Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Tyre Man Supports Bone Marrow Donor Programme - RT

Dragging a tyre for 42km to support Bone Marrow Donor Programme 

Meet AH SIAO - the young man who will be dragging a tyre throughout the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012 to raise funds and awareness for the Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP)! 

In Singapore, the Bone Marrow Donor Programme works with the hospitals to identify donors for these patients who will die without a transplant. So far close to 500 patients have been given a chance of survival through the work of the BMDP and the need grows every year as transplants become a routine treatment.

Next year, the BMDP will be 20 years old and with no government funding, we MUST raise S$2 million a year to keep saving lives – recruit more donors and provide hospital services.  

What is the pain of this young man compared to the pain of not getting a Bone Marrow transplant.

But is a transplant painful? Are there going to be surgeries? Am I going to be paralysed forever? 

What if a transplant is easy, hassle free, no discomfort, no side effects.

You have the Power to save a life.... be the One.

As a registered charity, all financial donations to the BMDP are eligible for a 2.5X tax exemption. Blood diseases like leukaemia can strike anyone, at any time – by donating today, you can help save a life tomorrow.

Support BMDP by clicking DONATE NOW!

Wait, it's still a 1 in 20 000 chance that you could match anyone.
All it takes is a cheek/buccal swap to be part of the registry,
and you might just have the power to save a life.

Bone Marrow Donor Programme
Tel : (65) 6327 1344


  1. Very nice and for such a good cause ! My son lately ran a Marathon in Amsterdam for the children who suffered wars, and now another one, also for kids. I think it's very good that people do things like that.

  2. Salute to him.
    Bone Marrow Donor Programme is a noble program indeed. I myself need to know more about this. I think I haven't heard such a program here, in Indonesia.

    Thanks for your visit, dear.

  3. Gattina,
    Kudos to your son and young man Ah Siao.
    They are rare gems in a materialistic society. People like them bring hope and help to better the lives of the less fortunate in their own ways.

  4. Lina,
    I too first heard of this programme recently. Reading the sad but touching stories the beneficiaries share make me more aware of their immediate needs. We need to do whatever we can to help.

    One good friend nearly lost her two sons if not for BMDP. I will share her story next week.

  5. What makes it more fun is it's for a great cause. Great pics ECL. Happy RT2.

    Mine's here.


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