Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 8 - Fushun City Night Tour

I went to the market again this morning to buy more fragrant melons. These mini melons are so crunchy & sweet.

Ms Poh & Mr Sum are going to Shenyang Wholesale Market for a shopping trip. They deserve the break. I didn't want to follow as I had work to do. Mdm Guo is bringing them. They are going to take public transport & experience the 'human squeeze'. he he he....

I didn't go to school with the kids. I went to the cyber cafe to do my work.

I bought KFC Zinger Burger for lunch. It was very yummy. It is so crispy on the outside & juicy inside. I bought quite a number of Chinese books. They are so cheap.

I did some washing back at the hotel. At 3.45 pm, the sky suddenly turned dark - pitch black. Then it poured. The kids must be freezing in school. I took a nap.

I woke up at 7 pm. I didn't go down for dinner. I'm beginning to get bored with the food. Ms Poh came back, tired from her trip. She didn't buy much as the hawkers at the wholesale market were selling their goods in bulk.

After dinner, Vice Principal Xuan came to bring us out for a night tour of the city.

We stopped at a Square to see a group of residents dance. They have formed their own dance troupe, with instructors & a Chinese band. I was told they had won an award for their performance. One of their instructor proudly made an arrangement for me to take pictures. She even offered to have them dressed in their dance costumes if I come on Saturday.

Next we went to the office building of Fushun City Government. It was too dark to take pictures.

We drove around the best High School (Junior College) in Fushun. A large modern building. It has 18 basketball courts! Their teachers live just right beside the school, in apartments built by the school & sold to them at a low price.

We stopped at Fushun Sports Stadium. It was holding a basketball competition. Fushun Team against another Province. Vice Principal Xuan was to watch this important game, but he gave away his ticket to bring us out. awwww....... It would be interesting to know how far BDSS would go, to ensure the stay of their Fushun guests is a memorable one when they come in July.

There was a night market next to the stadium. For the kids' safety, the teachers decided not to go there. The kids were disappointed. They were brought to a park nearby to watch the residents danced & roller-blade. Then a great discovery!

There were a couple of game stalls. The stall that rents out pellet guns attracted the kids' attention. For 2 rmb (S$0.40), they get 30 pellets to shoot as many balloons as they could.

The stall owners couldn't blew enough balloons to cater to these crazy gun-wielding kids! ha ha ha...As it was getting late, we had to break up their fun game. Reluctantly the kids trooped back to the bus.......

Ms Poh quickly took a bath & had to go down for debrief & also to look after the kids who weren't feeling well. I slept at 11pm & Ms Poh wasn't back yet.

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