Monday, August 07, 2006

Mountbatten 41st National Day Party

Chris had to be in Mountbatten Community Centre by 6pm to perform his duty. He's in charge of prizes. Chris persuaded me to go along to take photos.

6.15 pm Preparations

7.35 pm, National Day Speech by MP for Mountbatten, Mr Lim Biow Chuan.

Lucky draw tickets sold for S$1. Insect repellent sold for S$1 per can. Drinks sponsored by McDonald's.

Performances by the PA Cultural Group. It has so many enthusiatic & talented young people. I'm impressed. I believe these people are driven by their passion for the arts, not money nor fame. They could easily have won in any talent contests.

I just so hate the stage lighting. Two rows of fluorescent lights were switched off deliberately for whoever-thinks-it's-great effect. I had to constantly change my camera settings. The most important reason for my complaint is : there were lots of old folks in the audience, they couldn't see well.

Doing the Macarena dance. Everybody had fun.

The finale - featuring pyrotechnics........

There was a good turnout. It attracted more than 500 people. Many elderly folks came before 7pm to chope seats. Many came in their Sunday-best, some in wheel-chairs, some with walking sticks & some, physically supported by their equally elderly friends or family members.

The decision this year to do away with the traditional National Day dinner has disappointed many of the elderly. Many look forward to a great meal (no caterer in his good mind will provide low quality food at such events) & shark's fin soup (even though it's a watered-down version) . They also missed having a good meal with their friends.

Seriously, how many more years could they enjoy this? And how much more could it cost the party to organise? For these people who helped in the building of the nation, who gritted their teeth & went through tough times with the nation. Spend less on white elephants lah!

Some lucky residents went home with great prizes. For S$1, a very lucky senior citizen went home with a 26-inch LCD TV.

Good-bye, see you next year.

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