Sunday, July 30, 2006

Goodbye, Tony & May

We had Katong Laksa for breakfast. Tony didn't like it as he doesn't like coconut milk & cockles. He also found it too spicy. May found it ok.

We left for the airport at 11.30 am. We checked in the luggage & then I brought them to the canteen at the basement of Terminal I for lunch. It was packed with the lunch crowd. I bought Roti John.

Tony wanted Char Kway Teow. May had Chicken Rice. I bought lime juice for Tony & pineapple juice for May. Tony found his noodle too wet, he liked the lime juice. May loved her dish but dislike the pineapple juice. They both liked Roti John, so I packed one each for them to bring home to their family.

There was no teary good-byes. Actually there was no time for that. The airport staff, who escotted them, was in such a hurry that I could only hastily kiss May goodbye at the departure gate. In a short while, they disappeared from my sight.......

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