Monday, September 12, 2016

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration @ Hainan Tan Clan 海南陈氏公会中秋节庆祝活动

Singapore Hainan Tan Clan Association held a Mid Autumn Festival celebration at its premises on Sunday evening. More than a hundred members and their families attended the event. What an overwhelming turnout!

Majority of the members are senior citizens who came from all corners of Singapore. Glad to see many familiar faces.

Some members came early to help, many just came to eat. Several taobao (takeaway) Queens came with plastic bags and containers - again.

There was a sumptuous buffet dinner followed by Hainanese mooncakes, boiled water caltrop, boiled mini yam and juicy pomelos. Growing in slow-moving water up to 5 m deep, the water caltrop is a type of water chestnut which resembles a black buffalo horn.

Both the mini yam and water caltrop were boiled in water for about 45 minutes. We have to remove the skin of the mini yam before we eat. Either eat it plain or dip it in salt. The water caltrop is a tough nut to crack, we need a hammer to crack up the hard shell!

Hubby had to go for a late dinner after the event as the buffet food was all gone when he arrived.

After dinner, we had a "Guess the lantern riddles" session. When a member guessed the riddle correctly, he or she was rewarded with an ang pow (red packet containing money).

It was a fun and enjoyable activity for the members - young and old. Only 7 ang-pows were given out. Members, try harder next year. haha....

星期天晚上, 新加坡海南陈氏公会主办中秋节庆祝会。公会准备了丰盛的自助晚餐, 海南月饼、柚子, 还煮了菱角和小芋头招待会员们和他们的家人。

吃过晚餐, 有些会员就去猜灯谜。每猜对一题, 就会获得一个现金红包。只有七位幸运儿获得现金红包。明年要多多加油喔!

怎么吃小芋头? 方法很简单 : 把小芋头煮熟了,剥皮吃即可, 也可沾点盐。

菱角好吃,但是吃熟菱角时, 大家都遇到一个麻烦,就是剥壳。由于菱角壳太硬还有尖尖的角而难剥 , 就有人发明特別的菱角剝殼剪來剝殼。 我们不知道去哪里买, 所以就用锤子敲。哈哈哈 。。。

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