Thursday, July 19, 2007

How should a rapist be punished?

Several friends and I were having drinks last night when the topic of paedophiles came up. One of them mentioned about a niece who was raped. The girl was only 8, for goodness sake! Heck, it really made us see red! That there are such sick men who commit such heinous crimes!

Rapists, paedophiles and exhibitionists - these sex offenders put fear into the public and pose a threat to residents in their neighbourhoods amd communities. They should be punished and not let off or forgiven of their crimes.

We find that our legal system is lenient with paedophiles. They are punished with brief prison sentences. Unfortunately, imprisonment and caning as a punishment for rape create only a Band-Aid solution for sexual assault. What these heinous criminals committed are inexcusable.

I read this article from a Malaysian newspaper that a lady police officer suggested that rapists be castrated chemically. That is an awesome idea!

About 100 years ago, cutting off the dicks and removal of the balls of sex offenders were the practice! Now, because of human rights, doctors, police and prison officers have to find a magic pill that would stop paedophiles in controlling their sexual urges.

I believe chemical castration is an ideal punishment for sex offenders. When the drug Depo-Provera is administerd, the sexual fantasies of the sex offenders decreased as a result of the reduction of testosterone levels. Initially I thought it would cause their dicks and balls to shrivel up and drop off! hahaha......

Some people remarked that while this may be a solution to a serious problem, it is a cruel and unusal punishment of sex offenders.

Isn't it 'cruel and unusual' to allow sex offenders to attack innocent women and children? This effective solution can protect future victims. It is an 'offender friendly' way of reducing sexual violence.

Oh, there is also the possibility of side effects where the sex offenders who are administered the drug could grow breasts! Well, let them be groped and grabbed, then they would know how it feels to be violated!! haha......


  1. Grow breasts from the side effects? Ooh. I like that. I, for one, would like to see them being castrated with acid.

  2. wishbone,
    haha....yeah... Who wouldn't want to see these sick men pay for their crimes!?

    I think many people would not pity them if the sex offenders are tortured and traumatised. Only by making them go through Hell, then they can really feel how their victims felt when they were sexually assualted.

  3. wicked....

    But I totally agree with this idea...


  4. It is not about giving pity to them.
    If you deal out a punishment which is very severe, they might decide to kill off the victim, everytime.

  5. Hi guaisaujai (what does it mean huh?)!
    Good right!? Hope one of our MPs would mention this in Parliament and get the go-ahead! hehehe....

  6. yenjai,
    I don't get it. Why would they kill their victims when they cannot have any more sexual urge to hurt others anymore?

    The sex offenders get their kick from hurting their victims and hearing them cry for mercy. They get a high for seeing the fear in their victims' faces. They feel great for being able to be inflict pain.

    I would like to hear the sex offenders' cries for once.

  7. oh gosh... although one have a twisted brain to rape a 8-yrs-old!

    those serial rapist deserve the punishment you recommended. but what about those did it in a moment of folly... of course this can't be excuse as one still can go the red light district!

    really scary of the punishment you have suggested. all my hairs standing up liao.. including there.. haha .. just kidding!

  8. hahahaha... leonard!
    Really ar!?

    Hearing my recommended punishment for rapists can make your hair, er.... even down there, stand is good! Makes the men think twice about committing sex crimes. hehe...

  9. I agree that the punishment in most countries is too lenient for sex-offenders. How ever I dont place exhibitionists in the same category as rapists or paedophiles. They are not harming anyone, unless they are so ugly that seeing a flasher results in instant blindness!

  10. hahahahaha Captain Crunch,
    I have yet to meet an exhibitionist who is SO ugly that I turn blind!!!

    Yes, exhibitionists shouldn't be placed in the same category as rapists or paedophiles in this case. My bad.

  11. I think that those sick men should have a very harsh punishment. Unfortunately, because of the human right etc., governments are gone too soft to them. I remember there was a case in the UK that a paedo had found guilty, but no one sent him to jail. Reason: no more cell available!

  12. Hello windy,
    Nice to see you again!

    Huh? Really!? No more cell, so paedophile no need to be punished? Gosh.

  13. How about teenagers who engage in premarital sex, where the girl is below 16 thereby constituting statutory rape? Should the boys, if ever charged in court, be subjected to castration and things like that? (Boys better think twice lest their gf - though consented - turn their bf over to the police just because they had a minor argument/miscommunication).

    That said, I agree that rapists, in general should be castrated - if not for the first offence, at least for a second, repeated offence.

  14. i think they should be incarcerated to some diseased island that can only make their fingers and choo-choos fall off.

  15. Usually, sex offenders get gang-raped in return by other jail mates as punishment. and if they are found to be pedophiles, god help them!

  16. Heck the law is not only too lenient towards sex offenders, they are too lenient towards terrorists, cheats, conmen and drunk drivers as well. Today, a person who masterminds an Internet Scam can easily go scot free, because the international police and the administrative red tape is too slow and too encumbered to act. Today, terrorists are still out there because there is no capital punishment across the board for all who participates in terrorist acts. You should always fight terror with terror. He who controls Fear controls the world.

