Monday, November 20, 2006

Hainanese Food Fair

The Hainanese community is one of the smaller dialect groups in Singapore. They are the 5th in size after Hokkiens, Teochews, Cantonese & Hakkas. This group constitutes 5% of the Chinese Singaporean population. As late-comers to Singapore (late 19th century), most of them worked as shop helpers, chefs, and waiters in the hospitality sector. Hainanese Chicken Rice is a famous dish.
Chris & I brought Jaymes to the Hainanese Food Fair organised by Hainan Huei Kuan at Beach Road. A number of food stalls were set up. Most of the visitors were Hainanese. Chris bought S$20 worth of coupons and bought some snacks and dishes for us to try.

This is the famous Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball and steamed Chicken.

This is noodle ( 粑仔汤 ) made with the juice from a type of plant (鸡屎藤). I asked for the recipe but they didn't have a printed version.

These are the various Hainanese snacks 海南果,三角馏,粑压....

This is a dessert called 'cooling noodles' 凉粉. The soup is sweet and ginger is added.

抱罗粉This is like the local version of braised noodle ( 卤面 ).

Chris bought the food for his parents. When they saw the food, they were so happy. My mother-in-law was teary when she saw them. Perhaps she thought she might never taste it again. She found the food not as good as during the old days but she was just glad to eat them again. She really misses her homeland.

I am more determined to learn how to cook these Hainanese dishes.


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  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting. I have to do some more research before I can submit it. I'm chasing some relatives for recipes. hehehe....