Friday, August 03, 2007

Me? Loser with a Capital 'L' !?

I thought my 2-week sick leave was about to end when another medical problem surfaced on Wednesday afternoon. I had to spend a few hours visiting doctors and the hospital. Looks like I have to 'hibernate' for quite some time. duh.

A good friend who came a visiting, told me that I was really suay (unlucky) and that I have a kiam chye mia (loser's life). Do I?

I have been working very hard on my new projects these few months. It hit a snag with the local government officials of a certain country. I was to dine and fill their pockets - again.

Subsequently, I decided to have a short orgy holiday trip before plunging into my work again. Less than 10 minutes of getting my hotel room key, I tumbled and spent my holiday, with a broken heart *sob sob*, cooped up in a hotel room. ish.

Good things happened though. I gained some great friendship - real life and virtual. Enjoyed some yummy delicacies. Met up with friends and relatives whom I haven't seen for some time. My bad, I was too busy. Had a long and wonderful rest.... and a small fortune. hehehe.....

Throughout my ordeal of the past two weeks, I remained optimistic and high-spirited. I'm broken in body, not in spirit. Well, I think I'm a good example of 'when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.' hehehe....


  1. East Coast Life

    Wait a minute now, there is nothing bad with Lemonade. Lemons are good for your body. A lemon a day, keep the doctor away! Have a fine SINGAPORE day!

    v/r tlrb

  2. tlrb,
    Yeah, I know that. Lots of Vitamin C. Good for my body. :)

  3. I read from Jaymes's blog that you are unwell.. no..??
    Hope you feel better.. ECL..! health is most important..!

  4. Dearest eastcoastlife,

    A loser you are NOT! To me, you are a Winner (despite the 'fall' so to speak). I'm truly motivated by your spirits... seriously :)

    Here's wishing you a Speedy Gonzales Recovery! So that can kick more @$$!


  5. Aiyo, what happened again? Hope you recover fast and soon. Maybe you worked too hard liow (eat too many lemons) so now you need to have something sweet...durians (so the "tough" gets goin' again?)

  6. mamabok,
    Ahhh... that big mouth! He shall be banned from blogging!

    Thanks for your concern. I'm fine. :)

  7. My Angel,
    awwww..... you're always so sweet to me! muack muack muack.....

    I'll get well asap! Need to kick more @ss! hahaha....

  8. tigerfish,
    Actually I ate too much durians and tonics, got nosebled! hahaha.....

  9. Cheers!
    ...albeit with lemonade and not with champagne... not yet, anyways.

  10. giddy tiger,
    Yalor. Can only cheer with lemonade now. Champagne coming soon. :)


  11. Hope you can get well soon and go back to work..

    accident do happen but it just too bad that it happen at the hotel that you're staying for your holiday!

    well, as it's said, you gain some and lose some!

  12. You are a fighter that's just resting up to fight another day lah! :) Get well soon!

  13. Leonard,
    Thanks. Yup, will have to recover fast. Work waiting. :)

  14. east meets west kitchen,
    Yup, conserving my energy for a good fight later. :)

  15. Ecl, positive saying wor. Good attitude. So now look like lemon already or not? :P

    I tell you, sometimes hard knocks seem endless but there is a season of good beginnings to come.

    After that hor, let's go ew sei kai! Get well soon!! Winter season for hibernating will be over soon and sun is gonna shine on you!

  16. Hope you are well.

    Nah. I never believe anything about 霉运.

  17. Haiyoh...liddat ok liao lor. You are not a loser.
    Did Chen show you a picture in her PDA? How that guy accidentally lost his prick and doc had to re-attach it? That one real LOSER if you ask me. Even after attachment don't know whether still functional or not. Hahahahaha!!!

  18. take care. rest well. i am nursing a phlegmy chest. people like us must be forced to rest ya? haha.
    ok, seriously, wish you speedy recovery!

  19. Hey, maybe its just God's way of saying he wants you to slow down for awhile. Take heed. Later u may look back and say, hey, Thank God I was down, and was resting at home, if not......
    Enjoy your "break"!

  20. Judy,
    You mean turned into lemon with a sour face ar? No lah! I'm still as sweet as honey. hahaha....

    Wah! Spoken just like my Fengshui sifu wor. After the cold, harsh winter, comes warm Spring!

    Let's go ew sei kai lor!

