Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I shouldn't blow the whistle?

When I returned home and checked my caller-display device, I saw Mrs Kong's office number in it. That call to my house was on the afternoon of 8th February.

On the morning of 12th February, Andy called from Manila, asking me to help them out. I went to see Christine. She told me about her meeting with Mrs Yap and Mrs Kong. Yvonne Tan was also present. Christine claimed she saw the email that I wrote with Kimberly's details in it. She was sitting opposite the principal whose computer, placed at an angle on her desk, displayed my email.

Mrs Yap asked,"Who is this XXXXX? Why does she have your daughter's particulars? Who is she to question the authority of the school? This is the school's decision. What has MOE got to do with it?" The trio told Christine the problem arose because I complained. Then in front of Christine, Mrs Yap dictated to Mrs Kong while she typed out her reply to MOE.

Kimberly was suspended from school the following day.

Andy was very mad with me. He said I should have kept my mouth shut. Oh, really!?! He wanted me to go with them to see Komathi at MOE building. I turned them down.

My identity was revealed to the school when Komathi forwarded the email to them. How else would Mrs Kong know who to call? Komathi didn't make a thorough investigation. She just called the school to find out. Christine commented that when she was in Mrs Kong's office, 'the way Mrs Kong talked to Komathi on the phone was like old friends'.

Later, Mrs Kong told my hubby, "Actually the school has the right to accept students without the approval of MOE. MOE has no clear guidelines and regulations on this. It was an eye-opener. If there was no complaint, Kimberly would have completed her secondary education without a hitch. Thank God I didn't ask for donation in Kimberly's case!" Excuse me?

I would expect MOE HQ and all our civil service to exercise discretion for the complainant's safety. Almost all my letters of complaint were forwarded to the respective schools. So for those of you who want to give negative feedback, be prepared for your identity to be revealed, whereby it would result in more problems for you. By doing so, I think MOE might hope to scare people into thinking twice before complaining. Well, it didn't scare me. Even though I got death threats..............

/to be continued


  1. are they kidding me or what ? I have two elder siblings who studied in Singapore and they both sat for whatever exams they needed to sit because they only had schooling up to Primary 5 then.

    Elder brother didn't do well so he had to re-sit his Primary 5 in Singapore. Elder sit passed with flying colours and sat straight to Primary 6.

    This was 20 years ago and there were clear guidelines about this! I'm freakin' enraged! I think the school just wants $$ and not interested at all in providing education.

    hmph to corporatism.

  2. dieselfire,
    Well, much authority is given to the schools these days by MOE, so different principals have different ideas about rules and regulations, some are just bold enough to set their own rules.

    If nobody complains, they are safe. If somebody complains, they also will be safe. :)

  3. Wow... and I thought only independent schools had autonomy on how they conduct admissions. I am shocked.

  4. Wah so many characters 开武林大会! Had to re-read your earlier entries to identify who is Wudang, Shaolin, Kunlun, Er Mei etc. Sometimes the wuxia dramas are so reflective of reality - all the so-called 正派 are not as clean and righteous as we think!

    Since you've already mentioned their names and titles in full, maybe can consider putting up their photos as well.

    Shame them! Shame them!

  5. miss loi,
    It's a 武林争霸赛 out there!

    I have all their photos and particulars in my book. :)
    Send me your email, I'll contact you on how to get a copy. :)

  6. hmmm....this is getting really interesting...Is this something that's still transpiring or is it something that's over?

  7. Wow , this is getting interesting..
    Can't wait for tomolo..

  8. ridzuan,
    It happened some time back but was not resolved. It was a cover-up.

  9. The perils of being a whistle blower...

    An aircraft enginner who spilled the beans on unsafe maintenance routine in his aviation company had his information circulated to all the aircrafts companies and suppliers.

    He lost his job... forever in that industry.

  10. Ed,
    Yes, I know.

    Tell, I die.
    Don't tell also I die.
    So tell lah.

    So easy for me to choose. And many people are gonna be buried together with me. :)

  11. Doesn't this happen in most aspects of society? And we call this civilization, hor? What a civil world we all live in... *sigh* Almost enough to make me throw up my lormaikai too..

  12. Sounds like the MOE actually wants the schools to know who is complaining about them, the way they conduct their "investigation" and forward emails/information.

    So is/was Kimberly still suspended from school?

  13. lb,
    Yes, we live in a civilised world but among some of the most uncivilised people.

    I have nothing to throw up except bile now....

  14. rinnah,
    They are the smart alecs. We should never expect much from these civil servants, who sit in air-con rooms all day, thinking how to fix people and getting them to toe the line.

  15. If those folks did not practise discretion and had released your name without your consent, could I ask why you infer that it is alright to state their names out. Actually you only listed out their surname. Did they list out your full name?

    I hope justice prevails.

  16. oceanskies,
    Those in the civil service, their names are available on their respective websites, emails and on official letters. I have no problem with having my identity revealed but in doing so, they almost cause a life to be lost. And they really ask for it, because now it's tit for tat.

  17. Hi Eastcoastlife: I just realised that your blog is protected by copyscape.

    How does it work?

    I better check with you again if I can use the photos that you have taken of d'Bassists? I actually wanted to load a photo of you playing the double bass up on d'Bassists' site, but I guess I better not unless you grant us special permission.

  18. Geez the way they are issuing death threats bcos of that is jus barbaric, almost drawing parallel to the Ixxxx terrorists!

  19. These people seem to be making their own rules as they go along. I hope it is eventially resolved.

  20. kyh,
    It seems some people are anxious to have me keep quiet. Now that I'm telling everything, let's see them carry out their threats.

  21. Captain Picard
    Precisely. The ironic thing is to hear their pathetic excuses.

  22. Hmmm ... this is getting interesting but why the kaypoh reporters never highlight in their kaypoh newspaper har. ;)

    You printed your book liao?!

  23. wokking mum,
    The papers have no guts to print this wan lah. I approached them before wor. They also silenced me. HA!

    A few more confirmation and photos and it's ready to roll out. But I receive fresh stories leh.....

  24. I'm disheartened .. with MOE .. and the whole works.. of these civil servants..! no wonder .. we didn't get enough opportunities when we were younger.. they were so keen to kick us outta school. .if we didn't meet up to their "standards".

  25. mamabok.
    MOE has lost their direction. How do they educate our young when they themselves are not doing what they preach?

  26. ECL, I agree with you. MOE has indeed lost their direction. Can tell from their lousy study/grading policies to hiring of teachers etc.

    I applaud and support your efforts in bringing the black-sheeps in MOE to justice. For the sake of our children's future.

  27. hey there ECL you have nerves of steel and courage of a lion!I admire your strength,determination and perseverance. Your will and morality is like a never ending supply of air and i pray that GOD continues to give you strength and energy to uphold your virtues and fight for what is right!You GO GIRL!!!!!!!!