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84-year-old Hawker @ 79 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre 84岁建国一代小贩

Met a remarkable 84-year-old hawker who sells an unbelievable dish of fried Hokkien seafood noodles at 79 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre.

I received a text message from my foodie friend Angie to meet her for lunch at 79 Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre this morning. I have never been to that part of Singapore, but I am proud that I managed to find the place on my own, by bus and on foot. LOL

Angie took a cab from Yishun and her cab fare cost S$21.30. O M G!
Do you know how much is a plate of this delicious seafood noodle? Read on.

Angie was seated right in front of the stall when I arrived. The pioneer generation hawker had only 3 portions of noodles left and Angie reserved them all. The time was 12 noon.

Uncle was waiting for me in front of his stall. When Angie gave the go-ahead, he commenced cooking our noodles. I took a video and pictures of him cooking.

I was amazed at the array of seafood, particularly at the size of the fresh prawns, displayed at his stall counter. There were squid, clams (Tua Tao) and two sizes of prawns. His supplier delivers fresh seafood to him in the morning. If the seafood is not fresh that day, uncle will not open his stall for business.

Uncle's plate of seafood noodles consists of pieces of sliced squid, clams and a huge prawn. He serves his noodles with his made from scratch, potent chilli paste.

Look at the size of the prawn Angie is holding. Uncle says they cost more than S$30 for a kilogram.

Gosh. How does Uncle make a profit by serving such expensive prawns and seafood?

Angie requested for a packet of the noodles to takeaway for her friend. She also asked for two tablespoons of Uncle's potent chilli paste. He obliged. Uncle is not making money if every one asks for extras.

Oops! Before I forget.... my plate of delicious Hokkien seafood noodles costs S$4! Unbelievable!?

I asked Uncle how does he make a profit since he is using good quality ingredients which are expensive? He shyly replied that since his rental is not high, he just makes enough to cover his monthly expenses and the stall keeps him occupied.

Uncle is a Hokkien, lives in Yishun and has been operating in this food centre for more than 30 years. He sold hei pia (deep fried prawn cakes) and ngoh hiang (five-spice rolls) initially but changed to frying Hokkien seafood noodles.

Uncle closes for the day whenever his ingredients runs out. He does not open on Sundays and on days when he cannot get fresh seafood supplies. Diners have to try your luck then, he does not have a contact number.

Koon Kee Seafood #01-22,
Telok Blangah Drive Food Centre,
Blk 79 Telok Blangah Drive

今天中午与“贪吃1号”安琪到直落布兰雅熟食中心吃很美味的福建海鲜炒面。安琪从义顺乘计程车赶来。中午12点, 摊主只剩三份面的食材, 安琪都扫了! 卖完收摊!

我看着摊主炒面 : 先煮熟海鲜至鲜味释出备用。蒜末爆香炒面条, 放入高汤让吸附汤汁, 没加调味料。煮熟的海鲜铺在炒面上, 加上一勺自制的超棒辣椒。香喷喷的炒面上桌, 味道不错,虾子鲜甜。

在这里经营了三十多年的建国一代小贩, 今年已经84岁了。他卖过炸虾饼和炸五香卷, 后来改卖海鲜炒面。他住在义顺, 学历不高,靠苦干养活一家, 孩子们能够独立了, 老人家年纪也大了。

因为老人家闲不下来, 所以一个星期会营业几天。伯伯是个很有原则的长者, 如果供应商给予的海鲜达不到他的要求,他不开摊作生意。哇! 我们今天的运气真好, 可以尝到食材新鲜的海鲜炒面。起初我看到大虾时, 有点担心 ~~ 这一盘海鲜炒面要花我多少钱? 结果 : 惊死人!!


安琪花了S$21.30的计程车费来尝美食, 而这3份美味的海鮮炒面才S$12!

伯伯说大虾一公斤要新币三十多块钱, 加上大头和乌贼。。。 天啊! 伯伯你赚什么!?

伯伯'呵呵呵' 。。。不好意思地说 : "我的租金便宜, 够过日子就好啦!"

安琪付钱的那一刹那间, 我突然对老人家产生了敬意和满满的感激。今天我找出我记忆中最正宗的味道!

坤记海鲜小吃  #01-22

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