Wednesday, October 01, 2008

EastCoastLife in the Land of Giants (Singapore Slingers)! - WW

Coach Gordon McLeod mapping his strategy with his players

My second invite to Singapore Slingers - not a drink. hehe....

This time, Jaymes' wish came true (and it's his birthday next week!), thanks to Nic. We were also given a corporate box seating where we had finger food, chips, beer and wines! *burp*

We were so close to the action, we could feel the bumps where we were sitting. I'm going to be so pampered by the VIP treatment at every event. :P

Singapore Slingers v Purefoods (Philippines)
Singapore Indoor Stadium
30th September 2008, 7.30 pm

Snacks while we watched the game!

Tickets sales for this game exceeded beyond expectation. It was the biggest ever attendance to date for a Slingers game in 3 seasons. Filipinos working and living in Singapore turned out in full force.

They were there for James Yap, a star of the visiting team. He is the husband of Kris Aquino, who's the daughter of the former President of the Philippines, Corazon Aquino.

Next to our corporate box was local artiste, Gurmit Singh. :)

An ugly moment...

Filipino spectators outnumbered all other nationalities. There were lots of boo-ings at the Slingers and at one moment, things got ugly when a fan of the Slingers chided them. Abuses and even a water bottle were hurled at his party.

At over 2m, the sweet Eric Sandarin towers above EastCoastLife and Jaymes!

It was a fantastic game! Slingers won, with beautiful scores from Darren Ng and Eric Sandarin. There are other cuties like John Fitzgerald, Shane McDonald (swoons, a hot favourite with the girls), Armien Kirkland....etc. After the game, we got to chat, get their autographs and have a photo with them.

EastCoastLife and Jaymes with Dr Darren Ng. Not only is he a great basketball player, he also plays the piano. Wow! Multi-talented guy. :)

Check out these cool guys on the next two Sundays. You will love them. :)

Selamat Hari Raya to my Muslim friends!!


  1. Wow, what a lot of perks that you've managed to secure. The best part is probably that Jaymes get to enjoy something that he is interested in?

    I won't even bother or know what Singapore Slingers is if not for this post. Thanks for widening my general knowledge.

  2. Dr Darren Ng? Is he a doctor? Or a PHD holder? Just curious. What a talented guy!

  3. ‘Kewl’ choice for Ruby Tuesday … hints of red all over the place ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. ecl,
    I am 0.45 metre shorter than Eric Sandarin! Arggghhhh!!!!

  5. Whoa! A doctor AND a basketball player. Well-rounded guy (and busy).

  6. Hi ECL, you sure got around that night! Did you ever wonder why basket ball coaches always wear neck ties? I wonder.
    Happy WW! (I've got a dumb cat on a YouTube today for my WW.)

  7. oceanskies,
    I'm trying to get more deals for my blogger club. I'm busy talking to sponsors and attending functions, events... watch out for more good things to come from EastCoastLife!

    I'm not a sporty person but attending sports events have widen my knowledge too and fulled my interest in some games.

    Enjoying a game of basketball doesn't need knowledge in it, though it makes watching the game better. It's good fun for the family.

    The basketball players, coaches and even Bob Turner, the MD of Slingers are very obliging and warm. :)

    Well done! Good luck to the Slingers! *pat pat*

  8. Doreen,
    Darren is a doctor!! Wonder how he juggled his studies and professional basketball career?
    Amazing guy.

    Such a nice boy. :)

  9. storyteller,
    Red's the colour for the Slingers! It's an Asian team and we love red. hehe....

  10. Kok,
    Oooo... that's a positive thought.. just 0.45m shorter. Eric's height is more than 2m, so probably the gap is bigger. Oops. heehee...

    Many of the team players are over 180cm tall.... even the coach and Boss are towering over me!

  11. Gran,
    Yep, Dr Darren is a good model for all the young people, especially Jaymes *wink*.

    The team just returned to Singapore yesterday morning after several games in Taiwan. They played well at last night's game despite a hectic trip. Kudos to the players!!

  12. Jim.
    hmmm... I'll ask Coach Gordon the next time I see him. Interesting question.

  13. Wow..the F1 and now must be living a jetset life with all the perks...lucky you and Jaymes...

  14. wow..lucky you can make photos with them :D

    Please stop at my WW post also: in HERE or HERE Thanks

  15. Looked like you had an awesome time, cool. Basketball players are tall, huh? And what were those snacks you were eating?


  16. Hey...I only just found your other site. Here's the ECL I know. I must be tired. Did you really put this under wordless? You're cute!

    I want to go to a basketball game with you! How fun would that be??

  17. awww I have to apologize for the rowdiness of our people there huhuhu hope this doesnt leave a bad impression on Filipinos :) Overall through am glad that the match was fun and exciting :)

  18. Wow that's so cool ECL. You are always present at cool events! Is James Yap cute? Kris is really head over heels inlove with him I heard.

    2 meters- phewww! you must have felt like a midget.

