Thursday, November 02, 2006

Economy of Singapore is good??

Chris was going to talk to the landlord regarding the renewal of our shop lease. We expect him to raise the rent - again. Didn't the newspapers & ministers say our economy has improved & that our GDP was 7.6%? There isn't any better time than now.

We met the landlord, Yeo at his office at 10am. He & his wife were waiting for us. It was my first time meeting them. The couple look young for their age. Their only grandson was in their office that day with his maid.

After some small talk, we started our negotiation. The new rent would be increased by about S$300 because of higher maintenance fees & property tax. Ouch!!

We explained to Yeo our difficulties in meeting his demand. He told us his problems too. Those 'people working in ivory towers' think commercial property owners & companies are rolling in money because of the 'good times' now.

Business hasn't been good these two months, particularly October. First it was the IMF/World Bank meeting, then the haze, followed by the final year school exams. Many businesses in Singapore are affected too. All the employers are shaking their heads & wringing their hands. there are a stack of bills & employees' salaries to pay.

Those in the government are the only optimistic people around. Yeah! Why not? They are still going to get their bonuses at the end of the year even if you go hang yourself or jump onto the MRT tracks! The ordinary citizens are suffering. Not those in the government service. They might be getting a pay raise due to the 'good' economy.

How does S$690 million look like when placed in stacks of S$1000 bills? Can't image. I will never see this sort of money in my lifetime, so does the majority of Singaporeans. To the civil servants, this is just another number. MOE is going to build indoor stadiums for all the more than 300 schools in Singapore, so that students don't have to play in the sun or rain.

Huh? Unheard of in most parts of the world, right? Singapore students are made of sugar, they will melt in the sun or rain.

Singapore dreams of winning gold medals in the Olympics or some international sports events. Dream on!!! Some of the top athletes in the world train in very tough conditions. Our people are too pampered, at home & in school. You expect them to win? In such comfortable environment? Ha!

Singaporeans are taxed to pay for these? The 'durians'. The scholarships of foreigners & the Singapore elites. More huge, beautifully-designed government buildings which some Singaporeans called the Wonders of Singapore.......?

Oh, and please don't whine, lest you be called old & unmotivated.

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