  21. Get well soon,, hope you will be rejuvenated and well rested.

  22. Perhaps you need some time just for you. Take a few hours or a few minutes to go deep inside of your self and be still feel the quiet and let all thoughts pass in and out and do nothing but observe. Stay inside yourself and feel what your body is saying. When you are done get up stand in front of mirror and smile at the person there wink and tell yourself how good you are.

  23. Cocka,
    chen got the photo in her PDA meh? She din show me wor. OMG! That's really terrible. The joy of life. tsk tsk tsk.....

  24. misti,
    hehehe.... yalor. We must be forced to rest.

    I hope you get well soon too.

  25. stay-at-home Mum,
    That's what I thought too. God wants me to rest. He has other plans for me. :)

  26. Teacher Dave,
    Yes. I need to have time to myself.

    I'll do as you say. I want to see a better and more beautiful me looking back in the mirror. hehehe....

  27. i donno wat to say abt that less than 10 min accident(>__<)
    dont wear high heel and take care of ur legs!!!
    i enjoyed that meme very much.
    thank u so very much!!

  28. eastcoastlife,
    Me too sick! Sorethroat. Hmm..I shall go and take a rest now. You too, take care!:)

  29. It sounds like ti all worked out in the end. AND you are in Singapore!! Orchard Road Shopping cures everything....doesn't it???

    Plus, the food in Chinatown is the best I have ever had!!!!! Singapore cured me of a lot of things!

  30. Niki-chan,
    Glad that you had fun with my meme! Thanks again. ^-^

  31. Kok,
    Oh dear! The season for illness! Take care. Get well soon.

  32. Hi Mike!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Ohhhh.... you were in Singapore!? Glad you had fun and were cured of whatever 'sickness' you had then. :) The food in Chinatown was great huh, we have better food all over the island!

  33. Singapore was a great experience for me. I was only there 2 weeks but it was more than I could handle. I need a year or two :). How long have you lived there?

  34. Mike,
    I was born here. hehe....

    Singapore is a wonderful place to live. It might be too small for your liking but it's safe and has a great international airport.

    Hope to see you back in Singapore again. ^-^

  35. Oh dear ... what's up?!

    This must be a conspiracy ... as though some "higher power" wants you to take a rest and keep quiet.

    Hmmm ...

    You take care and no, you are not a loser :) If you are one, what makes me? A super loser who read a loser's site?!

    Pffftttt ....

  36. Maybe God is telling you... it's time for a BREAK!

  37. Eastcoastlife: Those lemonade looks good.

    Came by to show you some tender loving care. May good health be with you.

  38. hahaha.... wilfrid.
    Thanks for making me laff.

    Yup, I should take a break and rest my tired and battled body. ^-^

  39. oceanskies,
    Thanks for your love. I have been receiving so much love from you.

  40. so kesian..
    hope u get well soon

    p/s: Lemonade is yummy ;)

  41. :D

    no loser here. :) i don see a loser. :) i see a fighter! hehehehe. get well soon, eastcoastlife! ;) lots of fighting for u to do. it's just a break for u now. u deserve the break, so make full use of the break. ;)

  42. awwww..... ehon.
    Thanks. Yes, I'll fight till the end! hehehe.... Thanks for the encouragement and support.

  43. good on ya for not letting it pull you down! I'll have a glass of lemonade too, thanks! :-)

  44. Poor poor ECL luxuriating in all the concerns by loving family n frens, delicious food with lemonade while hensem drs ( read Bernard ) attend to all yr whims n fancies. now i read you are sick again. take care..slow down a bit ok?

    one more thingy, i saw yr pics on funky.i am a part time hollywood could b the next super actress, interested? :)

  45. May,
    hehehe... have a glass of freshly made lemonade. :)

  46. bengbeng,
    oi... Bernard didn't attend to my 'every whims and fancies' wor.

    hehehe.... you part-time Hollywood agent!? Act as Chow Yuen Fatt's mother or Zhang Ziyi's grandmother? Don't want lah!

    Thanks for your concern. ^-^

  47. loser, not. suay things, maybe yes. so, have you got some pomelo leaves for your bath? :P

  48. sweetpea,
    No pomelo leaves, got pomegranate leaves. :)

    Got good and bad from these accidents lah. Not too bad. ^-^

  49. I like how you turn a bad situation and make the best of it. :) *hug*