Thursday, August 25, 2016

Hainanese Su Yan Mooncakes 南洋风味的月饼 - 海南酥盐月饼

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Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. Recently, my Hainanese elderly relatives and friends have been reminiscing about the famous Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes (Hainanese pepper salt flaky mooncakes).

Teochew and Cantonese styled mooncakes are commonly seen but not Hainanese mooncakes. I have seen my Hainanese husband bought them for his parents, but I have never tasted one.

At a mooncake fair earlier this week, we discovered these mooncakes. The friendly lady boss allowed us to buy one of each variety for tasting.  


These Hainanese moon cakes are Singapore creations, they cannot be found in Hainan Island. Same for the Hainanese-styled food like Hainanese pork chops, beef stew and chicken curry that we have in Singapore.

Hainanese bakery Amethyst Pastry and Cakes in Bukit Panjang started making mooncakes in the 1980s.

Their Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes are well sought after these days. I am happy for them because their Hainanese mooncakes are unique and delicious. I have fallen in love with their taste.

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Their flaky Hainanese Pepper Salt Crispy Mooncake ($5.50 each, $42 for eight) is filled with a blend of dried fruit such as tangerine peel as well as sesame seeds and melon seeds, flavoured with pepper and salt, using lesser sugar.

The mooncake has the salty sweet taste which the older Hainanese generation is familiar with.

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There is also a Hainanese Fusion Mooncake ($5.50 each, $42 for eight), which has walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and melon seeds as the main ingredients. The skin is the same as the Cantonese mooncakes'  baked brown crust but add spices like clove and cinnamon to the skin, giving it a unique fragrance. I find it similar to my Teochew Five Nut mooncakes but the Hainanese Fusion Mooncake is more fragrant.

Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes were made famous by the Wong Family of Nam Tong Lee Confectionery, which used to be in Purvis Street as there was a large community of Hainanese living in the area.

Hainanese Su Yan mooncakes were filled with dried fruit and melon seeds. The slightly flaky skin was made with pork lard and salt.

Traditionally, the Wongs added grounded wild tangerines (山桔) to the filling. Grown in some parts of China, the dried fruits are very hard and it is very tedious to grind up the skin which gives out a really wonderful tangy taste and fragrance.


I would love to learn how to make Hainanese Su Yan mooncake. But it is a guarded recipe and it is very hard to duplicate if I don’t have the exact recipe and proportions. I will be joining my elders in craving for these yummy delicacy every Mid Autumn Festival. haha.....

Amethyst Pastry and Cakes  紫晶阁
Blk 524A Jelapang Road #02-04, Greenridge Shopping Centre

南洋风味的月饼 - 海南酥盐月饼

中秋节快到了, 几位海南老乡亲都在想念《酥盐月饼》。老公说家翁在时,每到中秋,一定要下坡到海南二街去买《南同利》月饼。我前几天在一个月饼展销会上买了一个海南酥盐月饼和一个新典海南月饼。

迄今已有超过60年历史的海南糕饼店紫晶阁, 老板陈颖新拥有30年制饼经验。他向父亲学习制作海南酥盐月饼。

《海南酥盐月饼》(一个$5.50, 8块装 $42 )皮酥、馅料以果仁为主属于健康食品。椒盐调味, 独有咸甜香气。

果仁为主要原料的《新典海南月饼》(一个$5.50,  8块装 $42), 同潮州的五仁月饼相似,但我觉得紫晶阁的《新典海南月饼》比较芳香。


  1. So... how many moon cakes -- Hainanese, Cantonese, etc. -- have you eaten already this year? ;b

  2. I only ate half and half of the two Hainanese mooncakes. I am going to buy some more Hainanese mooncakes and also two Teochew yam mooncakes. Must watch my sugar intake. haha....