Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheap, cheap, cheap!

I turned into a bird! haha... not the cuckoo bird la! Basket.

The food and garments are so cheap! Ah, genuine DVDs too huh! Less than 10rmb for one DVD! Chun and Feng brought me out to eat and shop whenever I have no appointments.

One day Chun brought me to Dongmen (东门) Wholesale Centre where you can get a woollen sweater for 5rmb (S$1)! Woohooo.... cheap, cheap, cheap! I bought a pair of boots. Chun did the bargaining for me. For 45 rmb (S$9)! Wow! is awesome when it comes to bargaining.

I saw this sexy, lacy silk nightie the other day. The shopowner quoted 60 rmb, I couldn't control myself when she reduced it to 50rmb (S$10) and I shouted,"Done!" It would cost me more than S$40 in Singapore! Chun said she could get it at 20rmb! Huh?

I was chided by Chun and she forbade me to open my mouth when we were haggling over the prices. I had several mini heart-stopping minutes when Chun just walked out, dragging me with her when I was dying to buy the clothes.

That was a great strategy because the salesgirls would come running after us and agreed to Chun's 'ridiculous' prices! A 70rmb T-shirt, you could get it for 25rmb! A pair of Safari pants for Jaymes, from 120 rmb to 45rmb! Cheap, cheap, cheap.....

There were hundreds of shops and it would take me at least 2 whole days to cover the whole area! There were lots of shoppers as well as retailers from other provinces who were stocking up for their businesses. Chun said before the Chinese New Year period, this place was packed with shoppers every hour daily. And the goods were much more expensive.

Chun treated me to Minced Pork-Sauced noodles, 7 rmb (炸酱面) and grilled lamb kebabs, 1 rmb each (烤羊串). The lamb kebabs were simply out of this world! And they were so cheap! ... cheap...


  1. Special thanks to Jaymes for updating on your mom's, Eastcoastlife's, behalf.

  2. Hi PY,
    Thanks for your messages and concern. You are a great friend. *Hugs*

  3. Great to hear that you have been discharged. As you recuperate, may you have a good time catching up with your family.

  4. worry about you. Glad you are back! :D
    This place..Dongmen...looks like really cheap cheap cheap hor! How is the quality like?

  5. Great to hear you're back, ECL. I've been watching you.... and you think I have gone MIA, right? Woa... u almost shopped until you drop, hor? Despite your injured arm..... steady pun pi pi arh.

  6. SA,
    In the hospital or Shenzhen? hehe....

    ya, both! hahaha.....

  7. tigerfish,
    paiseh.... thanks for your concern.

    Dongmen is a wholesale centre, so the goods are cheap and for some items, the quality is very good!

    If you are buying curtains, towels, bedsheet... they are good & cheap!

    The T-shirts I bought are quite good. Let me wear and take photos, ok? hehe....

  8. yo Chris,
    I know you're around.

    I couldn't really shop much actually because Chun only has two hands. She carried all my shopping bags.

  9. munaks!!!
    Thanks! Oh, am I glad to 'see' you!

  10. Looks like you are back and in action too! Cool. I wonder how you manage to blog despite all those events going on. For me, when I am under extreme stress or am feeling unwell, you will be less likely to see new updates on my blog. Or my participation in the commenting crew too.... ;)

  11. Yes. However, there are more shopping in the inner cities (dong guan) which will sell for less.

    Bargain please. dun spoil market la

  12. cool insider,
    Hi!!! Very happy to see the regulars!

    The more tough life gets, the more I want to improve it. Nothing can get me down. And becos my blogger frens are concerned for me during my time of weakness, it is only right for me to visit them and show them I'm alright now. So they can channel their energy to other things in their life.

  13. hi anon,
    hahaha... I know, I know. But cannot tahan la! Indeed, shopping in the inner cities are much cheaper. Next trip I go, I'm gonna slash the prices way down... hahaha....

  14. Wow.. i hv not been to China b4.. Looks like its a shopper paradise ha!!! Hiakz Hiakz.. let me see when can i go on leave??

  15. mama-san, always been here reading your posts and always looking forward to jaymes posting "my sexy mom is back in action feeling perfect" *hug*

  16. zeezee,
    ya, man! The shopping's great. Considering lots of stuff in Singapore, comes from China these days. Our money goes a long way in China. So when can you leave?

  17. awwwww..... munaks!

    I know you are lurking in here.... hehehe.... It's ok not to comment, becos not all readers can relate to all my posts. I can see who's here,
    I'm happy whenever a reader comes back again.

    So Jaymes is working his charm on my readers huh.............

  18. ECL, less blogging, more eating 'k ? Rest well :)) *hugs*