Thursday, August 10, 2006

Singapore 41st National Day

It poured this morning. Brought Shihomi & Yuka to the food centre opposite Eastwood for breakfast. Many stalls that opened were halal, so I bought Nasi Lemak & Roti Prata for the girls. They liked the food.

Jaymes was going to Escape Theme Park with the Chinese students from Fushun. It is their last day in Singapore. I sent Jaymes to Alvin's house before bringing the girls to Bright Hill Temple.

I then brought the girls to Ang Mo Kio for lunch. When we were at Ang Mo Kio Central, Yuka became sick. She had a bad stomachache. I decided to bring her back to rest. Before going home, we had lunch at Mos Burger at Yuka's request.

At 3.30 pm we sent the girls to Serangoon Gardens for their YE gathering & then went back to Ang Mo Kio Central to get a phone line for Lorentz. We then went home to bring the boys out for dinner. I had planned a BBQ for the kids but a sudden change in the Lions Club YE itinerary made me change my dinner plan too.

We went to Old Airport Road for Pork Chop, Chicken Chop & Fish & Chips.

I also ordered Char Kuay Teow, Hor Fun, Fried Carrot Cake & BBQ Stingray which was too spicy.

Half way through our meal, fighter planes flew passed. I managed to take a photo of one & another of the helicopters.

We had to leave before 8pm as it would be impossible to do so after the fireworks. As we drove passed Old Airport Road & Mountbatten Road, many people were standing at both sides of the road, waiting for the fireworks. The overhead bridge in front of the former Old Airport Road Hawker Centre was packed with people. I told Chris to drive faster in case the overhead bridge gave way!

Jaymes' teacher called to say he was very sick, & we had to pick him up from school. He had a headache, he vomitted & was having a fever. We brought him home, gave him two Panadols & went out again to fetch the girls.

It was past 10 pm when we got home. Arrrgh ...... have to take care of sickly Jaymes! What an exhausting day!

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