Sunday, April 13, 2008

Regret arggghh!!!! Beware : R(A)

When the door of the lift opened, Ching pulled me along until we stopped in front of a door, then she shoved the room key in my right palm. "Enjoy yourself!" she said with a wink and turning towards Mark, told him to 'serve me well'. Then holding her mate's hand, she walked off and didn't even turn round no matter how many times I called her name.

Mark looked at me, a smile on his face, clearly amused. I could only manage a weak smile.

Then summoning up my courage, I told him,"I'm sorry. Ching is only joking. I have to go home."
"Are you serious? Joking? Let me help you open the door so we could talk inside?" Mark stretched out his right hand for the key. He leaned his left hand on the door next to my face, his handsome face was so near to mine. I was taking in his every breathe, and his breathing has quicken. I could smell the deadly lust.

The animal in me just want to draw his head towards me, suck the hell out of his luscious lips and ripped off all his clothes. This was the awaited scene of my numerous dreams.

My body had gone stiff. I pressed the key tightly in my palm and placed my hand behind my back. I could feel the key biting into my palm. And to my horror, I blurted "No! No! No! I'm really sorry. I can't do this. I have a baby son waiting at home for me. "

"Could we talk inside? There are people coming." There were some hotel guests returning to their room and they looked at us as they passed. I was so embarrassed. I hung my head low and covered my mouth with my left hand.

Suddenly Mark tried to pry the key from my right palm. I held on more tightly to the key. Mark pressed his body against mine. I had to use whatever strength that's left to push him away. This was getting too dangerous, Mark was misreading me as playing hard to get.

I had to spend another few minutes to convince Mark that I didn't need his service. He tried to assure me that we need not do anything but chat in the room. I wish I could do that! Chat! I couldn't guarantee that I would not turn into a werewolf once I'm in a hotel room with such a gorgeous guy. I could almost see myself ripping his clothes off and getting myself ravaged. OMG! What was I thinking? Beast!!

Finally Mark got the message. Shaking his head & with a sigh, he suddenly leaned forward to kiss me goodnight. Instinctively I pulled my head backwards and hit it on the door. Ouuuch! Wah! So painful and so embarrassed! Mark laughed at my awkwardness and asked if I'm ok, at the same time stroking my hair.

Before I changed my mind, I said a quick goodnight & tried to open the damn door with my key. I was fumbling and all this time Mark was leaning against the door frame, arms crossed, smiling. Jeezus! So cool, so handsome! Don't look! Don't look!

The door finally opened! I went in and slammed it shut. My face felt hot and I was breathing hard. Damn! Damn! Damn! I couldn't help banging my head on the walls! I just let the 'duck' flew away from within my grasp!!!

When I saw what naughty Ching had prepared, I groaned. She bought me a sexy black nightie, ordered a bottle of champagne, and some light snacks. The bed was strewn with rose petals and the room lit with tealights. It was an awful sleepless night for me ...........


In loving memory of Ching who passed away in December 2006


  1. Wow, that must have been ackward. Good for you you refused.

  2. You did the right thing. Wish I would have had your courage when facing peer pressure.

    You did not miss a thing besides your 40 winks.

  3. Haha,nice story, a bit like porn, but is ok if you wanna have "something" from the "duck"!haha

  4. this is a very sweet post! Wow, is it warm in here? Very cute.

  5. LOL... definitely makes my day. wat a hilarious post. U mentioned this is ur 1st gigolo.. haha.. more to come??

  6. You just can't get over the "duckie" experience arh ? The Leon Lai look-alike? Hahahahhahahah
    The more I see the pix of Leon Lai, the more I think the real Leon Lai resembles one.....Buahahahhaha

  7. Hi Manic!
    Thanks for dropping by.

    Can't you see the regrets written all over?

    Hello there Lou$$!
    I got nothing from the duck leh!

    Lovely Beth!
    Glad you find time to come over.

    Zeezee ah!
    Little girl dun read so much of this lah! Later people say I corrupt you.
    Maybe more ;)

  8. tigerfish,
    Leon Lai 脂粉味太重吧!唇红齿白, that's why look like one. hahaha....

  9. Is that all? What an anti-climax (and I don't mean an orgasmic one).

    Hmm... maybe you are not telling the whole truth. Ah... could some of the 'kids' in the last post be Mark's? After all, a Marksman never misses his target one. Who are you trying to bluff huh?

  10. Victor!
    aiya, what do you expect! Lay bare my life for strangers to see?

    hahaha... so smart arh? You crack the code!

