Sunday, August 19, 2007

hmmm.... What would you do?

Two of my South Korean students and their parents were in Singapore for a short holiday. The family has returned to Seoul 2 years ago after the father's contract ended. They came to visit my family and we had dinner with them.

It was great seeing my boys again. They are studying in a University in Seoul now. We had a wonderful time catching up. During dinner, the father shared with us a story.

Koreans like to visiting bath houses for their baths. Many many years ago, Mr Park and his parents went to a bath house for their weekly scrub-back late one night. An hour into their bath, while scrubbing one another's back, they heard a commotion outside.

Later they realised a fire had broken out in the front part of the bath house. Quickly they ran out to retrieve their clothes, only to discover the lockers where their belongings were kept, were in flames.

There were 15 bathers, all naked, except for a small face towel each. They decided to make a dash out of the burning bath house. By this time, there were many spectators gathered outside the bath house. And to make things worse, the media was alerted. Camera men, reporters and TV crew were waiting to take pictures.

The 15 naked bathers had to think of a way to run out of the bath houses without feeling embarrassed. Now readers, with the small face towels that they had, how are they going to do that?

Answer will be given in the comment section on Monday. ^-^

Happy Sunday!!!!


  1. kakaka... omg!

    Squat down facing each other, making a circle?? Then they oni show backside lor... hehe!

  2. No! No! I would dash out proudly of the bath house buck naked waving wildly with my pink good morning towel shouting at the top of my voice, Fire! Fire! Saaaave me!" running straight to the nearest beautifulest reporterest!

    If you were the reporter, what would you do? Save me or run buck naked with me?

    Anyway, beside that pink good morning towel, I brought along greetings and lotta loves from Malaysia.

  3. I thought Korean are pretty much like Japanese, all exhibitionists.

    Perhaps use the towel to attract more attention?

  4. eastcoastlife,
    Easy easy. I don't mind letting them see me naked, but please no photos/video. So, I use the towel to cover the camera's lenses. Like that, no more photos/video liao mah. hahaha!

  5. HAHAHAHA, I go with gewels .... put it over my face!!

  6. I'm with gewelsI I would put the towel over my face and run like the devil was at my heels!

  7. That is a tough situation! I'm glad I wear a pair of shorts around my neck as a necklace just in case:)

  8. I think for a man.. it's not so difficult.. for a woman.. well.. you will have to cover more than one part.. if you know what i mean... ;)

  9. Hahaha, at this time I cannot think cos it's bedtime.
    What I want to know though is whether that is your body? :P
    I would probably go with the same answer as gewels. :) But it's too obvious so that can't be the right answer. I am sure they thought of something really ingenious!

  10. LOL. I have no idea. I will probably forego bathing.

    My mother, back in the Philippines in her younger days would ran covering her face. I can almost undertstand the logic behind that.

  11. hahahaha! you got my mind thinking! ermmm... there's that usual standard answer, you and I both know what it is, eh? eh?

  12. oh ..i came over to comment n found gewels has beat me to it..cover the face..nakedness is nothing if there is no face seen.

  13. This is interesting but I say the wet the towels, put out the fire and grabbed their clothes.

    (I know it's a long shot, but I have to guess)

    Did you ever find that rose pedal drink?

  14. They didn't.

    Submerged themselves in the bath water as the fire raged around them.


  15. Err scan down the picture!! Issit U ah??? Runs bek to read the post again!!

  16. Real or bluff story? I think I would cover my face.

  17. Me?
    Evil thought.
    I will take the few towels, get some flames onto the the towels, shoot it towards the crowd outside.
    wah, everyone running for life.
    Distraction distraction.
    We also run lor

  18. use the little towel to cover the lower front side and another hand to cover the buttock lor (for guy lar). For gals, too many parts to cover no can do, so cover face lor. Hehehe

  19. I suppose it is an answer no one thought of, maybe Ms loi's one is valid...

    Anyway have given you an award, it is very little but hope you can come over to receive it.

    Thanks for your help thus far :p

  20. @gewels
    I think that's what I would like to do.

    Really got those beautifulest reporterest? Got handsomest reporter?

    @Miss Loi
    But how long would the fire rage?

    So, erm, they eventually did what Miss Loi said?

  21. Coving the face is a good answer too, but you might run into someone because you can't see. That would be rape in many countries.

  22. What? Cover? Nonsense...

    If you've got it, flaunt it! Maybe run outside and stand in front of the cameras. Then start flexing...?

    I kid... I'd just go back to the shower. After all, it IS a pool of water...

  23. I like this, was thinking of a smiliar question during my trip in Korea.

    I will put in over my face because I got no face to show off my body...

    maybe because of this thought, I did not join the group for the bath. I had ice cream at the "waiting area" ... I feel so shy to be naked in front of strangers..

  24. I agere with everybody who says: Over my face.
    Why? Then I can not see who his staring at me.

  25. Before the answer come out... you wished you were there with a digicam right? LOL!

  26. haha.. same as gewels, I will put it over my face.

    Can't wait to see the answer..

  27. i really have to run out, i'll cover the face lor. but i am more interested in your pic leh. who is behind the towel??!!

  28. Hello ecl,hope can get a link fm u please? :)

    Btw,come claim ur award, it is waiting for u impatiently :D

  29. What an interesting questions! I think I would put it on my face, except my eyes so that I could see where I'm going. But it was pretty bad...

  30. Simple and easy. Everyone hide behind each other, and walk in a row. the 1st person will have towel cover his private part or face.

    Another. Tear the towel into pieces, cover their eye. Just like sensoring their eyes. (Usually people sensor their eyes so people wont know who they are.)

  31. ecl, wei, still don't give answer ah? Keeping us all in our suspenders! :P

    Whatever answer you give, please let me know if that photo is of your 'sexy' body! :)

  32. Tear the towel into two pieces, use one to cover one's eyes and the other to cover one's err...intimates?

  33. Weeii.. that doesn't look like a naked BROTHER. Looks more like a naked SISTER!

    Any way.. about they stand two by two.. facing away from each other. And hold the towel like you're illustrated in your photo.

  34. The suspense is killing me - what do they do?

  35. of course i would cover my that ur naked photo? hehehe

    btw, i tagged u

  36. A tricky question - like a catch22. I suggest they all walk in one row and then they only need one towel in front and on for the last in the road.

    So do you have a better solution? LoL

  37. Woot! So many readers got their answers correct! ^-^

    The 15 naked bathers covered their faces with the small face towels and ran out!!!

    So their faces wouldn't show up in the papers. Can you identify a person by his dick, her breasts or their butt cracks? hahahaha.....

    p.s. - The sexy photo of the lady is not me. I'm hotter. kekeke....

  38. Actually hor..I was wondering why U use such an R rated picture here leh.
    U want to kena hantam issit ECL? Let me refresh U a bit : "Soft pornography or sort are not allowed and contravention to the USC code, any picture of a female in a revealing way under the age of 21 is deemed as illegal and pornographic, and constitute the equivalent of underage sex felony"

    So.... you might as well show the face of the person who posed that picture as you can kena hantam not by Uncle Lee, but Uncle Sam.....

    Take Care

    Azrin @
    Abu Dhabi, UAE

  39. But cover face nia?? Ei... can identify a person by the shape of their body... no? Well, someone identified me (with clothes summore) in another person's blog eventho' my face kena Photoshopped... har? How liddat?

  40. Angel, maybe they can recognise your clothing.
    Try naked and maybe that will stump them.
    (run away fast fast)

  41. I 'm just curious, dying to know is that you in that pic? hehe....

  42. Hahahaa .. The towel so small enough to cover face meh?