pretend to sleep or ignore the unsteady elderly standing in front of them. There are signs telling them to give their seats to the needy and yet they choose to behave this way.

    Did they not learn Civics and Moral Education in schools? Didn't their elders teach them? Didn't the papers publish articles on this? So why are they behaving this way? It's sad.

  19. Sigh ...this is the ugly side of SG. Either they're rushing, elbowing people out of the way, or blissfully inconsiderate, disabled (pregnant or old for that matter), our people can't give a hoot! So established, so affluent but so sickening.

    Our poor government has not succeeded very much with their gracious society pitch huh.

    The old, elderly, handicapped, pregnant and those with small kids are all given special consideration here in AU.

    Why is it so hard for us to be like that?

  20. No, you are not expecting too much. Singaporeans have lost their chilvary . :P Some Singaporeans lah...aiyoh, I nearly got smack on the head!

    I think people are becoming very selfish, as the Cantonese saying goes 'Kiki koo kiki'.

    In UK, you will be helped and you will have access to things first. Some customers will even help you open doors.

  21. you're out of the house, yay! such a different view when we're in someone else's shoes (wheelchair), hor? happy Monday!

  22. ECL

    Out of the house and eating a good meal! Yes!

    SALMON is good for you!

    Have a fine SINGAPORE day.

    v/r tlrb

  23. i've always disliked the way a lot of places are designed to be not disabled friendly in asia. but i think it's good now that u have a first hand experience. :D i mean, u know, just another experience and thing to ponder on. i hope i don give u the wrong idea!! :P

    hehehehehehe. anyway, have a good weeeek, eastcoastlife!!!!!! :D SMILE!

  24. chivalry is a thing of the past for a fast paced country like yours :)

    make sure you keep your foot close to you, just so they won't kick it out of their way!

  25. HA HA... I'm just so surprised you had the guts to go out and do grocery shopping on a weekend!!! Even tho I'm able..I'd never ever do it. It's a mad mad mad world out there on weekends!!!

  26. No, you're not expecting too much. I would be annoying too if I were in your shoes. May be they're just kiasu lah. Anyway, it's good to see your speedy recovery. *hugs*

  27. Bunny Beth,
    Yahooooo! You're back!

    Oh no! I'm shocked to hear that you were stalked and threatened. I hope you're alright. Take care.

  28. Jas,
    haiz.... dunno why Singaporeans are like that. It's not like they are uneducated, even the highly educated are getting worse.

    We are far away from being a gracious society.

  29. hehehe.... Judy, you'll be flamed for saying that.

    You're so right, everyone's taking care of their interests first. And it makes their children and others follow. So the problem snowballs.....

    How's the foot and mouth disease over in UK?

  30. May,
    Yes, I went out for a while. It was no fun. blah! And I was so looking forward to it.

    Another new week! :)

  31. tlrb,
    Thanks. I did enjoy my meal and the fresh air.

    Great day today!

  32. ehon,
    You're right there are many user-unfriendly places for the disabled in Asia. What we able people take for granted, it is really unconvenient and tough for them. It's a good experience for me.

    Thanks for cheering me up! ^-^

  33. sweetpea,
    Yup, chivalry is passe. hehehe... I'll keep my foot out of their way. ^-^

  34. mott,
    Ya, I know. It's only on Sundays that hubby's not working and the kids don't have to go to school that I get help to go out.

    I have offers from friends but I don't like to impose on them. I'm handicapped now and it is really very inconvenient when I go out.

  35. Woah! I did not know there's another Ikea in Tampines! So shiok lar! One island with 2 Ikea stores!

    Btw, I've tagged you last week but I've forgotten to inform you... hehehe

  36. Lucky you able to secure seats at Ikea there on weekends? I went there so many times always cant managed to get any seats. So far, I only get to dine on a weeekday for dinne :) :)

  37. angeleyes,
    aiyoooo... so forgetful lah you! :)

    I love to look at Ikea's displays. I like their food - Swedish Meatballs and Poched Salmon! :)

    I hate the crowds! grrrr....

  38. Janice,
    We waited quite long for a table. Have to rush for it sum more. Nobody gives chance wan, even to an invalid.

    I think I should go on a weekday too.

  39. Doreen,
    Thanks. *Hugs*

    When I'm better, I'm gonna kick butts! hehehe....

  40. most people here are just selfish and inconsiderate. we are not gracious people. shameful. but seeing the environment we are in, there's more to why we behave this way.

  41. Misti,
    You're right. Most people here are not gracious, it's hard not to behave like them after a while. There's so much meanness passing around.

    How's your phlegmy chest?

  42. Finally you get some fresh air out there. That's good.

    Alot of Singaporeans love to complain but they can't point the finger back at themselves. While our govt are trying to make life easier for disabled/aged folks with ramps and such, I see idiots at my end reversing their car boot onto the ramp and park there for hours. The poor fellow on wheelchair had to be rolled down the stairs step by step.

  43. Ed,
    Yesterday, I had a similar experience. I had to be wheeled a longer distance and helped down the steps because cars were parked right in front of the exit.

    Many drivers and their passengers were loading groceries into their cars. There was a lot specially reserved for the handicapped to alight or board their vehicle but it was taken up.

    The lone security guard couldn't do anything because he got scolded for not allowing the driver to park.

  44. Too much to expect decency. What a shame. We were at the Chinese grocery and all these little girls were playing with the crabs. It is no wonder most of them are dead. Aiyah!

  45. Isn't it good to be in the (handicap) shoes for a day? To feel how they feel when society neglect them. Eh, borrow me your wheel chair. I wanna try out too.

  46. Simple American,
    I wish the parents would take their kids in hand. There are too many indulgent parents.

  47. Singapore is not handicapped-friendly city. Pavements, malls, public transport etc.....all is not. You were not expecting too much as a "handicapped".

  48. Singapore is not a handicapped friendly city, for sure. Sigh....

  49. HijackQueen,
    Yes, it is good to be in the shoes of the handicapped for a day. I experience the inconvenience, the frustrations and how user-unfriendly the living environment is for the disabled.

    Of course you can borrow my wheelchair.

  50. tigerfish,
    The government tried to do more but I think they take into consideration the costs of constructing such features and the number of people using them. In the end, dollars and cents rule.