    Saddam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, the Japanese during WWII, the terrorists, George Bush, the PAP, they are all the same. They manipulate and control the fear of people, and make others succumb to their will. The difference is just in the methods. Just hit where it hurts most. Vote for me, so your livelihood is ensured, your salaries will grow, you will get your lift upgrades! Fight against me and you go bankrupt!

    So yeah, just castrate the damn buggers, and make sure they live to tell their tales, so that others get to hear their pain.

  17. narrowband,
    I should be more specific and narrow down on the serial sex offenders.

    For having sex with underaged girls, unless the guys rape them repeatedly or purposely target these vulnerable youths, I don't think we can punish them too severely. That's for the law enforcement officers to sort out.

  18. sweetpeas,
    haha.... yes. Leave them on the island and let them rot or bonk one another!

  19. cocka,
    I heard about this but is it true? Don't the prison wardens do anything? Or they turn a blind eye?

    But the sex offenders deserve it. I would pretend not to see also.

  20. Erm ... I know your intend of this blog is good but as a man, the visual images of "cutting off dicks", "removal of balls", "grow breasts" etc. send a chill down my spine. Ha ha ha.

    I am all for the punishment of the guilty ones. However I am more leaning towards therapeutic treatment with long term imprisonment of course.

    Please don't hate me :)

  21. Darkspore,
    He who controls Fear controls the world.

    I agree with you on this!

    Many Singaporeans are just too scared to speak out. Too much is at stake for them, I guess.

  22. Congartulations on the awards you won. *hug*

    Rapists and paedophiles should be given a bullet to the brain. It's all about power and a lack of a penis does not change that. Yes I am quite severe on these topics. Which is why I can never be a politician.

  23. I hate you, wilfrid! For going against me, I shall have your dick cut off, your balls removed and make you grow breasts!!!! grrr....


    aiyooo.... what a waste lah! You will be a great toy boy! mwahahahaha....

    Wonder what they do to lustful women? hmmm.....

  24. *** GASP ***

    Now I am so going to have a nightmare ... ha ha ha.

    For lustful women, give them dicks and a man's voice?

    Ha ha ha ... leave those lustful women alone!!

  25. simple american,
    Oooh... you're scary!

    Yes, you better not be a politician. Keep your violence to your computer games. mwahahaha...

    Finishing them off with a bullet is too quick a punishment. Should make them suffer by torturing them - slice off their flesh bit by bit and add salt or sugar to the wounds. heh heh... OOps. Too violent liao.

  26. wilfrid,
    hahaha... nightmare!?

    Yup, lustful women deserve that - dicks! But a man's voice???

    ok ok, leave them alone.

  27. Paedophiles are the type of criminals even the criminals don't like.

  28. You have every right to be upset and see RED for these offenses. There is no place in any part of the world no matter what you believe in for this type of behavior. The only we thing we can learn from them is not to be like them. They (to me) are the lowest form of life.

  29. I think this problem will not end regardless what punishments are soughted.

    To some of them it is a disease which they cannot be healed. To some, it is like an addiction, they don't think of the consequences regardless the warnings/adverts because the addiction too strong to worry about the consequences.

  30. ECL, i mean, if they foresee that the punishment is 'once and for life', then obviously they will try to erase all traces. easiet way? Kill off the victim

  31. I agree with chemical castration.....bagi jer the depo provera...though I very much want to bash them up myself..ahhaha..

  32. I think they should be "yan diao" too, just so they don't misuse "it". Hahaha, me so cruel hor?

    Just the same way as I think to heavy offenders - hang them, don't put them in jail, waste taxpayers' money only. :D

  33. Y'know the sad thing about Malaysian old men who rape their grand-daughters, grd-nieces or any lil girl for that matter, they are not called paedophiles. They are just called rapists.

    Do you know in Long Houses, Fathers and sons drink toddy, get drunk and repeatedly rape their daughters, mothers and sisters.

    I feel so shameful. I feel so angry. I wish I had dictatorship powers...


  34. I totally agree. I've been thinking about this for a while now - especially since sex offenses are so 'everyday' in South Africa.

    Castrating sounded pretty fair to me - but your chemical suggestion would do too - and its perhaps a bit more 'humane'?

  35. Hmmm, I always have this idea about how to deal with offenders, you know, get a kingfisher to put a hole through their equipments, then get a housefly to land on it, then make them watch maggots crawl out of the hole while tying their hands up. Should be deserving.

  36. Captain Picard,
    Oh yes. I heard about the 'treatment' the paedophiles get in jail. Serve them right!

  37. Teacher Dave, You are too kind to them. To me, they are just beasts.

  38. Judy,
    Yes, I realised that. Sex offenders are not going to vanish no matter how harsh the punishments are.

  39. yenjai,
    Ah, I see. Yes, they would kill off their victims just to save their pathetic lives.

