Monday, June 04, 2007

Shut up! Or you'll never see your son again!!

It happened 4 years ago. Some foreign parents brought their country's bad culture to Singapore. I exposed them and they got mad at me. The problems also involved some schools and the Ministry of Education. I sent my stories to the local newspapers and TV producers of Current Affairs programme. They didn't dare to publish them. I went to see my MP, who happened to be the Minister of State (Education). And I even sent emails to then Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. You can see the civil servant mentality at work here.

A few months later, I received this note in my mailbox. This is those people's way of telling me to stop pursuing the matter. They know my address and my family members. I was also threatened verbally by civil servants and so called government appointed representatives.

Ok, I dropped my cases then. But not because I was scared of them. What these bastards don't know was, my character is such that the more I get challenged, the more I want to fight them. Even at the cost of my son's life.

I brought the fight 'underground'. I started gathering evidence against every bloody school that admits foreign students, the agents and the high ranking staff (retired and current) in MOE. Want to shut me up? I will rock the country with the greatest scandal of the century!

For 3 years, I did my own investigation and paid private investigators to check out a whole list of people. We stalked them, we took photos. It was money well spent. It even led to the discovery of the mishandling of cases of quite a number of other civil service departments. I compiled the information and started writing my book. It will be published in another country.

It is meant for release at the next Election. Whoa! Dirty laundry. And I dug out the dirt from under the carpet! The best way for these people to die is when their big bosses get screwed at the Election. Heard of the phrase,"Heads will roll!" hahahaha ......


I didn't intend to expose these people so soon but since my blog is enjoying high traffic, why not? It's so comical, that our reporters and editors chose not to publish the hidden truth in our society but choose to highlight a silly story.

Readers, please stay with me for my true encounters. You could help to save my son.

This is my suicide mission. The lawyers I spoke to said no lawyer in Singapore will take my case. I will be sued and prosecuted by the authorities. I'm the egg against the rocks. Well, I'm prepared. If I go to jail, I'll make sure some people are going with me too. :)

Readers can see for themselves how a small fry like me can also accomplish what the CID does when I put my heart and soul to it. Come with me on my journey and see if the fear of my friends come true. That is to see how I am going to die ( 看我怎么死! ). hahahaha.....

Hello!! I'm sinking the boat we're in.


  1. May justice and conscience win the case.

    Now, your cause seems to be like a social revolution. Ok, I shall stay on. I can't swim, but well, does it matter?

    Such threats are too much...and everyone deserves respect and safety.

  2. oceanskies,
    It concerns the ordinary citizens. To all Singaporean parents, there are many ways to get into top schools without doing a 40-hour volunteer service.

    I know because I deal with many schools.

  3. Did you put my name inside your will?

  4. Yes Im only finishing JC, and yes I may not understand alot of things but please, as much as Justice should always prevail and that we all should always abide by the law..Please!!..I Dont want to see you behind bars!!I dont wan't you to be like one of those opposition party leaders at an MRT station trying to sell their book..your much better than that

    Do it when you like 80/90, when youve grown (physically) old ..and you know when you are about to go, then you can go out with a big bang!

    Well ultimately, whether you choose to go ahead with your plan of Mass destruction (hehe) or not, good luck in your future endeavours.

  5. So chikek wan? I have no idea what exactly it is at the heart of the matter, but everything sounds pretty intriguing, to say the least! One upright woman against the bad eggs of the Civil Service of Singapore? The Matrix IV: Run!

  6. Everything falls in the hands of one single person.

    You know it, I know it. Period.

  7. Well let them know that if you go to prison or not, I expect to meet you for dinner some day.

    Why do these thugs in government try to be so vindictive. Oh wait. They are thugs. That is all they know is threats. Tear em a new @$$hole ECL.

  8. It seems there are dark forces around in the shadows, ECL.

  9. woah! wat happened? such dark forces lurking somewhere huh? u're one brave woman! support u kaw kaw! ;)

  10. Hi eastcoastlife, as I never live in Singapore nor know the education system there, is it possible to explain what do you mean by 'BAD culture'? What foreigners have done to make you go so extreme? I don't understand...

  11. *scratch head*

    if the system shortchanged you, shortchange back the system.

  12. dk,
    Call me Mom first. Then you get to be in my will.
    Very easy wat. :)

    But then, you know the greatest punishment 欺君犯上, 灭九族? You get included too! hahaha....

  13. Jon,
    awwww ... you're such a sweet boy!

    I cannot wait until I'm old and about to die, I have to do it asap for the sake of many sufferers. The problem is getting too big.

    Those people are getting too greedy and too arrogant.

  14. lb.
    haha... yes. Many people couldn't believe what I have been through. And they didn't expect me to be so kl! Nobody expects a woman to have balls huh! hahaha...

  15. simple american,
    We shall have that dinner.

    And I'm gonna make them new @ssholes that go through their brains!

  16. Captain Picard,
    Yes, there are. And always will if I don't eliminate them.

  17. chillycraps,
    You need to read more to understand the whole picture.