  19. Thank you for the Hari Raya are welcome to my house

  20. Wah I like la this Darren Ng, can play the piano it seems! He's so dreamy he he! :)

  21. They are really tall. Back in San Antonio we used to have a player on the Spurs names David Robinson who was not only a great basketball player but also a pianist. We need more of these kind of role models for the kids.

  22. Wow!!! Sounds like a great time! Happy WW!

  23. Sweet Jasmine,
    There will be a price to pay. :P

    Anyway, I got a taste of celebrity life. :) My life will be filled with lovely memories...

  24. Juliana,
    The players are very sweet and nice to this older lady. haha...

  25. tigerfish,
    I haven't seen you yet. Can't comment. :)

  26. Hi Mike,
    The basketball players are very tall. I'm a dwarf beside them.

    Two platters of snacks. One contain sandwiches and tortilla rolls. The other one has brownies, chocolate chip cookies and muffins in it. :)

  27. Grandy,
    hehe..... found my other blog, did you?

    It is good fun to go to a basketball game where spectators are sporting and fun-loving people. I notice the western expatriates enjoy themselves much more than the Asians.

  28. Empty Streets,
    The game was explosive! Both teams played very well.

    It's just a game, no one should get angry over trifles. Besides the press and several high-profile personalities, the Ambassador of the Philippines was present too. It doesn't look good when spectators get rowdy.

  29. Jade,
    A Filipino lady pointed him out to me. He's REALLY cute. hehe.... I didn't get to meet any of the Filipino players because they left immediately after the game. :(

    I would love to have a picture with James Yap. :P

    I almost sprain my neck when speaking to the players! hehehe...

  30. Bonoriau,
    I would love to visit you! :)
    I love Indonesian food and snacks.

  31. Mariuca,
    Darren Ng's a rare gem! Very nice boy, er... man. He looks boyish eh.

    He's superb on the floor! Watch him play. I'm going to video him the next time. haha....

  32. Shannon,
    You're right! We need more role models like Dr Darren Ng. I have Darren to refer to whenever my son said he's too tied up to do anything else. hiak hiak...

  33. wow, one event led to another. you must be on cloud 9 to be pampered by the VIP treatment.....lucky you!

  34. LadyJava,
    They are tall and huge. ^-^

    You had a lovely holiday? :)

  35. Life Ramblings,
    haha... there are more to come but I'm tired from the partying. I have to complete my assignments!

    I don't like the dressing up and smile, smile, smile...

  36. looks yummy! that cupcakes... LOL! Perfect catch for Wordless! Hope you can drop by at my corner too... Happy WW!

  37. oh wow! you had the best seats in the house! jaymes must have been really thrilled! :D i'm sure there'll be a next time. ;)

    New York Cheesecake with Caramel
    Father/Daughter Bonding

  38. Pretty Life Online,
    The snacks are yummy. I love the brownies and cakes.
    Happy WW!

  39. MunchkinMommy,
    I believe so. :D

    He was in awe, never had he have such VIP treatment. And he got to take pictures with the players.

    He's planning for the next game. haha...

  40. Jeesh I wish could get seats like that here in Boston for the Celtics

  41. The cookies looks yummy. *drooling*

    You look beautiful in that photo and very fit, in great shape both in body and mind!

  42. Some of these Filippino guys are tell and handsome lor! *slurp* Hotter than F1 drivers!

    Anw, we were missed each other by a day. I was at Cuscaden Suite on Sat. The only thing close to politicians that day was the Pesident's family.. haha

  43. Capt Lifecruiser!!
    You looked stunning in the Baroness costume. :)
    I'm trying to lose weight. :P

  44. THB,
    You're so right! Some of the Filipino guys are so cute! F1 drivers are not hot leh.

    I wasn't with our politicians. :)

  45. ecl,
    Let's make it 2.0m lah. No need the 0.xx. It'll only make me think I'm a dwarf. Haha!

    Though I can't slamdunk, I can do three points shoot. ;)

  46. Kok,
    hahaha.... ok.

    You are better than I. I can't slamdunk, I can't do 3-point shoot. :(

  47. ecl,
    You don't need to mah. Just ask Jaymes to help you to secure all the points! Sure win! ^_^V

  48. Kok,
    Jaymes is also learning, cannot help me to score.
    I'll just watch the pro. hehe...
    When coming to visit me?

  49. That looks like a really fun time! Especially with snacks delivered right to you!

  50. Daisy,
    The snacks and drinks were within reach. Beer was served every 30 mins? I don't drink but I was asked 3 or 4 times. :)

  51. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comments. It's so nice to know that my artwork brings a smile to you face in sunny Singapore!

  52. Glad you and Jaymes had so much fun :) Hope to see you at the next game this Sunday 4pm!

  53. Nice pictures and everything but... gimme those snacks!!!


    My post...

  54. Great pictures ECL, looks like fun! Thanks for dropping by :)

  55. looks like you had a great time. was kris aquino there? i agree with everyone who says that the filipino guys are cute..hehehe :D

  56. cookie,
    I didn't see Kris Aquino. I only saw the Philipines Ambassador.


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