Monday, January 21, 2013

Union Membership for PMEs - Ruby Tuesday


At our recent weekend gathering, my sister-in-law Melissa related a happy experience as a union member.

Melissa, a Bank Manager, switched to freelancing after her maid's contract ended and her second daughter started schooling. Three months later, she had problems with her company over her contract.

Freelancers and female PMEs in the area of flexible work arrangements like us may be vulnerable because we are not aware of our rights and obligations especially in our contract for service, or intellectual property rights.

Fortunately as a union member, Melissa has access to its legal service department’s full-time lawyers.  She had the lawyers take a look at her contract and her case was amicably settled. Instead of having to pay legal fees at commercial rates ranging from $300 - $600 for an hour of consultation, Melissa has free access to this legal advisory service, paying only the NTUC Membership fee of $9 per month or $117 a year.

I was not aware of this service until Melissa highlighted it out to me. I will be seeing them for legal advice on my contract for service too. Will post my experience then. :)

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I have been a NTUC union member for more than 10 years, besides having protection through advocacy and workplace rights, I get to enjoy many benefits through discounts and rebates offered by NTUC's social enterprises. I can also get training-fund support from NTUC, upgrade my skills through its Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and find employment opportunities via them.

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NTUC union membership is open to working people aged 16 and above, except uniformed personnel in the Defence Ministry, Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defence Force and Cisco armed personnel. :)

Useful Links

NTUC Membership Benefits

Workplace Advisory

NTUC hotline : 6213-8008
(9am to 6pm on Mon – Fri and 9am to 1pm on Sat)

NTUC e-mail :


  1. Always good to know everything about a contract ! In Belgium they are standard so not a lot of surprises !

    1. Common folks may be more vulnerable when it comes to complicated legal matters, they may not be able to afford legal aid. Be careful of fine prints and unfair terms in the contract.

  2. Definitely saves lots of money being a member instead of paying the legal fees through the nose.

    1. Didn't know about this service until I was told. Going to test it as I have disputes over my contract for service.


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