Friday, October 20, 2006

Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar

The annual Geylang Serai Hari Raya Bazaar was up for about a month already. I took the pictures some time back but was unable to load them to my slide site. Finally.

I was back tonight to buy supper and I brought Tun along so she could buy her clothes for Hari Raya. I go to this annual bazaar every year. There is so much to see & buy, especially the food.

The Muslim brothers & sisters at the bazaar are very friendly and when I stopped to ask about certain food or item, they would patiently & cheerfully explain to me. I meet some regular stall-holders every year too.

There were many food stalls this year. In fact, people are more willing to spend on food than fashion wear or decorative items.

Rambly burger stalls were scattered all throughout the bazaar. I bought mine at a popular stall. The burgers are different from others because the patties are halve, sprinkled with curry powder, then drizzled with mayonnaise, chilli sauce & a secret sauce and finally wrapped in omelette. Aaahhh! Sedap sekali (very delicious)!

There's this wonderful BBQ chicken stall that I love. Its grilled chicken is dipped in a tub of peanut sauce. Oh, the chicken is so flavourful! mmm.......mmm....mmm...

I bought some snacks that sell for S$10 for 3 packets. There was a wide selection of them, most of them that I like but I can't buy too many or else I would fall sick after eating so much. Plus the weather is very bad these few weeks. I might get too heaty.

We had to buy the delicious putu piring at the coffee shop in Haig Road market. It is steamed rice cakes with coconut sugar filling and eaten with freshly shredded coconut. The coconut sugar is sweet but so delicious & fragrant. The cakes are sold at S$1 for 3 pieces. There is a constant queue for it at this famous stall, even if there's no Hari Raya Bazaar.

Chris was very happy with the food that I bought. It means we are going to have a sumptious supper! Yeah!


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    You must have had a wonderful time at the Bazaar with all the great food. You took some excellent pictures of it.

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