Saturday, July 01, 2006

Suicide among the young

Chris called to say that one of my neighbours' son committed suicide at 3 am this morning. I was shocked.

The young man was only 22 & had a bright future before him. He's a good-looking & jovial chap. Now he is dead. He stabbed himself with a pair of scissors.

I got some more details from my other neighbours. I don't want to comment on this case.

I thought about this for a while before calling Jaymes. I wanted to know how he felt about this. Jaymes was fine.

I am a disciplinarian. I am a tyrant. I have a fiery temper too. Chris & Jaymes are usually the ones who have to tolerate my outbursts.

Jaymes is growing up & he tends to have his own mind about certain things. He is still incapable of making wise decisions & I usually decide for him. Chris doesn't have much say on this. ha ha.....

I believe in 'Spare the rod & spoil the child.' Counselling is bullshit. It's a real sick world out there & he needs to toughen himself up. He's so used to my scoldings that he shouldn't be committing suicide over it, no matter who scolds him.

But I'm positive he won't commit suicide because of the size of his dick! Actually..... I am not sure if he would never commit suicide. I did emphasize to him that no problem is unsolvable. He needs to have the courage to be able to face any problem. He cannot run away from his responsibilities.

sigh, we can never guess what our children are thinking.

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