Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Almost broke

I ran into financial difficulties after losing money in the China venture. Plus Chris' Dad was hospitalised and needed a large sum of money for his medical expenses.

When I checked my bank account one day, I only had S$15 in it. So I took out all my gold jewellery and went to a pawn shop. There was a gold necklace and a pair of gold ear-rings - dowry from my father. And some assorted pieces of gold jewellery from relatives and friends. I pawned everything. What made me sad most was, I wasn't able to redeem the dowry that my father gave me.

For 2 years, I didn't have the money to redeem my jewellery and they were auctioned off. I didn't tell Chris about this. I don't like to wear jewellery and he didn't know that I had pawned all our wedding gifts.

It was a difficult time for me. I had people owing me money and I in turn owed my suppliers money. I didn't ask anyone for help. Being the proud ass, I always tried to settle my own problems. The bloody banks didn't want to lend me money. I was cracking my head and I was bearing this burden all by myself. I thought I would have to declare myself bankrupt.

When bill after bill started coming in, I was losing sleep. Days were spent calling my debtors for payment and for the suppliers to give me more time. I was pleading, begging. The private sector was willing to give grace but not the government departments, you cannot owe them a single cent. They send you letters threatening legal action. So even if you have to rob or kill to get money, you have to pay them.

One day, a business friend asked me out for lunch. He was Mr Tay, owned factories in Singapore and China, from the electronics sector. He's in his late 40s. From what little I gathered from the rest of the members, he had little education and built up his business all by himself. He's a man of few words, very quiet and unassuming. We met only at our association's functions and were not that familiar with each other. I had no business dealings with him. I was surprised to get his lunch invitation.


  1. Short entry! Arghh!~
    I can't wait to read the 'sequel'
    You're such a tease!

  2. hahaha... Fida,
    Saya dapat banyak cerita, pelan-pelan la!

  3. Me too... waiting anxiously! I think you are having a fan club here already. Enough of pop idols, we want eastcoastlife.


  4. Wah Ed,
    Don't like that la! Later I go out kena hantam! hehe....

  5. hehehe... teacher Dave,
    Then you have to wait for Part 2!

  6. Nice use of suspense and the tease element eastcoastlife. Good use of photographs too. I especially like the one of you and Chris during your wedding. Maybe one day I should post my wedding pics too, just so that you guys can ogle at my babelicious wife. :)

  7. Yah, ECL, faster tell us the rest! I know you managed to get out of this situation, but how? Want to learn leh, in case it happens to me one day...

  8. The dowry from your father must have mean a lot to you sentimentally. I figured things must have been very hard then such that you have to let go of the dowry. Maybe that is what we call survival instinct?

    The well-known legend of Sang Nila Utama speaks of him throwing and giving up his crown before he pacified the storms and found his way to the beautiful island of Temasek, later named by his as Singapura.

    And who knows, what you did then by pawning the dowry might have helped move you on to the next level of your life?

    I have a feeling that your dad will understand your reasons for taking them to the pawn shop.

    Hey, you are quite a stubborn Taurus leh!

  9. I mean the stubborn part was trying to settle your problems by yourself!

    I hope to hear some stories from you of how you have learnt that there are people who genuinely wants to lend you a hand, and that you don't have to face all problems by yourself.

    You have Chris by your side at least.

  10. haha cool insider,
    I would love to ogle at your babelicious wife. :) Oh, I'll be seeing her this Sunday! hehe....

    Please do put up one post of your wedding and another answering the most important question, 'How did you two meet?'

  11. shilpa,
    Be patient ok! I writing like mad oredi! Post so fast, my brain juice cannot reproduce so fast aso! Must drink Brand's Chicken Essence liao! hehe....

  12. oceanskies,
    ya lor! My character like that wan! So stubborn. Almost kill me a few times but still cannot change. Too proud la!

    The photo that I put up shows the necklace and ear-rings that my Dad gave me. Not very expensive but his blessings for my marriage. I lost it forever. sniff...sniff...

    Maybe if I marry another time, he will give me another set! muahahahaha......

  13. Is that photo taken at your wedding? You looked so pretty.

  14. yes, Victor.
    Still can reproduce the look and look the same, so don't use past tense!

    Can't imagine why people want to hurt such a lovely creature!!! hahaha.....

  15. Haha, my whole life managed to "escape" Brand's (my sis not so lucky), so maybe that's why my brain like that now! ;-)

  16. I'm patiently waiting for the next sequel... :)

    You're really tough!

  17. Wah liow, ECL, ..."late of few words, very quiet and unassuming....get his lunch invitation...". Hope it's not one of those "harassment" incidents again!:O

    You have "heart-shaped" lips! :D

  18. shilpa,
    Brands so difficult to swallow meh! I like it. Maybe becos when young can't afford to buy it, so now treat it like delicacy. hehe...

  19. pinkie,
    This is not my toughest yet ;) I think my story can last till end of the year. I doubt you all have the patience. Killing it next week.

    I got other posts to put up.

  20. sigh... tigerfish,
    see, now you also can predict the outcome!

    Does 'heart-shaped' lips look sexier? more seductive? hehe....

  21. I predict correctly arh?! Tt's why I get easily "bored" with Mediacorp dramas coz usually can predict all the next scenes and ending...hahha
    (prefer TVB ones)!

    Have you seen those 看相大师 and ask if heart-shaped lips bring you 桃花劫 or 桃花运 ?

  22. what more can i say, you're a woman with lots of experience and courage to go through all these yourself. Salute to you!

  23. tigerfish,
    Read part 2! cool insider oredi says I have so many twists & turn in my life! Hint: I'm TVB! hehehe.....

    My Fengshui Master confirmed I have 桃花劫, because of my eyes!!!
    So small, so formiable!

    For my whole life is liddat! bo bian.... might as well enjoy it. hahahaha... My other girlfriends say,"People want also dun have!"

    ok la...放马过来!

  24. cincailah!
    Thanks wor! kum hak hay kei! (这么客气!)

  25. More more! You got me hooked into visiting your blog every day.

  26. wah veri rude leh!
    paiseh, dun mean to say you very rude! Why your nick liddat arh? hehe....

    sure you come everyday or not? But tolong arh, psst..... got my 'chor lor' photo send to your blog, must 'pang chan'. OK? hahaha....

  27. hahaha! Dont worry lah, they are good people wont anyhow post photos one lah. :)

  28. ya ang mo kio!
    They are all your kakis, right?

    Wah, this Sunday must behave myself, if not find my photo on 'Rude Singaporeans' on Monday! Waaahhhh!!!!

  29. Such a tough time. Damn gahman. Never give and take. No heart. *fumes*

    You look beautiful in that picture btw. Chris is so lucky. He knows it hor? ;)

  30. gahman.... sigh!

    Of course Chris knows it!! In Chinese, we would say he 捡到 (found me by sheer luck)! I'm too good for him. He's afraid of losing me, that's why I could bully him. muahahahah....

  31. What a beautiful picture .. ECL..!! i would fall for you too.. if i were a man.. hahahha!! You look so regal.. ;)

  32. hehe... mamabok,
    Really arh?

    I think many readers initially thought I must be boasting about my many admirers. After looking at my pictures, at least they realise - I'm good-looking!!! muahahahaha......