Monday, July 25, 2016

Teochew Nang Gathering @Rochor Centre 潮州人聚会在梧槽坊


On a cloudy Sunday morning, I went for a breakfast gathering with my Teochew brothers and sisters at Rochor Centre. We came to bid farewell to the colourful Rochor Centre which will be demolished at the end of this year. What did the 19 of us have for breakfast?


Traditional handmade Teochew snacks - png kueh (glutinous rice cakes), soon kueh (turnip cakes), ku chai kueh (chive cakes) and ang ku kueh (mung bean cakes). We also tried their deep fried curry puffs.


Brother LKY is our Teochew tea man, he usually brings along his tea making set and precious tea leaves from Shantou to our gatherings. I like to sit next to him and get served cups of hot Chinese tea. haha....

And our brother Gary was our coffee uncle for that morning. Sister Christine (in green tee) is the organizer of this gathering. Sister Alleena (pink tee) was enjoying her kueh. *smile*


Besides tasting the Teochew snacks, we took selfies and posed for many memorable pictures. As we were taking a group photo, it started to drizzle. Seems like Heaven is also sad at the closing of Rochor Centre.

星期天早上, 潮州宗亲约了我在五彩缤纷的梧槽坊一家咖啡店吃早餐。拥有37年历史的梧槽坊四座组屋将被征用,这个年底它即将走入历史。我们乘梧槽坊还没被拆除之前, 前往拍照作为一个"告别"。

我们19位宗亲吃什么呢? 传统潮州粿; 有潮州饭桃, 紅龟粿, 韭菜粿和笋粿。还品尝了他们的炸咖喱卜。愉快地度过了一个吃喝玩乐的早上, 我们也拍了好多照片留念。拍团体照时, 天公不作美, 开始下著毛毛雨。老天仿佛也为了这里要拆除而难过落泪。

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