Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The youngest CEO

When Jaymes was two years old and could listen to instructions, I brought him to my business meetings. Many clients were not happy but I had no reliable person to help me look after him. Fortunately Jaymes was not a mischievous nor active child. If you tell him to sit in a certain place and wait, and give him a 'don't-you-dare-leave-here' look, he listens.

Give him his smelly blanket and his bottle of milk and he could wait for at least 2 hours. Most of the time, I would leave him at the reception area where he would sit on the sofa and wait. No one needed to mind him because he wouldn't leave the seat. After my meetings, I usually found him sprawl on the sofa, sound asleep.

He was very adorable and would imitate a penguin or monkey very well. I made him memorised a few Chinese poems and he would recite them, swaying his head and gesticulating with his tiny hands. So he stole the hearts of many office ladies..... and some CEO uncles. One offered to pay S$100, 000 to adopt him! hahaha.... he was known as the 'youngest CEO' by most of my business associates.
I brought him along when I went abroad too. It helps that he is not a fussy eater. I could give him plain bread or a piece of cake for his meals. Many of my foreign clients adore him. Many of them watch him grow up. Nowadays whenever these friends come over, Jaymes would be the one bringing them around Singapore, eating and shopping. And I could send him to Jakarta, KL or Bangkok for some errands. So useful! hehe.....

I brought him to my meetings until he went to Primary One. He saw some pretty disturbing scenes. Take your mind out of the gutter. It's not of me horsing around on a conference table! Jeezzzz.......

There were two incidents which I remembered vividly.


  1. How neat! Yes, that's a kid to coo over.. I'd adopt him too, only because he sounds like such a great kid ~ no fuss, no mess.. Good for you!

  2. one only son and he is such an angel. u r so blessed. :D

  3. ya, miche. Only one child... sniff... sniff.... Wish I had more children.

  4. aiyoh, little sayaaaang... where to find such perfect kids? mine's quite good, can sit still if you tell him to, but extremely fussy with food! :(

    hey, faster tell, leh, what were these incidents? he witnessed under-the-table bribes arh? or worse? witnessed a murder by poisoning?

  5. He saw

    (1) Accounts' figures going from black to red?

    (2) You hitting the real CEO with a baseball bat?

  6. shilpa,
    Your boi-boi is a fussy-eater that's why Mommy is a good cook la!

    Read my posts!!! hehe....

    aiyo pleazzzze la, some people ask me to quickly post, some people complaint I post too fast.... I got more than 60 posts lined up, must do it daily, and next 3 months no need to write liao! :)

  7. Victor,
    Unlike you, I didn't ask readers to guess wor? hehe....

    Come back tomorrow!

  8. He's such a good kid, no mess and fuss. Wish I could had one. Hehe...

  9. Hi bcgoh,
    Glad to see you here! :)

    Like mother,like son. I'm also no mess and fuss. hahaha.....

  10. ECL, how well I cook he oso boh chap lah! terrible!

    Wah lau, how come you got so much time until can write 60 posts in advance?! Admire, man!

  11. You are the queen of suspense. I always want to know more and you leave it for another day. Your Jaymes sounds like my oldest son. He had a way to make every one feel good just having him around. When do we get to know about the two incidents?

  12. hehe... shilpa,
    I cannot do nothing wan la! So whenever got time, I will write, write, write.... like crazy. My life stories ma! That's why nearly got 3 books!

    Your boi will get to love your food one day.

  13. Hello Teacher Dave!
    haha.... are my posts that intriguing?

    hmmmm... would like to know more about your children too!

    Come back tomorrow.

  14. Gosh. You are hooking me to come back for the next post. Wanna know those incidents!!! lol

    What a well mannered little guy. Cute pic too. :)

  15. SA,
    hahaha.... see you again tomorrow for the story.

    ya... real cutie, even now!

  16. handsome boy.

    b back for the gutter story again. you ah.

  17. Very handsome young chap. I am sure you must have felt that tugging in your heart when you dig up old photos of Jaymes. You know, even though I didn't explicitly state so, part of the reason why I blog is to capture Ethan's childhood. Even though he is only 3.3 years old, I already feel a warm fuzzy (and sometimes teary even) feeling when I look at his newborn photos. I can imagine when he is 15 like your Jaymes what the emotions will be like.

    No amount of money, power or prestige can replace the precious moments spent with one's loved ones.

  18. yes, cool insider.

    When my son was in Primary school, I was not there for him most of the time. I regretted it. I missed out those years of his life and that was a costly mistake.

    Ethan is such a bright child. Try to spend as much time as possible with him. Kids grow up very fast and they pick up 'rubbish' fast too from their peers whose parents dun care a damn about them.

    I get teary eyes whenever I see Jaymes' photos and I will still feel that way when I'm old and wrinkled.

    I'm truly blessed with such a boy who may not be good in his academic studies but is a filial son.

    I wish you much joy raising Ethan. Chris & I would love to have him any time at our house. And of course you and Tina too! :)

  19. Wah...Pri One also see disturbing scenes ah! Must be parents waiting at the classroom window while the teacher teach...then parents "serve" their kids as if the kids were kings....
    Anwway, I'll wait....好的东西须要等!

  20. Fortunate you to have such a good boy and lucky him to have such a good mum too.
    Waiting to hear your next story.....

  21. Wanna swop kids? Mine is rebellious beyond reason.... coloured hair, loud clothes, sigh...

  22. hehe.. jaymes look very cute! I wanna play maplestory with him =x

  23. Pauline,
    I believe this is God's blessing in return for what I have suffered.

  24. Chris,
    This is a phase many teens would go through la! Dun worry too much.

    They are trying to express themselves through the way they dress & talk. Why press them down? I hate the MOE & schools for suppressing the feelings of our kids!

    I have to drag my son to get his left ear pierced. He let it closed once and I made him do it again. hehe.... He's having trouble with his Discipline Mistress in school every now & then. The dinosaur! Wait for one day I get very pissed off then she knows.

    I buy all his clothes, fashion accessories and shoes. All very loud. Young people should dress like the young ma! Now is to get Jaymes to colour his hair.....

    Your son will love me :)

  25. etel,
    No problem! Jaymes would love to play with you too, but he's having too much work that he doesn't even blog now. I'll let him know you want to play maplestory with him.

  26. hehe... oceanskies
    Have you met Jaymes? No, right? You'll see him soon.

  27. Yes, Doc. Looks just like Mummy, huh! hahaha.....