Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Disabled (3/3/07)

I have a task in Shenzhen on this trip. To collect a debt owed to my company for a year. My Chinese partner Zhong was avoiding the payments and because I was selling my company, I have to make sure my accounts are right. I was still doing business with Zhong prior to this trip and I would cut him off if he doesn't want to honour his debts.

I went up to his office alone, without informing him first. There were many customers making enquiries at the counters when I entered his company. I walked straight into his office. He was surprised to see me. I closed the door.

I told him I was selling my company and that he had to pay me what he owed to the company. I could see he was making very good money. He was spending my money! I had expected the worst and I was prepared. Zhong was not going to pay back the money. As I have correctly guessed.

He started to yell and shout and I returned the fire. Then suddenly he grabbed a marble ashtray and slammed it on my right hand which was placed on his desk. I felt an excrutiating pain shot right through my arm and the next moment I was holding my right hand, and falling down in shock on the floor. Tears just gushed out of my eyes and I couldn't hold back the screams of agony.

I vague recalled people rushing in and some helping me to the sofa. I was rolling in pain and two ladies had to hold me and one of them cradled me in her arms, consoling me. A man offered to send me to the hospital and immediately I was bundled off in his car.

A specialist was called in to take a look at my hand and an x-ray taken. There were several fractures. I was given a jab to ease the pain. My hand was placed in a cast. I was to be warded for observation.

During this time, news of my injury spread and concerned business associates and parents hurried to the hospital. Many of them were indignant. Calls were quickly made. I finally realised and witnessed the importance of being wealthy and having the power to 'move the Earth'.......


  1. Damn..!!! i hope he was beaten up.. or got his head smashed..!!
    Hope you are feeling better.. ECL..!

  2. Oh, now I understand better why you had all those parents to thank... at first, i thought you meant that they were ungrateful and caused something bad to happen to you...

    hey, this means you're out of hospital? get well soon, woman!

  3. What an animal? Such arrogance.

    It sounds like he bit of more than he could chew. Thank God you had such lovely associates and parents. Cannot wait to see the power!!!

  4. I think I imagined too much! I thought those parents feed you too much and caused you to be hospitalized...hiya.

    I still hope you get well fast. :D

  5. what i shouted when i read this writeup: OUCH!

  6. OMG! What a horrifying experience. But if it happened to me though, I would've given the idiot a big walloping myself before I'd go to the hospital.

    But then again, I'm like that. Jeebus!

  7. Can someone from Singapore find out .. how ECL is..?? Jaymes had mentioned that his mom is once again fighting for her life... in his blog. I am very worried..! please update..!!

  8. Thank you everyone for your genuine concern.

    ECL is out of danger now. Doctor just removed her drip. She would be discharge tomorrow, earliest.

    Our gratitude and thanks for your prayers and flowers,
    Christopher Tan

  9. Hey there! I just learnt about it from Izel when she visited the blog. Hope she is fine now.

  10. mamabok,
    I would like to smash his balls the next time I meet him! I lost the use of my right hand for 3 months!

  11. shilpa,
    You read too much of my drama also can twist & turn oredi, izit? hahaha....

  12. Oh SA,
    The rich & powerful really has lots of power! It's wow! wow! wow!

  13. tigerfish,
    I am on diet ma, I won't over-eat no matter how much they feed me.

  14. Hi dieselfire,
    Long time no see!!!!

    Glad you came. At a bad time when I was sick. hehheh....

    Thanks buddy.


  15. Paddy,

    gam tong.... 感动

    I know you would be the first one to prepare S$10 should anything happen to me...sniff....sniff....

  16. miche,
    hehe... he got his just desserts!
    Got karma in this world wan!