Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mid Autumn Festival Shopping 中秋节购物乐


Every year I look forward to the Mid Autumn Festival as I get to eat my favourite mooncakes and juicy pomelos. The kids expect to receive a new lantern for the annual lantern procession. Mid Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar.

Mid Autumn Festival 2016 is on 15th September.


And without fail each year, I will check out the annual Mid Autumn Festival fair at the basement of Ngee Ann City to seek out the new mooncake flavours.

On a weekday afternoon, there is less crowd and I get to sample the mooncakes of some stalls at leisure. Not every stall would give you a sample (and it's a very tiny piece for goodness sake).

There are a small group of people who go to such fairs for free food samplings and this penalises the real buyers who are adventurous and want to try a new, creative mooncake flavour.

I am happy to taste some really great mooncakes with creative flavours. They will be good gifts for my overseas friends.


Besides the new mooncake flavours, I look out for the limited quantity beautiful boxes specially designed to store the mooncakes. I am dismay to find that I have to pay extra for a more beautiful packaging.


Every year, the mooncake sales break records. More bakers jumped in for a slice of the market. The traditional mooncakes are still favoured but to attract the younger consumers, bakers have to come out with new, exotic flavours. I admire the creative endeavours of the bakers and I am particularly impressed with one that has 16 different flavours of mooncakes in a box.

For my own consumption, I have already made my choice. I am buying a box of traditional Teochew yam paste mooncakes and a box of traditional Hainanese mooncakes. hahaha.....


每年我都去乌节路的义安城月饼展销会上购买月饼, 因为有口味选择齐全的月饼促销。有很多家酒店, 糕点店都在都在那里售卖传统口味、时尚的花哨冰皮月饼、还有让人令人惊喜的创意口味月饼。

买自己家里吃的, 心中已经有了选择, 一盒传统的潮州芋泥朥饼和一盒传统的海南酥盐月饼。哈哈。。。

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