  18. Fuiyoh...I dem salute you lar..Very brave indeed..but I fear for you...Just be very careful...*hugs*

  19. eve,
    I'm not afraid, the most I go to jail. Then I can blog about prison life! :)

  20. Sigh. Before anything happen, I wish to meet with you for some makan makan first

  21. Hey, prison got no broadband! Not sure about dialup though ...

  22. yenjai,
    Of course, I'll visit my blogger friends for a meet-up before I go in. hehehe....

  23. miss loi,
    No broadband never mind, Can still write diary mah! It would be interesting living inside a prison. Oh, no need to spend money. :)

  24. Threats?!! Goodness! Are they white or black or black pretending to be white?!

  25. PS. So this is one of the reasons why you hate Civil Servants?

  26. you've got my attention. now when's the dish coming?

  27. wow, this must be hell of a time of turmoil. Keep posting, I really wanna know the hidden truth. They can destroy you but they cannot destroy the entire blogosphere and free will.

    Good luck!

    May the Force be with you!

  28. wokking mum,
    White, black or black and white, we will know when it is The End, won't we?

    When you have children, it becomes intolerable when they take away the rights of your child and even threaten to harm them. They shall bear the full brunt of my wrath!

  29. Hey christina!
    Now that's a nice name.

    Coming right up, I can't wait to tell the whole world the juicy details!

  30. colourful world,
    Ahhh, that's what I thought too. The Power of Bloggers.

  31. Wah lau! Sounds like exposing some conspiracy theories! What happened?

    Don worry, if you sink, we will throw you a float or I just jump in an pass you the float lah! :D

  32. saspen only..!! boat sink also nevermind. i can tread water quite well :)
    but bestest of luck in whatever you pursue! i know i can't do it, but great to know there's a ballsy woman out there!

  33. Iris!
    Whoa hot babe! Thanks for the float. :)

    haha... stories coming up.....

  34. sweetpea,
    Thanks. It's good enough to know people are hearing me out, giving me a chance to tell my stories.

    I like that - a ballsy woman. hahaha....

  35. yea hot mamma, you really have balls to grab you-know-who's balls!

    Let me know how they feel when you grab them eh, heh.. I help you squeeze them..!

    This is sounding really crude, but you know what I mean! heh

  36. Wow... sounds like you have something going on here. Someone needs to show them that they can't get away with it any longer (wish someone would do the same in M'sia). I look forward to reading more!

  37. Iris,
    heh heh .... ya. Got them by the balls, didn't I? Now to squeeze hard.....

  38. yo rinnah,
    Singapore prides itself on having a good government and efficient system, but some people can still find lots of lobangs and loopholes.
    Hope to be able to finish my story before I get bump off. hahaha....

  39. oceanskies,
    I don't need your help yet.

    I believe I have everything covered and prepared. Like our government, I should leave no stones unturned.

    Once operation starts, no turning back.

  40. Then I shall be in the background to lend moral support meantime.

  41. hi what is this "bad culture"? bribery?

  42. Dear ECL,
    i have been trying to write this comment.. since i woke up at 10am..and it's 12.34pm now. On one hand.. i applaud your bravery.. on the other.. i cannot help but worry about you. You and I know .. how the "garmen" is. But whatever you plan to do.. i wish you all the best.. ;)

  43. I think the reporters don't publish the ugly truth because they're pressured by the authorities. At least that's what happens here. ;)

  44. oceanskies,
    Thank you.
    The last thing I want is to get you involved. Just read and remember what happened to me.

  45. aiyo! What happened lah ? Now I'm stoked! What happened??!!

  46. mamabok,
    You are one of my greatest supporter and friend. Although we have never met, I love you for being such a caring and concerned friend. I'm so happy to be your friend and I really wish to meet you one day.

    Thank you very much for your love not only for me but Jaymes as well. I wish you and your family happiness and good health.

  47. day-dreamer,
    Yes, I'm sure they have that excuse handy. I'm sure they have a mission and pledge too. :)

    I guess I can't blame them. Luckily I can write my own stories and getting damn good at that. haha.....

  48. I'm sitting on the edge of my seat already. Getting my popcorn ready. And "shrek" ears tuning in to the action.

    If you get exiled from SG, come to SP.

  49. Bernard,
    hahaha .... You can't wait for me to be booted out of my country? You want to take care of me if I go to SP? :)

    Things are not so bad lah! I trust that my leaders will know how to handle this. If they have to do something so drastic, the people of Singapore will have no confidence in them.

  50. I really can't believe that they could act in such a gangster way. Atrocious!!!

    Come on, if there is really nothing to hide, they could explain it in a proper and diplomatic way.

    Please take care of yourself. We dunno what will happen so let's pray for the best to come.

  51. no problem ECL - if anything happens take the MRT to Vivo and jump off into the sea. I will be waiting underwater with spare tank - then take you diving - rescue mission - just keep me informed 3 days before you decide to do a Matrix 4: Run

    Good going ECL - fully supported


  52. Georgie,
    Thanks. I hope I don't have to run.

    But if I have to, you will be the first one to be considered. hehe...

    The thought of jumping off into the sea with you waiting underwater with spare tank - this rescue mission is so cool!