    A, why are you reading humsap blog during office hours huh? We, taxpayers pay tax is not to let you cs skive & read blogs leh! Get back to work!

  11. Where got? The time stamp on my is 8:20 PM what. I am at home relaxing.

  12. Lol! you kill me! Great read when I'm super duper stressed!


  13. Hi dieselfire!
    Glad I help to destress you. Looks like you are working too hard.

  14. "Iay bare my life for the world to see?" Bloggers live in a gold fish bowl, you dunno meh?

  15. Hi Chris!
    MIA for so long.

    Bloggers live in a gold fish bowl meh? I dunno.

  16. i absolutely agre with Tigerfish. Leon lai does looks like one!

  17. hahaha.... too bad 他不出来做!可惜!

  18. oh the temptations others weave for us! so dangerous and what's even more dangerous is the impulse we have inside of us to give in but YOU'RE you were in TOTAL CONTROL girlfriend kudos...if we give in to every animal instinct we're in so much trouble!!!!

  19. Right, Tisha. It was so tempting at that moment. I could have lost my mind. whew....

  20. Oh what a sensational tale dripping with all the elements of a great story: sex, scandal, betrayal and loyalty. No wonder Crazy Horse Paris couldn't stand up to competition from you!

    BTW, I was invited to the opening of Crazy Horse when it first opened as an industry player. I wasn't particularly impressed then and somehow certain things just didn't seem right. Even at that early stage, many of us sensed that this outfit isn't going to last. Do check out my blog post on this at:

    Feel free to comment!

  21. hahaha.... the 'cleanliness' of Singapore is well-known, so how could shows like Crazy Horse and Neptune Threater's Topless Dancing survive here? Sure to fold wan what!

    The prices so expensive, one ticket to the above-mentioned shows can go Geylang for action a few times.

  22. I admire your stand
    You really can say NO to him

  23. yenjai,
    Can see the blog title!? hahaha....

    I'm also human, it's normal(!??) to lust after another man besides the husband, but to betray needs a lot of courage. Unless I want to end my marriage, I will not have extra marital affair. :)

  24. Hi,

    I have tagging you for very simple pink heart tag

    Hope you don’t mind doing that :D But if you don’t it’s OK....^_^;;

  25. sorry to know that your friend passed away liao...

  26. my frens only brings me go eat mamak...!

  27. Hahhaa, agrees with Sengkor... How come they all just want to take me out to eat only?...

  28. Wow, that was definitely worth waiting for ECL! Part 2 was even funnier and more intriguing! Thanks for a wonderful post, I enjoyed reading it.

    Also a very nice ending, never expected it to be dedicated to the late Ching, may she rest in peace. :)

  29. Trinity says she wants to come here, but can't, so I am saying hello for her..

  30. My goodness, what a difficult, tempting situation. Nice of you to remember your friend.

  31. I was feeling sleepy while blog-hopping and I read this!
    ECL, you woke me up with such a great post :)

  32. What a funny story! I don't know if I could back off of a gorgeous guy so kudos to you!

  33. Is your friend passed away because of AIDS? Sorry, her actions lead me towards this.

  34. Very realistic, and convincing too."The animal in me just want to draw his head towards me, suck the hell out of his luscious lips and ripped off all his clothes. This was the awaited scene of my numerous dreams."I feel pity about yr moral turpitude! If you feel it is good, do it. for tomorrow, you know not what will happen! Cheers. kunjubi

  35. wow...what an exciting and yet frustrating moments.....regrets...and more regrets...ha..ha..

  36. Grin at the story - sorry for the loss of your friend though :S

  37. Ching was really naughty. Must be very hard for you to turn him down huh? It definitely would for me.

  38. your such a strong woman!!

    you made me laugh in times of great pain. nice post.

  39. ouch!

    My condolences for Ching.

    azrin @

  40. I can imagine the scene with your face blushing like a tomato :P

    My thoughts are with you while you remember your friend.

  41. Wow ... I am not sure if I got the story right. But the last line dropped my heart right onto the floor.

    I admire your humor ... even in such a state of mind.

  42. Great post. Your friend was so thoughtful, champagne and rose petals.. What a waste, let the duck flied away ;)

    BTW, did yr hubby knows about this episode?

  43. Hi ECL, I am back again! I am stealing a few moments to write you a comment.

    You made the right choice. You are a strong woman that is not easily influenced. Your hubby must be very proud of you.

    And, my condolences to Ching. This is one of the many sweet memories you both shared I guess. :-)

  44. i know i miss somthing when i went back to your blog...Alamak..poor "ducky"..hehehehe