Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Hainan Food Fest 海南风味精选


On its 80th anniversary, Hainan Tan Clan Association organised a Hainanese Food Fest jointly with Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan. It was held at Tim Palace @ SAFRA Toa Payoh on a weekend afternoon.

Guest-of-Honour was Mr Sam Tan Chin Siong (Minister of State, Prime Minister's Office and Ministry of Manpower;  Deputy Government Whip).

All the tickets were fully sold out. Some of my friends who came to know about this culinary event, called to purchase tickets but there was nothing I could do. Priority was given to members of Hainan clans and at an economical rate of S$40 per person.

Hainanese Chef Pung Lu Tin was in charge of the menu. Some of the ingredients had to be imported from Hainan island.

A total of 11 dishes were served and they were pretty delicious. I love the Hainanese Baoluo vermicelli soup, must remember to get the recipe from Chef Pung. :D

Specially selected Hainanese dishes (海南风味精选) for this event  :

Hainanese stewed cabbage 海南什菜
Fish maw with luffa gourd soup 胜瓜鱼鳔汤
Hainanese Wenchang chicken海南文昌鸡


Baked Mullet fish 酱烤乌鱼
Braised Dongshan lamb 红焖东山羊
Jiaji duck 嘉积鸭
Braised Pork Knuckle 海南炖猪腿


Hele crab 清蒸和乐蟹

Hainanese Delights 海南甜点
1)   Hainanese Baoluo vermicelli 抱罗粉
2)   Feverine Soup 粑仔 
3)   Hainanese Yi Buah 薏粑


My husband and I invited foodie friends to this event, they couldn't stop raving about the dishes until this day. And they have already booked their reservations for the next Hainan Food Fest. LOL

新加坡海南陈氏公会成立80週年, 为庆祝这个重大的日子该会与新加坡海南会馆联合举办海南美食节之『海南美食品尝午宴』。我和先生邀请了一些好友来品嚐海南道地美食, 朋友们的口福不淺!

出席主宾: 新加坡总理公署兼人力部政务部长陈振泉先生

此海南美食节,特意从海南岛进口食材, 请来名烹饪大师冯洱迅为席间烹饪海南四大名菜:文昌鸡,嘉积鸭,东山羊以及和乐蟹。

海南饮食讲究的是颐养身心。 海南的菜肴,有鲜、活、清三大特点,白切、白灼;清蒸、清炒;以及炖、焖、煲等,突出原汁原味的烹调技法,形成了海南菜肴的特色。


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