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Korean Breakfast and Kite Flying in Singapore - PhotoHunt

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Korean breakfast

A Korean friend who recently moved to Singapore invited my husband and I to breakfast with his elderly parents one Sunday. It was only 7 in the morning, but when we arrived at the house, there was a table laden with food!

My friend's mother cooked the breakfast specially for us, they usually have lesser dishes. awwww.....

After the meal, I helped to wash the dishes while the guys have tea and fruits. I jokingly told my friend, I am glad I didn't marry him or else I would have so many dishes to wash after every meal!

My husband and I brought our Korean guests to Marina Barrage. Co-incidentally there was a kite flying festival. There were many families who were having picnics and a fun time flying their kites. There were kites on sale, however my guests prefer to tour the reservoir and then proceed to Gardens By The Bay.


  1. "A man marries a wife - a woman marries a life."

    Dishes, yes, ha ha !

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

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  2. If I had to eat all that in the morning, I would die ! I am not hungry at all, have just a coffee. It looks delicious I would eat it as lunch !

  3. what a spread. very generous hosts. were you able to finish all? did you have room for lunch?

  4. Oh wow and woah re the huge breakfast AND the large number of kites in the air in your pictures! So the Koreans have banchans even for breakfast? Goodness me! ;b

  5. I have never tasted such korean foods previosly. I am actually planning to find them at oriental restourants nearby my house. LOL.

  6. Cloudia,
    If getting married means I am going to wash dishes for life, I would rather be single. My son takes over the household chores now. :)

  7. Lina,
    Yes, it was. The elderly Korean couple is very hospitable and as they were going back to Seoul 2 days later, they made the extra effort to cook their son and guests a sumptuous spread of love.

  8. Niki,
    Glad I didn't have to wash dishes for a third of my life.

  9. Gattina,
    My friend's parents prepared this table of food specially for us. The mother is a great cook. Knowing I love Korean cuisine, she took pains to prepare several traditional dishes even though it was for breakfast. We didn't have space in the stomach for lunch after that. :P

  10. ewok1992,
    We tried to finish as much as we could, some of the side dishes (preserved vegetables) could be kept for the next meal.

    We couldn't eat lunch after this. :D

  11. YTSL,
    Yes, the Koreans do have banchans (small dishes of food served along with cooked rice in Korean cuisine. There are endless varieties.) for breakfast.

    The older generation eat rice for breakfast while the younger generation prefer a simpler and quick one, either bread or noodle.

  12. Guess what? I love washing dishes!! haha!! I hate household chores except washing dishes. Go figure : D

  13. foongpc,
    Great! You can marry a Korean girl who can cook well, then you have lots of dishes to wash :P

  14. Looks so delicious and so many variety of dishes to try. So fancy that it looks like you are at a restaurant.


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