Sunday, February 18, 2007


Kumiko, a Japanese lady blogger of BlogInterview, contacted me to do an interview after reading my Valentine's Day post.

I was amused. Fancy anyone wanting to interview me. Oh, and I realised cool insights was also interviewed by her a week ago. Wah, the bugger kept quiet arh! This type of people arh, the quiet quiet type, must beware. The silent dog has a fatal bite. hahaha.......

You can click here to read the brief interview. Most important of all, take a look at Kumiko's blogs and also admire her beauty. sigh, someone I cannot even be compared to now, as she is not only beautiful and talented but young. sigh.... why is Destiny so cruel!?


  1. Hey hey hey! Got interviewed wor! If it is a TV interview see if nervous or not .. haha!

  2. First of all...OMG, you almost died, thats too darn scarey! Geeez, that gave me chills woman. Secondly, I NEVER dreamed you had a 13-year old son I honestly thought from your profile pic you were about 21 to 23! (no kidding)

    And last but certainly not least, thank you for the compliment you left at my blog, you helped make my week! I am very flattered and all the nice comments made me smile.

    Have an AWESOME weekend my friend!

  3. hahaha...... ang mo kio,
    If I got TV interview, I'll make a bet with you.

  4. Hi Dariana,
    I'm glad to make your week! I really look that young? lol
    Thank you for your kind compliments.

  5. Interesting... din know got bloggers interviewing blogger. :)

  6. Hi DK!
    ang mo kio's friend :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Go visit the beautiful girl la!

  7. Great interview! I like what you said about learning to "let go;" I try to do this also, with varying degrees of success!

  8. Bunny Beth,
    It's never easy to 'let go'. I haven't master it yet ;)

  9. Eh, u cannot even see u r only 1 month older than Kumiko :-)

  10. oh ya hor! theskinnycook, I think I see myself 5 years younger than her better la! muahahahaha........

  11. Marvelous interview sweetie! I totally understand why anyone would want to interview you, you inspire in so many ways!

    You just had to mention me LOL Thanks for the kind words and pimping my blog!


  12. You told her the critic could eat cow dung?? hahaahahaaaa... better yet, tell her to eat hairballs. I have plenty to share. meow.

  13. Tisha babe,
    I hope to read your interview soon! hehe......

  14. Good interview.

    Could you please share what are the elements that you have used in your blog to attract so many readers? ....hmmm, I better ask myself why I kept coming back to your blog nowadays...*winks*

    And how did you find out that a MP has read your blog?

  15. oceanskies,
    Thanks for your kind words. I'm so happy to see so many readers. I strive to keep them interested and coming back for more. I think I have an exciting life to share with them. hahaha.....

    One MP himself told me, and several of his MP colleagues read my blog too. Now, can an MP tell lies? I'll spank his butt if he did!

  16. Nice interview. Hoep it finds you more readers.

    And ya know. Youth is wasted on the young.

  17. SA,
    Youth is wasted on the young.

    Right, I do feel it now. I was so silly not to listen to my seniors when I was young and now the young are not listening to me. It's a cycle.