Monday, August 14, 2006

Shopping in Chinatown

Yuka & Shihomi were so happy they could finally get to spend their money !!!

Selecting souvenirs for friends back in Japan.....

We got something for you! Yes!!!

This stall sells yummy barbecued meats & local foodstuffs, the girls tried the BBQ pork slices & fell in love with it!

Cute, mini Chinese Lions.

This cute ice-cream uncle stopped serving his customer to pose for a photo!

A calligrapher concentraing on his work ............

Saw something interesting?

Something caught their eyes ......

Come here, Papa-san! ....... Hmmmm, what were they going to buy?

Ahhhhh! T-shirts that have images of Singapore printed on them.........

A fruit stall selling longans, rambutans, mangosteens, mangoes.... etc.

Durians, the King of fruits, being sold at Chinatown.

A dim sum restaurant in Chinatown.

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