  40. eve,
    Who doesn't want to bash sex offenders up? I would too! hahaha...

  41. Wah! day-dreamer,
    You so violent! Little chilli padi! hehehe...

    Yes, we should mete out heavier sentences for the repeat sex offenders and serious crime offenders.

  42. motts,
    OMG! Incest! That's a terrible thing to do to your own flesh and blood! Hope they rot in Hell!

  43. dizzy dee,
    I read about the crimes in South Africa. It's horrendous! Hope something can be done for the poor victims.

  44. loving_each_day2002,
    Oooooo... you have a great imagination! haha... I like that!

  45. Uuuh, the punishment is really scary but then again those rapists are really bastards.

    I think I'll just wish that everyone would not have the thought of raping so that they would not be punished :-)

  46. lilMrsT,
    Some people cannot control their criminal urges. It's difficult not to think of committing crimes when there are too many temptations.

    Some criminals don't turn over a new leaf even though they have been in and out of jail.

  47. Why not tie 'em up, spread honey and sugar all over their body, and set loose fireants.

    Cruel? Perhaps. But, please don't get me wrong. Such offenders were in their right minds when they committed their crimes and any form of punishment would be just short of bringing back whatever it was lost to their victims.

    And come to think of it, castrating such would be an ideal punishment, too. Because, for the rest of their lives, they would be reminded of their crimes and the cruelty they committed against their victims.

    And in the long run, I'd rather have them suffer the first option before castrating them, my friend.

  48. Oooo... AnitoKid,
    You sure do have some great ways to deal with such criminals. I don't find it cruel. I think they deserve it.

  49. In my country (Britain), paedos get the same sentence as cannabis dealers (if not less). This disgusts me; its completely out of proportion. As a very strong socialist, I believe that kids are the adults of tomorrow, and should grow up to know a world that is safe and accomodating. With sick fucks like these goin round, its impossible for that to happen. Therefore, I say, shoot them in the back of the head. Its quick, painless and costs less than castration. So do the world a favour and kill a paedo today, as the courts clearly aren't doing their job properly. Over and out, comrades.

  50. Eastcoastlife, I would say physical castration, emasculation. Cut their dicks and balls off. And this should carried out by women, in public, after branding the word RAPIST across their forehead with a hot iron and parading them naked for a while. Surely a perfect treatment for any rapist, paedophile. Humiliate and punish them to extreme before sentencing them to a life of hard labour in prison.

  51. the rapist deserve castration
    removing his balls would be a good lesson for those who think they can commit such crim with no punishment

  52. jay;
    I think rapist are sick in the mind , that said I do believe most of them will not stop raping woman and children ,and we need to stop them from hurting any more people. I know people out there say just lock them up and that fine. But let make a deterrent to stop all future sex crimes such as these. We all know men take the greatest pride and pleasure from their manhood down there. So if it is proven by DNA. they brutally raped a woman or child , them must face the altimate
    punishment of having their manhood completely cut off so we positively
    know they can never hurt any one again and suffer so they can never enjoy sexual pleasure again also.I believe that is quite fitting after the pain they have caused us all.

  53. I agree with eastcoastlife, lets get the filthy scum rapists and child abusers and make them start paying for all the hurt and pain the caused the rest of us. Let cut their pride and joy of them. castrate them good so they are unable to rape ever again.

  54. Ya I agree, cut their balls and dick short, but hey...for the guys out there, who hasnt heard of those fake rape charges? They happen i think there should be a thurough investigation. Lol women can rape men too whats the punishment for that tho? I know ppl will call me dumb for saying it but it still does happen. Not all women are frail and weak. But hey if someone tried to rape my gf to hurt her or molest her, or do that to my daughter if i ever have one i'll castrate them myself with a pair of switch blades, either that or ram a knife into their dick.

  55. I believe there is one element missing here..

    many rapists and child molesters were victims themselves! They were raped themselves..

    Some, are socially retarded. They got made fun of, and do not know how to form a relationship with someone casually/their own age..

    Therefore, I believe that though I do not find them "worthy of death", perhaps castration should be considered..

    That, and perhaps legalized prostitution would help? Maybe some guys would pay for sex before raping anyone, but since the first option isn't really available.. they resort to the latter

  56. Well, I don't believe exhibitionism is in the same category as rapists and pedophiles. The behavior in all 3 cases is definitely habitual and ritualistic but the victim impact is less sever in the case of exhibitionism because no physical contact takes place, in fact in most cases violence is never part of the ritual of an exhibitionist as they tend fear actual contact. They are more of a menace then a threat, you either find them funny or repulsive. For the other two category's the answer is obvious, chemical castration. But, to keep it from being so called cruel offer them sexual reassignment surgery so some pleasure can be still be achieved, it's cheaper them putting them in jail. I wonder how many predators would except permanent reassignment surgery instead of permanent castration. Think about it, would you rather have pleasure as a girl or no pleasure at all, post op transsexuals can have orgasms, these guys cant when they are castrated. In there knew gender roles they will likely be fuzzy and nice.