Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Korean actor & singer : Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)

Jung Ji-hoon Profile

Name: Jung Ji-hoon

DOB: June 25, 1982

Birthplace: Seoul, Korea

Height: 184cm

Blood type: O

Education: Kyunghee University (Post Modern Music Department)

Profession: Actor and singer
(Also credited as Rain, Bi, Jeong Ji-hoon, Jeong Ji-hun, Jung Ji-hun, Jung Jihoon, Jung Jihun, Jeong Jihun, Jeong Jihoon)
Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music, shoes and apparels collection

Favourite sports: Basketball and swimming

Favourite actors: Charlie Chaplin and Hahn Suk-kyu

Favourite music: R&B, hip-hop and funk

Favorite singers: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Usher
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Jung Ji-hoon Biography
Jung Ji-hoon, more commonly known as Rain or Bi (means Rain in Korean), is Korea pop star famous for his masculine image, dazzling dance and music performances.

Rain is one of the most influential artists from Asia. He is one of the very few Asian singers that held a concert in New York, USA; and his concert tour in Asia is highly successful.

Jung Ji-hoon is also an actor, his biggest TV hit so far is in Full House co-starring popular actress Song Hye-kyo.

Rain started his entertainment career with boy band FanClub, which was disbanded after releasing 2 albums with minor success.

Rain then went for an auction at JYP Entertainment in 1999; JYP was just set up by singer/producer Park Jin-young back then, and Rain managed to catch his interest and was offered a contract.

Park Jin-young trained Rain for years, giving him exposure as dancer for himself and popular female singer Park Ji-yoon.

It’s until May 2002 that Rain released his first solo album, Bad Guy, and became a popular star in Korea. He released his 2nd album, How to Avoid the Sun in 2003.

Jung Ji-hoon was also introduced to acting, with his debut in Orange in 2002, followed by Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School that made him a recognized actor as well.

2004 was a great year for Rain; he starred in the super hit TV drama, Full House, and made his fame all across Asia. He also released his 3rd album It’s Raining, and rising to become one of Asia’s top superstars.

Rain is ever popular since then, he released his 4th Korean album and 1st Japanese album in 2006, and his Asia concert tickets are constantly sold out.

Rain held a concert at Madison Square, New York in early 2006; he’s one of the very few Asian pop stars to do so and managed to attract thousands of crowd.

Rain’s popularity has gained wide notice in US and was named as Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People 2006.

Jung Ji-hoon made his movie debut with I’m a Cyborg, but It’s Okay, premiered in late 2006 in Korea.


  1. I gotta know Rain in Full House.
    The other one I like is the male lead in My Lovely Samsoon! :D

  2. ha, every lady I meet seems to be watching Korean dramas! I like the male lead in Kim Sam Soon too, he's so cute!!!

  3. He looks cool, and I've heard that he is a hard-working fellow and puts in his best in his work.

    You definitely will beat me when it comes to knowledge of Rain. I only know his name, the way he looks, and that he is a Korean!

    Enjoy his music, and his concert, if you will be attending it.

    By the way, how do I post or pass the postcards of Hainan to you? I'm sorry, I have misplaced your email address etc..

  4. Actually I only know Rain is a popular Korean singer. hehehe....

    The rest found out from internet. I'm not attending his concert, so ex!

    Click on Fan Mei Yeen website (sidebar) for my shop address and contact number.

  5. i know rain because i just check out his background...

    he is a hardworking person who do his best.... he is somebody with his great fans... without his fans his a nobody... he is a great model cause i've watch his series about the full house... i think he would do great things than acting...

    i request or ask permission to him if ever his reading this...
    please come and visit again my home country PHILIPPINES... cause i want him to discover how great country this is than what he sees.

    i love the clothes that he wears and i know all of asia knows that...

    do your best jeong ji-hoon...