Thursday, September 25, 2014

Anniversary Dinner in Penang


Together with the vice president of Singapore Hainan Tan Clan Association, my husband and I flew over to Penang to attend Penang Hainan Tan Clan Association's 89th Anniversary Dinner. Another member joined us in Penang for the dinner.

There were many other clan representatives who travelled from various parts of Malaysia to participate in this joyous occasion.

Dinner was held at a well-known Chinese restaurant that serves several delicious dishes. My Penang food blogger buddy feels the suckling pig is a boring dish, I like this crispy piglet though. :)

The glutinous balls with kaya (coconut jam) filling are new to me...., yummilicious.


After dinner, we almost couldn't return to our hotel because there was no taxi plying the streets of Penang. We tried calling for a taxi but it was almost eleven o'clock at night, the drivers preferred to go to bed. Fortunately we managed to flag a taxi and return safely to our hotel.


  1. Replies
    1. Delicious dishes that I ate in Penang..... miss the glutinous rice balls. :)

  2. the rice balls sound wonderful - i only know Italian rice balls which are savory


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